The Maid of Honor

I sighed and glanced at my watch for the thousandth time. The passengers filed off of the plane and across the walkway to the gate and I watched impatiently for some sign that my fiancée recognized her best friend from college.
“Any sign of her?” I asked.
Victoria turned and flashed those deep brown eyes at me. “Not yet. You’ll know when I see her.”

Why I had to be there, I had no idea. This woman was going to be staying with us until the wedding, I was sure to meet her and get to know her then. But Victoria had demanded it, and like in all things, she usually got what she wanted. I stood there towering over her auburn head and looking for the woman Victoria had described as a “fat red head.”

Many large women came off of the plane but none of them wore red hair. I sighed and shuffled my feet again.

“There she is!” Victoria squealed. She lunged forward toward a woman that I couldn’t pick out in the crowd. I was left standing on the sidelines holding Victoria’s purse. I could hear her loud nasally voice from where I stood and flinched. I was marrying this woman and I had better get used to that voice, even though it wasn’t the one she typically used. It was her fake company voice.

I waited as patiently as I could, until finally I saw Victoria leading the woman I presumed was Kayla. She was nothing like I’d imagined. I’d pictured a bawdy redhead with rust colored curls that clashed with all that she wore with a big fat ass and bulging eyes. Victoria had made no secret to me why she had called Kayla to be her maid of honor.

“She’s ugly and she’ll make me look great in the photos,” Victoria said with a smirk. “Besides I always told her that when I got married she’d be the maid of honor.”

But Victoria’s snide comments were forgotten as I took in Kayla for the first time. While she wasn’t willow thin like Victoria, she was far from fat. Kayla had curves in all the places that men dream about. Her hips were wide but not offensively wide, they were just wide enough to make a man dream about crawling in between them and losing himself there. She had large breasts and stretched her blouse out at the neck and gave the tall an exceptional view of them. One which I would take advantage of as often as possible. Her face was heart shaped and she had a beautiful smile framed by think pink lips bare of any lipgloss. All I could see was her taking my cock into her mouth and staring up at me with those vicious green eyes she was piercing me with at that moment.

Lust had never hit me as hard as it did at that moment, it sucker punched me in the gut.

“Kayla, this is Rick, my future husband,” Victoria said with much over needed bravado. “Rick, this is my best friend in the whole world, Kayla.”

For the first it since I’d met Victoria I realized how very two-faced she was. She had told me how much Kayla got on her nerves and how she was dreading having her stay with us until next weekend for the wedding, and here she was all smiles and giggles.

“So you’re the lucky guy?” Kayla’s voice had a husky lilt to it as she openly gave me a once over. She was checking me out and I could only pray that she wouldn’t linger on my cock, because it was already springing to life. “Well, it’s nice to meet you, Rick.”

“Same,” I muttered, hefting her suitcase and turning away abruptly.

The two giggling women followed me all the way to the car and the giggling didn’t stop until we reached our two story house in the suburbs of Chicago.

“I love this house,” Victoria said proudly. “Actually, I was showing a house down the street and I happened to see it, and I knew right then that one way or another I was going to live there. It just so happened that Rick had been out washing his car that very day. I walked over and introduced myself and that was that.”

She left out the part where she walked up to me, backed me up against the side of my truck and kissed me while massaging my cock through my shorts. For all of her faults, Victoria had the ability to make a man’s head spin when she wanted to. She was a hot fuck and that made me forgive most of her faults.

I didn’t correct Victoria. I just let her ramble on while I carried Kayla’s suitcase up the stairs to the guest bedroom.

“Well, you’ll be staying here. I’ll let you get comfortable and then we’re going out for a little girl talk,” Victoria said as they followed on my heels.

“What about Rick? I’d hate to leave him out,” Kayla said and I thought I heard a distinct purr in her voice.

“He has to work,” Victoria said shortly. “So be ready in two hours, okay?”

