the divorce- chapter 4

It was a long week, not only for the conference itself but for the fact I got to nail a hot pregnant red head. I was driving back and happened to pass through a small town on a small lake. I figured since I had been working hard on my divorce and traveling so much I decided a small town in the middle of nowhere for a couple days would be nice and relaxing. I pulled into a gas station on the main street into town and gassed up. As I stepped in the store and grabbed a cold drink and some munchies I noticed the girl behind the counter, she was about nineteen, short black hair spiked up with blonde streaks through the sides. She wore tight jeans but her ass was covered by a gas station shirt (untucked), sneakers, and had a pierced nose, a pierced lip and about seven holes in each ear. She was wearing not much makeup and chewing gum. Her name badge said Yvette. I asked her where a guy could get a room for a couple of days, as she rung up my gas and stuff. She told me to just drive straight and about two kilometers down the road there was a nice hotel and always had rooms this time of year. She bagged my stuff and I noticed her black nail polish and rings on every finger. I asked her if there was a good place to eat and maybe get a drink. She pointed to the place across the road said it was good steak, cold beer and not too many red necks. I asked if she cared to join me for a meal and a drink and she agreed.
I picked her up after work the bowling shirt was gone so you could see her ass in those tight jeans and she had on a black baby doll shirt exposing her belly and her belly button ring. I got to notice her tits for the first time as well they weren’t huge but as a package she was a hottie.
We had a couple of beers as we waited for our meals.
“Call me Vette everyone does” she said “its because I love cars and am studying to be a mechanic and hope to have my own garage someday”
“I think that is great” I said “do you study here?”
“No I go to the community college in the city.”
We finished our meals and had a couple more beers and walked back to my hotel, stopping to make out along the way. She was looking for a good time and I offered my bed.
As we walked through the parking lot she noticed the pool and ran through the gate. She stood at the edge facing me as I caught up and we kissed some more.
“Lets go swimming”
“I have no swim suit” I replied.
“Me either” she winked as she pulled off her shirt showing her powder pink lace bra. She then undid her pants and kicked off her shoes and let her pants fall on the ground, showing her pink brief panties. She kissed me again and dove into the water. I watched her swim around to the jet at the end of the pool. She squirmed on it as she pulled off her bra and put it on the edge, exposing a ring in her nipple. Then reached down and pulled off the panties and threw them at me landing with a splat by my feet. She motioned me in with her finger.
“C’mon stud the waters wet and so am I “
I kicked off my sandals and undid my pants and pulled off my shirt. I let my pants drop and since I don’t wear briefs my cock waved to her as I dove in and swam up to her and popped up in front of her and stuck my tongue down her throat.
She jerked me off as I kneaded her tits played with the new found nipple ring and grabbed her ass. I turned her around so the jets swirled around her pussy and I entered her from behind and slowly humped her from behind, still playing with the nipple ring.
“My my you’re a naughty boy with a big cock aren’t you”
“you are turning me on hot stuff, your young hot pierced body all tight and eager.” as I played with her naval ring as we both pumped together.
“Lets finish this in your room”
“whys that”
“my fathers Chief of Police, and on patrol tonight”
We got out and grabbed our clothes. I got a look at her naked above water for the first time. Her bush was rectangle shaped and short above her pussy, and she had a devil tattoo an her bum. We busted through the hotel door and fell to the floor and I entered her again with door still half open I started humping her while pinning her arms to the ground and pulling on the nipple ring with my teeth. I pumped harder and harder as her tits rubbed against my chest. She came hard and long as I myself felt that familiar feeling, pulling out I shot all over her waist.
In the morning I awoke as she was getting ready.
“Where ya goin?”
“Gotta work stud but I shall be back after work around five and I will have a surprise for you so be clean and ready for action” she winked and left.
I spent the day resting and laying by the pool, (her panties were still there when I went down, so I grabbed them) and at about four thirty I went to the room and showered and got ready for my surprise.
About five after a knock came at the door I answered in my towel. There stood Vette, in the same clothes she left in this morning, but with her was a blonde about the same age and height, wearing a white baby doll t-shirt, a plaid skirt that went to just above the knee, white socks, and sneakers, with her shoulder length hair in pig tails and she was wearing red lipstick and was quite made up.
“This is Roweena my best friend and I thought she could join us for a menage trois…. are you in?”
I opened the door and motioned them in “fuck yes, come on in ladies”
Vette started for the bathroom stripping, I need a shower, you two get to know one another I will join in where ever yaw are when I return”
She closed the door and left Roweena alone as she approached me and undid my towel. As she looked me up and down she licked her shiny red lips. “Soon pal you like pussy?” She asked pushing me back and sitting me on the bed.
“I love pussy, why don’t you show me what you got” I said as my cock stiffened as I watched her pull her shirt off over her head and with no bra her c cups flopped out with a bounce. She then reached under her skirt and pulled down her black silk panties and brushed them across my face.
She left her shoes, socks and skirt on and used her foot to push me down on the bed. She crawled up on top of me and sat on my face “yaw don’t waste time do you sweetie”
“Nope, Vette tells me your good and my pussy hasn’t been licked in weeks so get to it!” I did as I was told as she knelt over my head I used my tongue and fingers to stimulate her pussy she was returning the favor by rubbing my cock, until Vette came out still damp but ready to go. She knelt on the floor and began sucking my cock, her lip ring was fantastic on my hard rigid cock. “He is hungry Vette he is devouring my twat! Mm yeah flick that clit baby.”
“His pole is hard and ready sweetie you should ride it” Vette said stopping the sucking.
Vette stood up as Row slid back and rubbed her pussy on my head as the two of them french kissed, Vette rubbing Roweena’s clit. Slowly she lowered herself onto my pole as Vette then took Row’s old position over my head and I began eating her pussy. The two moaned and purred as they played with each others tits and kissed one another.
“Oh my Row is coming, I have seen that look before!”
“Oh god yes I am comin like crazzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeieie!!, like you did to me on prom night! Oh yes oH YESSS!”
As Row slowed her riding, Vette told her to get off as it was her turn to come, so Row got off and laid beside me and we kissed as I slid my hand up her still on skirt, Vette took over riding my still hard cock. Row was loving the kissing as I fingered her pussy as she lay on her side, and my other hand rubbed Vette’s nipples much to her delight.
“You like the taste of your friends pussy do you”
“she is tasting her own quiff as well” Vette purred, but its not the first time is it Row, we have shared all sorts of men.”
“None this good though they usually do not last a third this long.”
Roweena got to her knees beside Vette and they began frenching again as Row rubbed Vette’s pussy as I now had both
hands on her tits. Vette was now rubbing Row’s tits and starting to moan very lou
d. “I amgunn gunna cuuuuu ah ah ah fuck yes yes yes yes yes I love this cock!!!!”
She fell forward out of breath as I spoke up “okay bimbo’s its my turn…. get your lips on my shaft, both of you!! Lock lips like you are kissing while you suck my cock!”
They did as they were told each one also playing with my nuts laying lengthways on the bed on their tummies “yeah ladies yaw like the pussy juice don’t you!?” as I played with both their pussies.
The suction they were creating was fantastic and I was getting such a build up my nuts were almost in overload as I sprayed their faces with intense hot white lava. Then smiled as I watched them lick each other clean.
As we lay with me in the middle, and a girl spooning each side of me I asked if they did this often they replied yes, nothing else to do and when there were no good men they played with each other.

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