The Adventures of Stella Part 2

After spending the night with Robert and falling asleep exhausted, he woke her the following morning and fucked her once more before bringing her home. They exchanged email addresses and phone numbers, and promised to hook up again soon.

She sat back and thought about her night with Robert, her pussy still tingling from the lickings and four long hot fucks, “Wow, what a night! All those kisses, all that sucking, licking and fucking! What a hot, sexy man! Another notch on my Chanel belt!”

Her ex dropped her son off a little later on, she spent some time with him and then he went to his room to play video games.

She felt a twinge of guilt about her boyfriend Jerry as she usually did when she did someone on the side, but as Robert had said to her last night, “What they don’t know won’t hurt them!”

She checked her email and off lines, nothing from Jerry, and added Roberts email and number to her contact list.

Her phone rang a little while later on, and it was her friend Nikki.

“Hey Stell, how are you? Nikki asked.

“Oh, I’m doing great.” Stella replied, “How are you?”

Nikki said, “Sorry I wasn’t home when you called, Jerry canceled on you, did he?

“Yeah, he did, I was pissed.” Stella said, “I just thought I’d call you to see if you wanted to hang out, but I ended up having a good night anyway.”

“Oh?” said Nikki, “What did you end up doing?”

“I went to bingo.”

“How exciting!” Nikki said sarcastically, “Sorry I missed it!”

Stella started laughing and said, “Well, I had a great time, and I actually just got home a little while ago.”

Nikki replied, “Really? Do tell!”

Stella checked to see where her son was, saw the door of his room closed, and then began to tell Nikki about her night.

“Remember I told you awhile back that I’d seen this guy around at bingo that I liked but I didn’t think he liked me?”

“Oh yeah, I remember!” Nikki said.

Stella told her, “Well, I was wrong about that because this time he came over and talked to me, and then he took me to his place and oh my god did he fuck me!” she exclaimed. “We went all night long!”

Nikki said, “Oh my god, details girl, details!”

She began to tell her, “Well, he sat with me at bingo for a couple of games and he asked me if I wanted to go for coffee, and then we went to his place and we talked for a bit, then we started kissing and we just went from there!”

“He took me to his bedroom and we watched each other get undressed, we kissed some more and he fingered me and sucked my tits, then he licked my pussy really good, you know I love to be licked!”

“Then I sucked his cock, and we did a great sixty-nine, and then he fucked me the first time. We rested and talked a little bit after, and after a while we started kissing again and almost right away his cock was hard again and I sucked it some more and he tit fucked me for awhile and then this time he just pounded me, a really long hot fuck!”

“Then later on, we kissed some more and I sucked his cock again, and this time he did me from behind and then we changed positions and I got on top and rode him, oh my god it was great! I lost track of how many times I came!”

“Oh my god!” Nikki gasped, “Wow!”

Stella continued, “Then after all that we finally fell asleep, and this morning he woke me up and he fucked me AGAIN before he brought me home! My mouth and pussy are still sore!”

“Oh you slut, you!” Nikki said, laughing.

“Whatever!” Stella replied, laughing, “You’re not exactly Miss Innocent yourself!”

“That’s true, but what about Jerry, what are you going to do about him?” Nikki asked.

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” Stella replied, “Also, you can’t tell me you’d say no to a hot man who’d fuck you like that all night! And with him being so far away, I don’t see him enough, and you know me, I like to be fucked as much as possible!”

“Man oh man, I wish I could find guys like that” said Nikki, “Where do you find these men?”

“They just find me, you know that.”

Nikki replied, “Yeah, that’s for sure, every guy you meet wants to fuck you, you’ve always jumping the bone with someone, you’re going to get quite the reputation, Penis Girl!”

“Well, I love cock, so I guess I am a Penis Girl! He said that he’s wanted to fuck me ever since the first time he’d seen me.” she replied, laughing. “I should get a sexy t-shirt with Penis Girl written on it!” she added.

