the walk around

The Walk Around

editors note: all names have been changed to protect innocent people from my fantasies…

It all started out as needing someone to vent to but ended up fulfilling one of my favorite fantasies. I had known Bill and Lisa for years.Seeing them at the club and family functions, they seemed to be a great loving couple, always showing affection to each other.while i didn’t know much about their intimate life but we always had fun hanging out together.After a while i could sense tension between the two of them but i chalked it up to new a married couple struggling with lifes daily issues of work,home life and lisa trying to make a better life for them by going to college while working.Then came the pig roast at the club, i was expecting to see both bill and lisa but bill was there by himself, i soon found out thru others that they were getting a divorce.Not wanting to bring it up to bill i asked my wife what happened and she said lisa got caught cheating.I was suprised but i know there’s also two sides to a story.After helping bill move his stuff from their house and seeing lisa almost in tears i decided ,as a friend, to find out her side and possibly help another friend too. It wasn’t until a mutual friends wedding that i got lisa off to the side and ask her what happened to her and bill. Well it seems there has been problems between them for a while. Problems with their outlook on their future and issues with their intimacy too. That i unfortunatly know all to well of in my own relationship too.Lisa said that when she was at her most vulnerable stage she gave into the thought of being with someone for the closness she missed with bill.That fateful day when she was consumed in that lust bill,after seeing another car in his driveway,snuck around the house and caught her in the heat of passion, at that point their marrige was over.

After lisa told me what happened she wasn’t sure if she would be welcomed at various parties and get togethers. I tried to reassure her that she was and told her to call or text me if she needed to talk.We started texting each other about lifes daily things at first then we talked about relationships and the married life issues. Thats when i told her about my issues with my wife and the no intimacy in my marrige and that i understood where she was coming from when she was with bill. I also told her that i was dealing with my issues by writing customised erotic stories.”Really?” she said”what do you mean customised stories?”. “Well,” i said” i either write stories about my various fantasies or i have written one for someone that gave me a basic story line and names” After texting her that i thought i might have gone too far i nervously awaited her reply.She replied “do any of you’re fantasy stories include me in them?””As a matter of fact i’m in the middle of one right now about you.” i replied “Can i read it when you’re done?” she asked. “As long as you don’t think i’m some kind of pervert…lol” i replied.”I promise” she said. Now i was determined to finish the story and show it to lisa. It included alot of things i was missing in my marrige, including the taste of a beautiful woman on my tounge, god did i miss that.

I asked lisa to stop by club tuesday nite when i was bartending.It was about 10pm when she came in, right after all the dart players left leaving us the only ones there. She asked me for the story and went to sit down on the couch. I was cleaning up the bar and restocking it when she invited me to come over and sit down with her, with a smile on my face and a twitch in my pants i shut off the key card and went to sit down beside her. She looked over at me and said “This story is quite detailed, is it true?” “Could be if you want it to” i replied while i glanced down i saw her nipples had gotten hard as she continued reading. I was resting my hand on the back of the couch when she grabbed my hand placed it on her breast and put her head against my shoulder. I started carressing her nipple when she said “I have also dreamed of someone carrying me around while fucking me but i haven’t found anyone strong enough or big enough to stay in me while doing it.” ” I would like to make both of our fantasies true if you let me” i said ” but first i need to taste you, you are very beautiful and i haven’t tasted a woman for a very long time.” “oh god” she exclaimed ” it’s like you’re reading my mind because its been years since anyones licked my pussy!” I lifted her shirt up and off her as i grasped her nipples in both hands from behind her and twirled them with my finger tips as i ran my tounge around her ear lobe down her neck and back up. I rolled out from behind her and took a nipple in my mouth as my hand carressed her leg starting at her ankle slowly upwards to her knee making my way up until i reached her now damp panties.

Feeling her wettness and how turned on she was i backed up onto my knees between her legs and slowly pulled her shorts off panties and all.Seeing her arousal forming on her now exposed pussy lips, i grabbed her ankles lifted them both and started licking and nibbling her legs and thighs. Lisa gasped and grabbed the back of my head trying to pull me into her wetness but i wasn’t done teasing her yet. I drew circles with my tounge all around her thighs from her knees to the wetness leaking out of her until i needed more. I swiped my tounge across her pussy lips slowly back and forth until i found her clit and took it between my lips and sucked on it.” taste even better than in my fantasies” i said i pulled her hands from the back of my head and placed them on her tits. Lisa instantly started pinching and pulling on her nipples as my tounge traced circles around her enflamed pussy lips to her tiny crinkled rosebud back thru her lips to her clit. When i pushed my tounge deep into her pussy she yelled” Oh god i’m cumming!!” Her back arched pushing my tounge deeper until she collapsed onto the couch when her orgasm subsided.

