Violet's Sexual Awakening-Part3

Violet’s Sexual Awakening Part 3

In the morning about 5 a.m. Teresa kisses me and says I need to get up and take a shower and wear the clothes she picked out for me. So I get out of bed and ask her to shower with me and she says she already has her hair and make-up done and will take a shower with me tonight. She tells me to hurry-up and get ready. I come out of the shower and I walk over and kiss Teresa and ask her what are we going to do at a truck stop?
She asks if I have ever heard of a glory hole? I tell her I think I saw one in my dad’s porn mag’s once. She says the tuck stop has a couple and she goes there once in a while to practice her cock sucking skills. She fixes my hair so it is in a nice loose up-do and puts my make-up on with bright red lipstick on me that matches my polish I had done yesterday to my long fingernails. I get dressed in the garters and hose and ask where is my underwear? She says she doesn’t bother because they only get in the way. I put on my mini skirt, halter-top, and heels. She says I look gorgeous and can’t wait to get back home with me. We get into her convertible and drive up north from her place for about 30 minute or so and I see a little truck stop I used to eat at when I was a little girl. There are some men out front when we pull up and stare at Teresa and I. She parks the car and reaches over to me and tells me to kiss her. I do and she then whispers in my ear to play with her pussy while I do the same to her and tells me to drop my lipstick on the ground and bend over so the men can see my pussy and ass and she will do the same. I get so excited by this I kiss her again and make it a slow sensuous one that gets the guys yelling for more. We pull apart and we get out of the car and I drop my lipstick and I see Teresa drop hers. I spread my feet apart and bend over from the waist and see the men’s jaws open wide and slowly stand upright. Put my lipstick in my purse and blow the guys a kiss.
Teresa and I have a sweet roll and coffee for our breakfast, pay the bill, and go to the bathroom in the back of the restaurant. We walk by the men on the way and they follow and go into the men’s room. As soon as we are through the door Teresa grabs my ass, grinds against me and kisses me. We are both so turned on. Teresa has me follow her to the last stall and I see it is the wall between the bathrooms. There is a knock on the wall and we go over and remove the marked tiles and see a couple of cocks waiting for attention. Teresa asks them to look through so they can see me eat out her pussy first. I wait until I can see their eyes and take off my halter top and let them see me play with my tits and get my nipples harder and I pull on them and Teresa takes one of my nipples in her mouth and they can see her sucking, licking, and biting it. I get her to stop and get in between her legs and have her put one leg up on the toilet seat and have her hold up her skirt so I have easy access to her pussy. I start to lick outside of her pussy and slowly make my way to her core and separate her lips so the guys can see her engorged clit. I then slowly lick it with the tip of my tongue and make her gasp. I put the fingers of my other hand in her pussy and finger her nice and slow at first. I then put more and more of my tongue on her clit and then suck on it and when I get a nice vacuum on her clit I furiously finger fuck her dripping cunt and she starts screaming that she is cumming. I lick up her juice and tell the guys it is their turn.
I see a couple of huge cocks poke through with balls and Teresa says to lick and play with their balls also, they cum a little quicker if you do. I grab the smaller one and start to lick it like a lollipop and love how it feels against my tongue. I grab his balls with my other hand and massage them like Teresa was doing with hers. I then start to put his big cock in my mouth a little at first and then all of it is in my throat and mouth after a few moments. I hear him moaning and he says to please suck on it and do it soon he is going to cum in a few moments. I lick his cock some more and start to put it in my mouth and suck on it and I hear him say it is the best blowjob he has ever had. After a few strokes of my mouth and tongue I can taste his pre-cum and get more into getting him off, I stop and tell him to hurry up and cum so I can have more of his delicious cream. I deep throat him again and he starts shooting his load in my mouth and I drink it all down and clean all of his cum from his cock. He moves away and the next guy says he wants me to put myself in a position so he can see my pussy and watch me play with myself while he strokes his cock. I do and I slowly rub my tits for a few moments to get my nipples good and hard and then I slowly start to rub my outer thighs and slowly get my fingers closer and closer to my pussy. I finally take the fingers of my right hand and start to rub my clit and feel Teresa’s hand rubbing on my inner leg and moves up to my pussy and puts a finger into my pussy and rubs it around while I finger my clit and I start cumming again on her finger. I see the man put is throbbing cock through the hole and I bend down and lick it and nip it and when I finally put it down my throat he seemed to cum immediately. There is so much cum it leaks out onto my tits. Teresa sees this and tells the next guys to look through their holes and they see Teresa getting the cum off my tits with her tongue. She then gives me a deep kiss that makes me even wetter. She says well have to go soon so we can go back home to fuck. I get a nice sized black cock with a foreskin on it and tell Teresa to look and she says she wants his number. I ask him for it and he hands me a piece of paper with a phone number on it. He says his name is Trevor. I ask him if he wants to see anything special. He says he wants me to turn around and let him see my big ass and tell him how much I want his big cock in my tight ass. I tell him I want his big cock in my tight wet pussy and want to fuck it until I cum all over his big cock, I then lick my finger and put it onto my asshole and slowly insert it and tell him after he makes my pussy cream that I want him to put his big cock where my finger is and fuck my tight ass so hard and fast that I will feel it for a week.
I then wiggle my finger in my ass and pull it slowly out and reinsert it a few times and I hear him moaning, and he tells me that is the hottest thing he has ever seen or heard. He begs me to stop to suck his cock. I get busy sucking his cock and play with his balls. He tells me he is going to cum and says for me to pull my mouth off and turn around so he can spray my ass with his cum. I do and see his cum squirt out in hot sticky streams all over my ass. Teresa is done with her cock and decides to tell the next guys to look in and they see Teresa licking the fresh cock juice off my ass and then she puts her tongue in my ass and fucks it while her hands play with my clit and puts her fingers in my pussy. I tell her these are the last two, or I won’t make it to the car. She muffles something like ok. I feel my orgasm cumming and try not to scream too loud. The last two want to see me lick Teresa’s snatch and make her cum by playing with her ass. I put her ass towards the hole and get down on my knees, spread her big tan ass cheeks, and put my tongue in her ass and lick it all over and then I insert a finger and hear the men gasp from the show they are getting. I move it in and out and heat Teresa groan in pleasure. I then get in front of her and suck her pussy until she cums all over my tongue and face. The men are then putting their cocks through the holes and Teresa and I get to sucking on their cocks and they both cum almost at the same time. They say that was great and we get ourselves together and we leave the truck stop and see the men we serviced and they start whistling and we blow them kisses and go home.

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