“So tell me more about this guy, I remember you said before he was nice looking.” Nikki asked.

“Well, he’s a really sexy hot man, his name is Robert and he’s about 6 foot tall with short dark hair and a nice body and muscles, and he’s got a great tongue and a big beautiful thick cock, about 8 or 9 inches and big balls and oh my god did he know how to use it! Wow! It was great to suck also; you know I always loved to do that!”

“Wow, sounds delicious, sounds you had a great time!” Nikki replied.

“Oh yeah, I had a great time! What a night! He kept fucking me and fucking me, really long, hot fucks! Oh my god did he pound my pussy! You know I love to be fucked for a long time!” she exclaimed. “And when he licked me he had me cuming over and over, that was so good, and I loved sucking his big beautiful hard cock! He is as horny as I am also, I just had to kiss him and right away he had a hard on!” she gushed as she recalled her night.

“Wow, that’s so hot, how about sharing some of that with me, I haven’t had any in awhile now.” Nikki said, “Ask him if he wants to have a threesome!”

Stella paused and then said, “Well, you know I’m no carpet muncher, I’ve never done anything with another girl and a guy.”

“You won’t have to do anything with me; we’ll just do him, what guy wouldn’t like that?
And besides, you haven’t shared anyone with me in ages, not since you set me up with that other guy you were seeing, you ever hear from him?”

“John? Yeah, actually I talked to him a couple of times lately.”

“Oh yeah, what’s he up to?”

“He said he hadn’t seen me in awhile and he wants to fuck me, so I told him that maybe next week I’ll phone him and we could hook up. Every time I hear from him, he says he wants to fuck me! I guess he must miss me!”

“So, are you going to call him?” Nikki asked.

“Yeah, I probably will next week during the day, his birthday is next week also, and it’s been awhile since I’ve seen him. I’ve only been with him once or twice since I started seeing Jerry, and he is a good fuck buddy, I’ve had some great sex with him!” she replied. “I’ve been a pretty good girl since I met Jerry, even that I don’t see him that much I’ve only been with John a couple of times, and I had a quickie with a guy I met around, and of course, with Robert last night also!” she exclaimed. “I’m sure John would like me to give him a good blowjob and a good fuck for his birthday!” she added.

“Ohhh my god Stell, you’re getting so much cock, so then ask Robert if he’d like a threesome, he’ll love it and so will we!”

“Ok, I’ll ask him, but I didn’t tell you that he’s got a girlfriend, so we can’t just go over there.”

“He does? Ohh, that makes it even more exciting! Bring him to my place then, tell him we’ll put on a show for him!” Nikki lived alone.

“Ok, I’ll see, I’ll talk to you later”


Stella sat back and thought about this, the idea excited her, as she had had a threesome before, but it was with two guys, but she’d never shared a man with another woman at the same time before. Still though, it might be fun, so why not ask him?

She went online and sent Robert a message, telling him how great it was to meet him, and to get in touch when he could, she knew that it might not be that often due to his girlfriend.

Later on that evening, her phone rang and it was Robert.

“Hello, Hello!” she said, excitingly.

“Hey, hot stuff, how are you doing?” Robert asked.

“I’m doing great baby, my pussy is still tingling from last night, oh my god I loved how you kept fucking me and fucking me!”

“Oh, I couldn’t get enough of you, I loved fucking you, you’re so damn sexy, and you’re a great fuck! And you sure know how to suck cock, you’re awesome!” he replied. “You’re an instant turn on!”

“Well, thank you baby, I’ll suck that big cock of yours anytime! And I loved the licking you gave me also!” she responded teasingly.

“I loved licking your pussy baby, it just screams out “lick me, fuck me!” just like that sexy hot body of yours does, I hope we can be good fuck buddies, I cant wait to lick your hot pussy and fuck you again!” he told her.

