Sue and I now are having an affair

Sue, who fucked my brains out on the previous Thanksgiving, wanted to turn our single encounter into a regular thing. After the Thangsgiving fling, I avoided seeing her for 3 months because I did not want an affair. On Valentine’s Day I made a very intense and provocative phone call to Sue to wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day. She wanted to get together a second time with me and thought that the best situation would be on my birthday. Being only two weeks away and being deprived of ever fucking on that day, I jumped at the chance. Sue, wanting to make it a perfect day, set the day up for me. She asked to meet in the morning and have a nice breakfast. That would be followed by the trip to the motel where she said this time it would be an all out fuck session. We both admitted that the first time we held back a bit because we were just friends. the night before my b-day I found it so difficult to sleep. All I thought about was Sue and her expertise once the lights went low and the clothes came off. My birthday was here. I met Sue and was eager to just have breakfast and get to the motel. Sue, obviously feeling as eager as I for me to spread her legs apart told me she really wasn’t that hungry and would just like to settle into the motel. We got to to the motel and immediately we both felt this uneasiness appear. Reality set in. We were there to fuck and do all sorts of naughty things. We were going to be very dirty and cheat on our partners. The bed looked like the kind of bed used only for fucking. Having no idea of how to come on to each other, Sue said let’s just get undressed and get under the covers. She giggled uncontrollably at times and made all these puns and inudendos. She got down to her bra and panties, which left little to my imagination. I slipped everything off except my briefs. We slid under the covers and all we could do was laugh. Sue was acting like this little teen. How could she ransform from a giggling teen to the passionate and very sensual woman? She reached over and slid her hand under my briefs. her giggles turned to oooh’s and ahh’s. “Is this for me” she asked as she rubbed her hand up and down my shaft. I nodded because I was so aroused. She was making it impossible for me to talk. In a flash all of our remaining undies wound up on the floor and once again I was feeling her soft and inviting body up against mine She kissed me and her tongue was like a probe, exploring every bit of my mouth. I pulled her in closer to me. I felt her pussy and it was as wet as my cock was hard. She pulled my cock into her and without a wasted stroke, put my cock inside her. She began to move with a rhythym of a Latin beat. She pulled her body on top of mine and began to fuck me. I took my hands and placed them on her very sweet and rhythmic little ass. She let me push her ass so that it was me who was making her move. She was moaning and talking, telling me how much she wanted me to fuck her more and more. She started to cum and told me to stop pushing her ass. I couldn’t help but push her ass even more. She was screaming at this point for mercy. Oh my god! I am still cumming Keep fucking me. Don’t stop. She was in hyper mode. She took her hand and started stroking my cock. She said cum baby cum. I wasn’t about to turn this down. I started to cum which immediately brought her orgasms right back. It became this cum festival. She dismounted me and it took both of us a good 2 minutes to catch our breaths. Neither of us ever came like that before. Whatever just happened was as close to heaven as possible and we loved it. In her funny little way and in an effort to add humor to what just occurred, Sue said Happy Birthday and planted a big kiss on me. We had to take a break. We sat there and talked about what we just did. We decided that after such a spectacular session of fucking that we should never wait 3 months ever again to jump into bed. I 100% agreed. The only thing we felt we shouldn’t do was fuck each other within 24 hours of fucking our partners. It was 11 AM now and was ready for the next round with Sue. We started up again but this time we had our first session in a shower. Sue was becoming my own amusement park and I felt like i wanted to go on every ride. While fucking me in the shower, she asked me how I was enjoying my birthday so far. I just smiled and kept on ramming my cock into her. She said just wait until the ride home when I blow out your candle. Well Sue did make every b-day wish cum true. On the way home she blew me for about 6 miles until I finally came. She swallowed every drop and licked the leftovers. I guess that’s my b-day caake, eh? she said. We agreed that from here on in we would celebrate our b-days this way. I asked her when hers was. She said not until summer. Don’t worry she said though. By then you and I will have many more occasions to celebrate. Happy B-day.
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