The Road Trip

It was a someone unplanned trip that I had to make to Ireland. I knew it was going to happen, just not when. So, I had to drive up to Liverpool on the Thursday evening for the overnight crossing to Belfast. I wasn’t looking forward to this as I’m not a great sailor, but at least I had a 4 berth cabin booked so I could hopefully get some sleep.

Anyway, the car was loaded and with a full tank of petrol off I set. It was a pleasant drive with surprisingly little traffic, so with time to spare I called into the services for a nice fresh coffee. As I pulled up, I noticed a mother and presumably her daughter sitting on the wall looking none too happy. I thought no more about it and went in to buy my coffee. When I came out about 10 minutes later they were still there, the mother talking on her phone becoming quite upset.

I sat nearby as by nature I am a nosey person and love to overhear other peoples conversations. From what I could gather, they had arrived at the services with a coach but it had apparently driven off without them and they were stranded with no money or anything as it was all on the coach along with their suitcase of clothes. When she had finished on the phone, I went and asked where they were heading. “Just outside Belfast” she said “but I have no idea how we are going to get there now”. She explained what had happened and indeed the coach had driven off while they were in the shop. “Well, I too am travelling to Belfast on the overnight ferry from Liverpool” I said. “I could offer you both a lift if you want, its no problem there is plenty of room in the car”. “Oh God you are a lifesaver, thank you, thank you” said the mother. Until this point, the daughter whom I guessed was around twenty had said nothing. “Yeah, thanks” she half grunted. Before we left, I asked if they would like a coffee for the journey and both accepted. The mother asked if the daughter could sit in the front as she was travel-sick in the back so I said that was fine.

The motorway was quite clear now and it wasn’t that long before we arrived at the port. I had completely forgotten about tickets and agreed to buy them. They were relieved that someone had helped them and promised to send the money back once they arrived home and found their luggage. They also said that if I let them stay in my cabin, they would show their gratitude. I hoped that what they said was what I was thinking!

Anyway, we drove on board and I collected the cabin key while they went to freshen up. I was just putting my clothes away as they were a bit creased already and there was a knock at the door. I let them in and they sat down. “Let us show you that gratitude we spoke about” the daughter said. She pulled her jumper over her head to reveal a very pleasant pair of breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra so all was revealed. Her nipples were large and brown and very suckable. “You like them?” she asked. “Mmmmmmmm of course” I replied. Then you will also love what I have for you down below, dropping her jeans to reveal an almost totally shaven pussy, with just a Brazilian strip of dark hair down the front. The mother had also started removing her clothes to reveal a very pleasant pair of much smaller tits and a somewhat hairier pussy. All in all a very pleasant start to the crossing. They laid me down on the bed and the mother pulled my tee shirt off while the daughter removed my jeans and boxer shorts. I was already quite erect at the site of them and without a word, the daughter began to suck me very very gently but also quite deep. I am lucky to be blessed with a very thick cock which grows to about seven inches when fully aroused so she did very well to take it all in her mouth. The mother was offering her nipples for me to suck, but she wanted them bitten instead. I duly obliged and closed my eyes at what was happening here.

I put my hand between the daughters legs and gently parted her pussy lips. She was rather moist to say the least! I slipped a finger into her and as I did so, she moaned and sucked my helmet hard. Her clitty was popping out of its hood so clearly she was having a good time. The mother pulled away and beckoned her daughter to move her head off my cock and begin fucking me. I got up and the girl laid down on the bed, with her long legs high and wide. I climbed between and she guided my swollen cock into her. I pushed gently until the length was right up inside her and slowly began to fuck. The mother had somehow climbed behind me and was sucking my balls as I banged her daughter! What a feeling, something I had not experienced before! She then began to lick my shaft as it slid in and out of her daughters tight cunt. The girl was clearly on the way as she was digging her nails in my back and pushing her pussy down onto my cock. The mother had somehow got both of my balls in her mouth and was sucking and rolling them around in her mouth. My spunk was bubbling away in my sac and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could last. Her pussy felt divine, so smooth and wet.

She came hard and let out a long crying moan. Mum was now biting my balls and I have to say it felt incredible. So much so, that I could hold back no more and I started to pump my sticky load into the girls pussy. God I couldn’t stop squirting and I completely filled her pussy hole with thick creamy sperm. She started to come again just as I was finishing so I couldn’t stop and had to keep fucking her till she reached her orgasm. My cock was still solid but drained of semen. I stopped and as I slowly withdrew from her hot love tube, the mother slurped my shaft and licked it clean of my load. I got up and the next bit surprised me somewhat. She climbed between her daughters legs and began licking her pussy and clit. It was seconds before the daughter let out a yell and come once again, the dirty little bitch. Mum was now slurping at her open pussy hole, sucking my sperm out and rolling it in her mouth. Then, she got up and began to drop it in her daughters mouth. Jeez never had I seen anything like these two. My cock was still erect so without a thought, I took the mother from behind and fucked her hard and fast doggie style, Hell, she fucked like a crazy thing. She bashed backwards into my cock causing very deep penetration. All the time, she was tonguing her daughter and dribbling my sperm back and forth between them. Mum was soaking in her pussy and I was fucking her for all I was worth. She was not as tight as her daughter, which was good for me as it meant less grip and a longer fuck. The mother also come hard and screamed loudly. The daughter as fingering herself like mad and also come. This was too much for me and I spurted my semen inside mum, coating her cervix with my seed. I fucked and fucked till I was completely dry of spunk and pulled out. I sat on the bed and both of them knelt down and sucked and licked my clean and dry. The smell of sperm and female love juice filled the cabin, it was heaven.

By now we were all hungry and thirsty so after showering I bought them all some wine to wash down the supper.

We returned to the cabin and after a short time we all fell asleep. I woke around 5am to find myself being sucked off by the pair if them. “This is our way of thanking you for rescuing us” they said. I said nothing but duly emptied my load into their mouths and enjoyed the view as they slurped and swapped my spunk between their mouths.

Once the ship had docked, they waved goodbye and wandered away as I drove off. I often wonder now what happened to them! To this day, I never knew their names and they didn’t ask mine!

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