“Oh, sure we will be, no problem!” she exclaimed, “Even with us both in relationships I’m sure we will get lots of chances, because I can’t wait to get naked with you and suck your big cock and fuck you again also! It is so hot to have sex with someone who can fuck me the way you can! Some guys say I’m insatiable!”

They chatted and flirted some more and then she mentioned Nikki.

“I told my girlfriend Nikki about our night together.”

“Oh?” Robert replied.

Stella continued, “I told her that I’d told you that I used to go in bikini contests, and she said to bring you over and we can have our own bikini contest. She used to go in them also.”

“Wow, really?” he replied, “Sounds great!”

Stella hesitated and then said “Oh and you never know what can happen!”

“Like what?” Robert asked, laughing.

“Oh, like you can fuck both of us, I can’t wait for you to fuck me again! And I’m sure you’ll like her, she’s a sexy milf slut too!”

Robert naturally was all for the idea and they made a time to meet up the next day, and called Nikki and told her what she had told him.

“Ohh great!!!” Nikki said when she heard the plan, “I’ll see you tomorrow night.”


The next day, Stella arranged for her son to go to her mothers after school, and shed pick up from there later on, as she told him she had a job interview that evening.

She looked through her drawers to decide which of her bikinis shed take with her, and she picked out a red string one she had, it was the skimpiest and had a g-string bottom.

“Wow, he’ll love this one!” she thought, “I’ve turned a lot of heads in this bikini!”

She then got ready to go meet Robert, and she dressed in a tight low cut white top, and a black leather mini skirt with black classic pumps with 4-inch heels.

She grabbed her purse and left her place, and walked to the corner where she had arranged to meet him, and she saw his car there.

She smiled and got in and kissed him and he said, “Hey baby, wow, you look great! Love that mini skirt and your high heels!”

“Thank you baby.” she replied, “Wait till you see the bikini I have for tonight, you’ll love it!”

He smiled and winked at her as they drove away and headed for Nikki’s place, which was about 15 minutes away.

“I’m glad to see you baby!” Robert said to her, “I’m still reliving the other night over and over in my head.”

“Well, I’m glad to see you also,” she told him, “and I’m looking forward to more of your hot tongue and your big cock!”

She told him where Nikkis apartment was, and they pulled in the parking lot, and headed for the building.

Robert kissed her wildly when they got into the elevator, and she had to tell him to stop or they would not get to Nikkis.

“There’s plenty of time for that,” she told him, teasingly.

“God I hope so!” he replied.


Nikki answered the door smiling wildly and hugged Stella, and she introduced Robert to her, Robert smiled approvingly.

Stella and her had been friends since she first came from Europe, and had done a lot together, in bikini contests together, fucked some of the same guys, and now were about to fuck one at the same time.

Nikki has shoulder length, sandy blonde hair, stood at 5 ft 6 and weighed about 140, and with measurements of 38D – 27-38 with a heart shaped bubble butt, she was another one who had little trouble getting the attention of men.

Robert and Stella sat on the couch while Nikki brought some drinks.

“So, Robert, it’s great to meet you!” Nikki said as she sat beside him.

“Nice to meet you!” he exclaimed, “looks like I’m a lucky guy”

“Not often a guy gets the company of two sexy women like I have right now!”

“That we are!” Stella replied teasingly.

He then put one arm around Stella and the other around Nikki and kissed Stella first, then Nikki.

“So I hear you two are going to put on a show for me?” he asked.

Nikki answered him, “Yes we sure are, Stell and I sometimes went in bikini contests together, and tonight we’re going to do that and you’re going to be the judge!”

“Oh, really?” he asked teasingly, “What’s the prize going to be?”

Nikki replied, “Well, the one that wins gets to fuck you first, and the runner up can join in after!”

“What if I can’t pick either of you?” he asked.

“In that case then, I guess we are both just going to have you at the same time!!”

Robert started laughing, “It’s a win, win, then?”

