Sue was turning out to be one hot babe

It was Friday night. My wife left me to my lonesome as usual as she went out to her exercise class. Being bored to death, I made a few phone calls and found all of my friends were having dinner with their wives. I called Sue but I knew she would most likely be spending the weekend with her boyfriend. To my surprise, Sue said he went to the baseball game that night and it gave her the chance to get caught up on her house cleaning. I was digging for an invitation to her house. She suggested I come over but warned me in advance that this was her TV night as well as cleaning night and not to expect a roll in her bed. Damn it I thought! I accepted her offer and in about a half hour I was at her house. She said she was glad to see me but really needed to tackle the house work. She was doing a pile of dishes that seemed like it was a year old. So, she said, why do you think we like fucking each other so much? Catching me completely off guard, I didn’t know what to say. Yeah, I was thinking a lot about us lately she said. I said I think we are enjoying our new found relationship so much because it is without pressure and with a very high comfort zone. She agreed. Yeah, I feel like I am required to perform for Mike, (her BF) and with you everything comes natural. As she stood there scrubbing dishes, she was also asking me many odd questions. Do you feel guilty being married she asked? I said I feel guilty but not because we are now fucking but rather because you take away all the desire I have for her. You are just that good. Jokingly she said, next time I will tune it down a bit. NOT! What about you I asked. Do you feel guilty when it comes to Mike? There was a pause. Uh-oh she said. She said there is something you need to know about me. I love sex you know. Well ever since I have been sexually active I have always had 2 lovers at one time, usually a primary and a backup. What? What do you mean I asked? I really enjoy sex she said. I would love to have it 2-3 times a week. If I am lucky, with Mike’s schedule, he screws me once every 7 days. I need more than that. So, I asked, you are fucking someone else besides me. Actually two she said. She seemed really upset at that point. Listen, I have been with one of them for about 2 years now and the other just happened. You think I enjoy fucking 4 men at the same time? I had no idea you were going to come into my life the way you did. The other two guys I see very infrequently. I prodded her for answers. One was named Dave and was married. The other was Bruce and a co-worker. Bruce she said she occasionally fucks in her boss’s office when he is out of town. David has been married less than a year. She said she actually rarely if ever fucks David. She said he had a small cock and he preferred blow jobs. I looked at her shocked. She laughed at me and said that I should not forget where we had sex the week before, in my marital bed. I guess she was right. I had to ask her this. Sue, when did you have sex with either of them last? Hmmm…I guess two weeks ago. I gave David one of my famous blow jobs as I am sure you remember from when we hung out with the group years ago. I laughed. I said I did not know they were famous. You seemed to like the one I gave you when we hung out back then she said. What are you talking about Sue? Wow, you really forgot she said. Remember the night you and your GF and me and my BF switched for the night? We were drinking beers and thought it would be cool to go off with each others partners for the rest of the night. Well, you were pretty blitzed and me being the bold one, I blew you that night. I said I remembered getting blown that night but I was so drunk I thought it was my GF. I was no drinker and never realized it was your head down on my dick. She was laughing really hard now. I never understood why you never said anything or came looking for more after that night. I thought you were afraid I would tell or say something. Did you tell my GF? I asked. No, she said. Wow, here I was getting blown and she had no idea. Sue said don’t start feeling so bad. My BF got one more beer into her, took her to his car and banged the shit out of her. My BF never told me. Your GF told me on the sly and wound up fucking him a few times after that, while she was seeing you. What a night this has been Sue. Let’s get back to the present she said. You want me to fuck only you, right? Well, kind of I replied. Can we see how things work out between us she said before I end any good things I have going? What was I going to say? I knew that if I wanted to get rid of these other partners that I would just be more available to her and more often. Tonight was an odd night and it just began. I found out Sue was now fucking 4 men and 15 years earlier gave me a blow job I thought was from my GF. I also found out that my GF back then was fucking my best friend. What was the rest of the night going to hold for us? Stay tuned.

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Sue was turning out to be one hot babe, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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