Sexual Discoveries Part 6

It was a humid late July afternoon, with the sun high overhead. Misty Harper decided to wash her Jeep Cherokee, and since no one else was home, she slipped into a pink t-shirt and red bikini bottoms. Later, when she bent over and dipped the sponge into the sudsy water, her boyfriend Eric pulled into the drive. He stepped out of his car, and stared at the way her tiny bikini bottoms showed off every curve of her tanned cheeks.

“Hey that sure is a nice view,” Eric called out.

“Oh, you want a good view? Then get inside and watch, I’ll give you a show”

Eric climbed into the backseat, and watched as she splashed suds on the hood, and massaged it teasingly with the sponge. As her body rocked back and forth, she allowed her firm breasts to rub against the hood suggestively. The way that the soapy water on her wet shirt clearly outlined her pointy nipples looked incredibly sexy. Misty moved her hands in a hand job like motion as she cleaned the antenna. She understood very well that would give him ideas. She then moved to the front side panel, faced away from Eric, and bent over to scour the tire. This caused him to imagine taking her from behind. She reached for the hose and playfully shot water out in a steady stream against his window, which hindered his vision for several seconds. When he could see her once more, she lifted her shirt and pressed her bare breasts against his window. Then she pulled her shirt down, backed away, and showed off her soapy belly and perky tits as they strained against the wet fabric. Misty then gave the Jeep, and herself, a final rinse.

She motioned for him to remain in her Jeep as she wound the hose up, and swayed her hips sexily as she walked up the driveway to hang it up. She disappeared into the garage a moment, and returned with a blanket. She opened the door by Eric, tossed the blanket over the leather seat, and climbed in. Seconds later, her wet top rested on the vehicle floor. Pleasure rippled through her as Eric worshiped her breasts, with both his hands and lips. He then slid her bikini bottoms down slowly to the floor.

“Baby, you sure at good at teasing me, the way you washed this jeep was so hot,” he told her.

“I do love to tease,” she replied, “But I would rather please.” Misty quickly yanked his shirt off, and then quickly pulled his pants and underwear down in one swift stroke. Tongues probed as they kissed, and each felt their desire build rapidly. She directed his face between her damp breasts, and felt his fingers probe her private area as he sucked her erect nipples. That always drove her crazy with desire.

“That feels so good; I just love your tongue on my nips baby.”

Misty poised herself above his hard cock, hesitated only a second to look out the windows, and slowly guided him inside her. Eric lovingly sucked her nipples as she held him close to her. The look on her face as she daringly had sex in her vehicle was one of pure lust. Eric’s hands cupped her ass cheeks as he held himself completely inside, and grinded his hips in a circular motion. He could not believe his girlfriend was being this brave. Just a couple weeks ago, she had been a virgin, and they had only had sex three times total. Soon they both were worked into a fabulous frenzy.

“Baby, please…come inside me, anytime you need to do it, I’m ready,” Misty pleaded. She was no longer worried if anyone was near, the only thing she needed was sexual fulfillment. She squealed in enjoyment when she felt his cock throb and spurt its load deep inside her moments later. They each milked their orgasm for every possible second, rode each and every wave of satisfaction, and kissed passionately. Misty leaned forward and rested her head on his chest, and felt his cock soften inside her.

“That felt great,” Eric said softly. “

“Sure did, I love how your big cock feels inside me.”

Then she heard Eric gasp in shock. She tracked the direction of his eyes toward the windshield. Misty jumped slightly when she saw one of her trusted friends, Kayla, staring through the glass at them. Just how long she had been there, neither one knew. The huge grin on her face made it clear, it had been long enough. Kayla then walked around to the side window and tapped on it. Misty rolled it down, and wondered what she would say.

“Hot damn that was something to see!” Kayla exclaimed, and then added, “Eric, Misty told me you were big, and I must say, she did not lie.”

“Just how much did you see girl? And why did we not hear you?” Misty asked, blushing.

“Well, when I pulled in, I saw you on top of him, fucking. As to why, well, you two were pretty, shall we say…occupied?”

Misty knew she would not tell anyone, and invited her to climb inside with them. Kayla had been Misty’s friend for almost two years. She was a black girl of eighteen, with long jet black hair, and an average figure. Kayla climbed in and joined the young couple, with Eric in between them. Before he even realized it, Kayla was topless as well. Eric reached up and cupped both pair of soft breasts in his hands. Misty was surprised that her friend had bared her breasts so quickly. Kayla was normally shy, and often considered her build to less than desirable. But there she was, topless with her boyfriend, and letting him touch the bare flesh of her tits.

“Well look what we have here, something long and hard,” Kayla giggled. Then she added with a sly grin, “Misty, would you mind if I…?”

“Sure, go for it girl, I can share,” Misty replied.

Kayla eagerly sucked Eric’s long shaft, and gingerly cupped his balls as he and Misty kissed. And then, moments later, he felt the incredible feeling of two warm pair of lips on his erection. Both girls eagerly traded off, and orally satisfied him for the next ten minutes. As one would hold him in their warm lips, the other would gently play with his balls or lick his nipples. They sensed that he was only mere moments away from release.

“Baby, do you want to cum in my mouth, or hers?” Misty asked softly.

Eric wondered how to reply, the female thought patterns always confused him. His girlfriend was seemingly willing to let him finish with her friend’s warm mouth. But maybe was she just testing him?

“Well, to be honest sweetie, I would love to let her do it,” Eric replied. “But only if it’s ok?”

“Sure it’s ok,” Misty answered. Then she asked Kayla, “Do you wish to finish him off?”

“Well, sure…OK,” Kayla replied, with a brief look of uncertainty. She resumed sucking his cock, determined to get him off quickly. Misty caressed both Eric’s chest and Kayla’s breasts as she watched her boyfriend get head from her friend. She found the sight of seeing his white cock in between Kayla’s black lips to be rather exciting. Seconds later, he launched several spurts into Kayla’s warm mouth. Kayla seemed to struggle a bit, but managed to swallow his seed with a soft moan.

“Well? How was it?” Misty asked after it was over.

“You should know that one girl, but I’ve got to confess to something,” Kayla replied.

“What’s that?” Misty asked.

“Well, this is the first time I ever let a guy come in my mouth, and only the second time in my life that I even tried a blowjob.”

They all three lounged by the swimming pool for the next couple hours. Since they were still alone at the secluded house, both girls remained topless, and Eric could not help but wonder what Kayla would look like bare naked. But he figured that would never be known, and felt grateful about what had been permitted to take place.

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