“Sure is!” they both said.


Stella and Nikki then got up and went to Nikkis bedroom to change, Stella put on her red bikini with her black pumps, Nikki put on a turquoise one that showed off her big tits and bubble butt ass.

“I’m a bit nervous about this.” Stella said.

“I am too” Nikki replied, “but once we get into it, it will be great, and besides you and I never have done a guy at the same time!”

Nikki put on a robe, went out to the living room, and turned on some dance music.

“It’s Showtime!” she said, “and contestant number 1, is Stella!”

Stella then came out, strutting her stuff as she did when she had gone in these contests, her head up high, shoulders back, and her model walk that had served her so well before.

“Wow, great bikini!” Robert said as he watched her every move, and felt his cock stirring as she walked around the room, her skimpy bikini top and thong accenting her firm tits, flat stomach and her firm round ass. Stella walked over to him, kissed him and shoved her tits in his face, the tiny triangle bikini top she had on barely concealing them.

“Ok, guys, lets hear it for Stella!” Nikki called out as Stella wiggled her firm ass for him as she walked away.

Robert laughed and applauded, and then Stella called out “Here’s contestant number 2, Nikki!”

Nikki came out in her turquoise bikini and white high heels, and did her stroll around the room, Robert stared at her and licked his lips as her big tits bounced as she walked, and gasped over her ass.

She came over to Robert and put her cleavage right into his face, almost smothering him with them.

Stella then called out, “Let’s hear it for Nikki!” and Robert laughed and clapped for her.

They both came over and sat on either side of him, and Nikki said, “And the winner is?”

Robert still smiling and laughing, said, “Well the opinion of the judge is that both of you are the winners, and, girls, come get your prize!”

He then began to undress, as Stella and Nikki quickly took off their bikinis.

“Wow!” Nikki gasped as she saw his cock.

“I told you he has a big one!” Stella said, as they both went down and started to suck it.

They took turns sucking and licking his thick cock, Nikki began licking his balls as Stella concentrated on the tip, pointing her tongue and licking his slit, then wrapping her hot lips on the head and sucking it hard.

Robert gasped and moaned, not believing he had two sexy women sucking his cock.

“Let’s move to the bedroom!” Nikki said.

Robert laid on the bed and watched the two of them as they sucked on his cock, and then Nikki got up and swung her legs over and planted her pussy on his mouth.

“mmmmmmm yeah!” Robert cried out as he started to eat her pussy, Stella stayed between his legs, sucking and licking his cock and balls.

“Fuck I love this big cock, wow, just look at that hard on!” Stella said as she drew his cock into her mouth, devouring all 8 inches of his manhood.

Robert continued to lick and suck on Nikkis clit, loving hot her pussy was.

Nikki said, “I want some more of that!” and they changed positions, Stella again feeling the thrill of his tongue while Nikki worked on his rock hard cock.

Nikki then pulled her mouth away from his cock, and lowered her hot, tight pussy on it, gasping for breath as she took it into her.

She rode up and down as Robert held Stellas ass tightly while he licked her sucked her hot wet pussy.

They took turns riding his cock while he ate the other, and then they both laid beside him, he slid his cock into Stella, gave her a few hard thrusts, and then into Nikki, fucking her the same way.

He drove every inch of his cock into Nikki, then went back to Stella and gave her some more as well.

Both women were moaning and screaming of delight as he fucked one and then the other, and he then laid on the bed and they both sucked his cock and watched him shoot his big load, hitting Stella in the face and on Nikkis tits.


“Wow, this was fucking awesome!” Nikki said, and looked at Stella, who was lying there, panting.

“Ohh, yeah, I loved it also!” Stella said, “I was a bit nervous at first, but like you said I was fine!”

Robert put an arm around both of them and said, “Man, my heads spinning still!” still not believing he’d fucked two hot women at once.

They sat and laughed and basked in the afterglow, all three of them still enjoying the moment.

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