Tamara wants to keep up with Kara

Tamara and I remained friends for quite a few years after I got married. Kara got married that year and neither Tam nor I were invited. Kara’s reason for not inviting Tam was simple. Tam dated Kara’s hubby before dating Kara. I knew I wasn’t at the wedding because of what Kara and I did two years before. Though slightly insulted, I still would have not given up my 4 hour rendezvous with her for the wedding. Tam knew why she wasn’t invited but was confused as to why I was left out. I was uncertain if I should tell her but felt that as a long time friend that I should tell her about my episode with Kara two years earlier. I knew she not believe it but once she did she would get a huge laugh from it.

Tam, you are not going to believe this but….. I proceeded to tell her the details of the day some two years ago. When I finished my little story of hot sex, Tam roared with laughter. She said she knew within days of my fucking Kara about it. Kara told her all about it and swore her to secrecy. She said she really was stunned about me missing the wedding because of the episode with Kara. She looked at me and she was disappointed that she had to wait 2 years for me to tell her the story. I told her it was due to the fact that I cheated on my wife and I was really feeling kinda guilty. She laughingly said that she would have liked to have a roll in the hay with me too if I was cheating back then. I reminded her that she had just moved in with Frank at the time and it wasn’t right to go looking for it with her. With Kara, it just happened spontaneously.

Well, she said I am still living with Frank, you are still married and we will never fuck will we? Tam, thinking I was doing the right thing, I would fuck you anyplace and anytime. She played her little game of “you could not handle me”. I tried to play along to see how far she would take it. “Are you daring me to fuck you?” she asked me. I jokingly said yes. Let’s get into my car and take a ride. We drove about a mile up the road where it was as dark as it ever was. Go for it, she said. I just knew she wasn’t serious. She unbuttoned her blouse. She, to my complete surprise had no bra on. Bigger, aren’t they? she asked. I had implants done last year. Look good, don’t they? she asked. They looked great. They were fucking perfect! I felt she was going to stop but I did not know at what point that would happen. She removed her pants and she had nothing on but a thong. Scared? she asked me. I said I was a it but that I knew she was just teasing me. With that she moved on to my lap and as she lap danced me as good as she knew how in a car and began rubbing her gorgeous tits in my face. I was hard and dying to fuck her. I wanted to take my pants off when Tam just unzipped them for me, pulled them down and without hesitation put my hard cock deep as she could into her pussy. I do not know why but the first words out of our mouths were I love you. It was at that moment that I realized how much I loved Tam and how natural it felt to fuck her. We stopped for a moment just to appeciate just how special it felt to be doing this. She said I waited so long for this and it feels more right than anything I have ever done. We hugged and climbed into the very spacious backseat and really turned up the volume. Tam was a huge moaner and loved just wrapping her legs around me. We probably fucked for no more than 10 minutes but at least we finally did what we wanted to do for the last few years. I then asked her a very serious question. Kara told me that after we fucked that day that we would never do it again. My hopes are that you won’t say the same Tam, I pleaded. Tam just said that though she would never say something that stupid that she did want to digest what we just did and see when she and I should do it again. I am very happy to say that not long after that Tam and I, both of us now married, have been doing it together at least once a week. We have done it in water beds, showers, in pools, cars and on occasion in our own homes. Once while we were on vacation with our families she gave me a hand job under water by the beach and nobody ever knew it. Another time, more recently Tam came to my house to retrieve some music files for a party she was making. My wife went out to get some groceries and as soon as the car was out of the driveway, Tam sat on my lap and I fucked her in front of the computer as we watched porn. My cock was not out of her no more than five minutes when my wife returned because she forgot her coupons. Thanks Tam. You make loving fun!

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