Lisa pushed me back onto the couch pulling off my shirt as she went. She grabbed my belt, unbuckled it and opened up my pants i lifted my ass off the couch as she slid my jeans down until my rock hard 9″ cock flipped up almost hitting her chin. Pulling my jeans off the rest of the way she grasped my cock and brought her tounge to the tip and licked off the pre-cum. She looked up into my eyes and in her state of arousal took all my cock into her mouth gagging herself. She bobbed up and down my shaft until i could feel her throat muscles relax and accept me into her throat. She was the first one to take the whole thing down to my balls, Wow did that feel good and look even better watching lisa suck my cock. After about ten minutes i had to stop her before i exploded in her mouth. I pushed her off my cock and pulled her up onto my lap. She straddled me, reached back grabbed my shaft pointed it towards her hot center and sat down on my cock taking the whole thing in one plunge. Lisa threw her head back pushing her chest out and said ” thats it fuck me with you’re big cock!” As she was riding me i leaned forward and took her tit into my mouth circling her nipple with my tounge. I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto my cock pushing so deep i could feel the head bumping her cervix.

I couldn’t take it anymore, so i grabbed her ass and stood up with my shaft still deep inside lisa. She wrapped her legs around my waist put her arms around my neck and started bouncing up and down on my cock. She felt exquisite, the lustful look on her face told me she was enjoying it as much as i was. With lisa’s legs still wrapped around me i walked her over to the wall between the dartboards, put her back against the wall and started fucking her hard and deep. Not wanting to hurt her i grabbed her ass again and walked with her over to the bar as she kept thrusting herself up and down my cock. I put her on top of the bar, she leaned back holding herself up with her arms behind her. I held her legs up and open as i started thrusting my cock deep inside her. ” Oh god” she said ” i didn’t think anyone could actually do this to me! this is even better than i thought it would be!”. I continued fucking lisa hard and deep until she screamed ” i’m cumming!! yea,yea fuck me!!” Then i felt her shake and thrash around until i felt her cum running down my shaft coating my balls.”Thank you!! ” she said as she rose up to hug me.”oh…no you don’t, i’ve been waiting too long for this, i’m not done with you yet” i said as i again grabbed her ass and lifted her off the bar. She wrapped her legs around me , brought her sweat covered chest to mine and i carried her over to the pool table and set her down on it, my hard shaft still deep inside her wet pussy. I continued thrusting deep inside lisa for 10 minutes but then i wanted to take her from behind so i slowly pulled out and told her to bend over the table for me.Lisa looked up at me and gave me a crooked smile as she get up, bent over and spread her legs wide showing me her little heart shaped ass with her glistening lips just below it. “You are just gorgeous, you know that lisa?” i asked “You’re not too bad either there stud now fuck me and cum for me” she replied ” I want to see you’re big cock cum, i want to see it shoot that hot load!”. “Oh yea?” i asked. i rubbed the head thru her pussy lips recoating it teasing her. Lisa got impatient and thrust her hips back pushing the head past her lips, i grabbed her hips and started fucking her hard. I could feel that sensation, that sensation when you’re about to release all that pent up lust i’ve had building inside me. “I’m going to cum!!” i said ” Where do you want me to cum baby?” Lisa spun around held her tits up looked up at me and said ” Right here baby! cum all over my titties!!” I looked at her pointed my cock towards her and let loose. Shooting hot spurts of cum on her, first shot hitting her chin and the rest covering her tits pooling up in the valley she created. Lisa leaned down and started licking my cum off her nipples. We went back over to the couch, sat down with her sweat covered body resting againts mine, holding each other as our breathing returned to normal. “Thank-you” i said to her” you don’t know how long i’ve wanted to be with you” “You’re welcome” she purred. We soon got up, got dressed and i walked with her to the door when she said ” See you next tuesday?”

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