“Will do,” Kayla said with a smile. She walked into her room, managing to brush up against me in the doorframe. “Thanks.”
I grumbled something unintelligible and disappeared, hoping that I wouldn’t see her the rest of this trip.


I knew that grunt even before I rolled over. The sun hit me square in the face as Victoria opened the shades.

“I have to go into work,” she hissed angrily. “I had planned to go shopping. Kayla needs to go get fitted for the tarp that I’m having made for her into a dress. Apparently the real-estate business cannot go on without me. So you’ll just have to entertain Kayla today for me. I don’t know how long I’ll be.”

I grunted. I had managed to avoid Kayla for three days and with only three more to go before the wedding, I was confident that I would have to pop a boner around my fiancée’s best friend.

“I know I’m asking you a huge favor,” Victoria said in a sultry voice. “Asking you to put up with that cow is just ridiculous, but I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

With that I flipped over on my back. “Oh, really? What do you plan on doing to make it up to me?”

With a swift yank the sheet was off of the bed and my stiffening cock was visible.

“God I love your cock,” she said in a breathless anticipation. Then in the same instant she snapped out of it. “I can’t do anything now, but I promise it’ll be worth it.”

Then she was gone out of the bedroom, leaving the door open and my dick hard.

I was just enjoying lying on my bed with the cool air hitting my flushed skin, when I saw Kayla exit her bedroom and slip into her bathroom at the opposite end of the hall. She wore a sheer cotton nightgown that I could almost see through, and while the thought tantalized me, I knew I had to get up and cover myself. I pulled on some shorts and intended on taking a dip in the pool but as I walked down the hallway I heard the shower click on. I really wouldn’t have paid any attention to it any other time except that the bathroom door was wide open and I could see Kayla’s wet body through the glass shower doors. She was just as vibrant and glorious naked as I had imagined her to be. Immediately, I felt guilty and disappeared downstairs, fully intending on the cold swim.

I made a stop in the kitchen to put some coffee on, and try to get the vision of Kayla lathering and soaping her body up–the way her hands gently caressed her breasts, how they traveled down below her waist to her shaved pussy.

Shit. I was hard as a rock.

“You’re not going to make this easy for me, are you?”

The voice made me jump as I turned to see Kayla wearing nothing but a towel. Her hair was wet and her skin was dewy and she had the look of a woman who wanted to be fucked.

“W-W-What do you mean?” I swallowed hard, and prayed that my cock wasn’t too noticeable.

“Why didn’t you join me in the shower? I left the door open,” she said calmly. “I saw you peep in.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I couldn’t shower with you, I love Victoria.”

She laughed. “Nice try, sport. Now say it like you mean it.”

I turned to gape at her. She was goading me on. r />
“Kayla, shouldn’t you get dressed—I mean, Victoria could be home any minute–“

“She won’t be. She’s showing houses all day. It’s just me and you.
Now, I saw the way you were staring at me at the airport and how you avoided me for the last couple of days. Now, just answer my question: do you want me?”

I closed my eyes and tried to think of anything but her towel coming undone.

“No, I don’t want you. I love Victoria,” I said with my eyes still closed.

“Your bulging cock says otherwise,” she replied.

I opened my eyes to find her sitting on the kitchen counter, her legs spread far apart giving me a birds eye view of her beautiful pussy.

“I don’t know what you mean,” I tried to move, but her legs trapped in. “Now, this isn’t funny, Kayla. You really should go get dressed.”

“Kiss me and I’ll leave you alone,” she whispered.

“A kiss? That’s all you want?”

“I’ll go back to my room and you won’t see me until the wedding if that’s what you want,” she said quietly. “I’m sorry I misinterpreted this. I really thought you wanted me. But I see you really love Victoria. So one kiss so I know what she’s getting in return and then you can go.”

A kiss? I could do a kiss. I pivoted between her legs and leaned forward with my eyes open.

“Close them,” she demanded.

I did.

“Now move a little lower,” I ducked my head knowing that my unusual height of 6’7” interferes.

“A little lower.”

Again I moved.

“Just a little more.”

I complied and wondered just how low was I going to have to go when all of sudden, her pressed her shaven mound right into my slightly opened mouth.

Now, there is nothing I love more than eating out a pussy. Especially one that is trimmed and fairly dripping with anticipation. I tried to resist, tried to move my head away but she would just press herself further against my tongue. So before I could stop myself, I was on my knees spreading her legs as far apart as I could and began to lick her throbbing clit.

“Oh, yes,” Kayla cried out. “Oh, God, yess.”

I teased and sucked on her clit as hard as I could and she would just squirm and press closer to my venturing tongue. I drew designs from her clit to her pussy hole and back again. Before I knew exactly what was happening, Kayla’s legs locked around my head and she exploded into my mouth.

It was a while before I would stop licking and she would stop convulsing, but eventually it died down and I rose to my feet.

“If you don’t fuck me right now, I’ll tell Victoria,” it was a useless threat.

Before I even touched my tongue to her clit, I knew I was going to fuck her. And fuck her hard. My cock was out and my shorts were around my ankles and in one quick yank her towel was disposed of. I latched on to one of her nipples while rubbing my aching cock along her slit enjoying her slick surface.

“Now, damn it, Rick,” she said as she ran her fingers through my hair and tried to press her nipple even further in my mouth.

I decided that now would be the right time, I hammered my way into her tight unsuspecting pussy and she cried out as the pressure of having my nine inch dick inside her built.

“Fuck yes,” she screamed and began to move with me. I was sure that we were going to rub the wood finish off of the counter because the harder I fucked her the move she moved. “Yes, oh yes, Rick….cum inside me right now!”

I was happy to oblige. I exploded into her pussy–my cum came washing out of her. I collapsed on top of her and lay panting while her pussy continued to clamp on to my dick.

After a while I stood up and looked down at her sheepish expression.

“I never would have told you know. I just had to know how it felt,” she whispered softly.

“I know you wouldn’t have. And I had to know too,” I smiled, leaning down to kiss her lips.

I didn’t want to tell her that I had never came that hard in my life, that even with Victoria, it was never that great, but I couldn’t. So I handed her the towel and watched her slide that beautiful round ass off of the counter. She wrapped herself in it, and turned to look at me.

I didn’t think, I kicked off my shorts and picked her up. Carrying her to the steps, I set her down with that beautiful ass facing me.


“Shut up and take it,” I growled, but there was no menace in my voice.

She laughed slightly, jiggling that huge ass up against my throbbing cock.

In one swift movement in I was inside her pussy again, and it was like I had never left. I sighed in pleasure, as I watched her claw the carpeted stairs as I began to move in and out of her dripping pussy. The towel was jerked away, and forgotten. I concentrated all of my energy in thrusting. What was it about her? What made me want to fuck her until neither one of us could walk?

“Rick, please,” she whispered and instinctively I knew what she wanted.

I pulled out and put the dewy head of my penis up against her puckered ass hole.

“How bad do you want it, Kayla?” I hissed.

“Please, Rick, fuck my ass. Put that huge cock inside me,” she breathed ever so softly.

I didn’t need any more of an invitation. I eagerly complied. I slid my throbbing cock into her ass, and she began to buck wildly. I had never seen a woman react like that before in my life. She began to pant and literally cum around me even though I hadn’t even began to move. To be honest, I hadn’t had anal in a long time as Victoria despised it.

“Now, move,” she shouted, and again I did as I was ordered and began to thrust into her tight little ass, and again, she began quiver around me, and soon I was exploding inside her ass and she was screaming my name and I had to collapse on top of her because of the exhaustion that overwhelmed.

She flipped over and offered me the softest pillow of my life on her more than ample tits.

“Now what?” she asked.

I couldn’t even answer. I didn’t have time to. When I looked up, I saw the polished toe of what could only be one of Victoria’s pumps.

“Oh, shit.”

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