Why does she keep looking at me?

For years now, ever since I’ve been at high school I’ve had a crush on a girl called Emma.
Emma defines what a perfect woman should be. A reddy brown haired girl with such beautiful eyes and the perfect ass, and I mean perfect because those curves would drive any man crazy. And speaking of nice curves the ones sticking out of her chest are the tenderest bits of meat you’ll ever see.
Well any way, Emma and I get on quite well, but since she is miss popular (but I don’t mean that she thinks very highly of herself or is a bitch) and im well not quite in her league, we don’t really engage in any flirting and well, I’ve never really believed she liked me. But boy was I wrong…
One hot summer day we were sitting in chemistry whining away the hours listening to the old bat that is our teacher. Emma was looking gorgeous as usual and today she had a nice red top on exposing the tops of her nice breasts as she leaned forward on the desk. I was trying to get a glimpse when I realised that she was looking at me. I turned away embarrassed wishing I hadn’t but as I tried not to look that way again I felt as if she was watching me, and I turned round and sure enough she was looking at me, but this time she turned away looking red in the face.
After the lesson I walked silently to my school bus thinking why emma had been staring at me, and suddenly she walked up behind me and grabbed me by the arm leading me off in the opposite direction to the now empty school field.
I let her drag me away and realised she was taking me behind the old school shed where the soccer equipment was kept.
Suddenly she stopped and turned to look me in the face…
“Daniel…I er….I…”
“Whats up emma?”
“Dan…I er..i dunno how to say this but…I noticed you staring at me today”
I flush red thinking how perverted she must think I am.
“I er….Im sorry Emma…I promise it’ll never happen again..”
“OH er No! I didn’t mean it like that…I er well Daniel to tell you the truth I’m glad you were staring at me..”
“Well Dan, I really like you and have for some time, it’s just that I’ve never said anything because…well I was afraid people would laugh at me for going out with you…”
“Oh well thanks, can’t have liked me much then can you…” I say angrily.
“No! Dan…I’m Sorry I didn’t mean it like that…but er…the point is…I really like you and I don’t care who says what anymore…”
“well I’ve always liked you too emma…”
I lean closer to her and I am so close I can see her eyes sparkling as they stare into mine..
“Dan…Show me how much you want me she says” and suddenly she wraps her arms round my neck and drags me into a long and passionate kiss. We shove our tongues in each others mouths and soon my hands have slid their way down her hips and rested on her ass.
I feel her ass tighten as I clench her cheeks in my hand and rub them softly. She opens her eyes and moves back..
“Dan, I want you to fuck me…right now…”
“really? Are you sure?”
“yes…Ive always dreamed of it and I want to do it here…”
I can’t hold back I pull her back into a kiss and slowly I start to unbutton her jeans and soon they slide to the floor as my hands clench her now almost naked butt in my hands, and I squeeze the firm cheeks making her moan with delight.
I slide one hand round to the front and am surprised to find that her thong is drenched…
“wow…you;ve cum already”
“yeh…well…I guess you better clean it up then..”
these are the words ive been waiting for and I don’t wait as I lie her down on the soft grass and remove her thong gently exposing her very juicy looking pussy which lies in wait with it’s thick pink lips covered in girl cum.
I shove my tongue as far as I can into her cunt as she moans and grabs my head pressing it in harder to her drenched pussy.
I licky every bit of it, occasionally shoving my finger in to increase her pleasure. Very soon she has come again and this time she didn’t hold back on her moan as she screamed with joy while I licked up every last drop of her orgasm.
“Emma, I’ve always wanted to see your tits..”
“well I kind of guessed judging by the way you were staring at them today…”
“well, they are gorgeous can you blame me?”
“well, if you want them that bad, come and get them…”

She sits up staring at me and slowly slides her top over her head, and her humungous tits pop into view constrained by a lacy white bra which seems like it is about to burst.

“Oh my god…” I start drooling
She giggles and gently puts her hand round the back of my head and pulls me towards her waiting wonders.
She presses my head right in between the two massive tits and my face immediately feels the warmth of her tender, soft flesh. I stay there, relishing the moment I had always dreamed of..
“Emma, I always wondered what kind of nipples you had, you know…pink or brown, large or small..”
“well why don’t you find out eh…” she says smiling that sexy smile..
I put my hands round to her back and find the strap on her bra, and it isn’t long before it is undone and her full breasts are hanging out in the open exposing beautifully curved breasts with small reddy brown nipples on the end.

I can tell how excited she is, her nipples are erect,and just waiting to be explored.

“go ahead she says” and again reaches out her hands and pulls me towards her waiting rack.
She lets out a sigh of joy as my hot tongue runs along her firm breasts occasionally allowing her to squeal as I take a nibble at her erect nipples.
I can feel my shaft straining against my jeans, fully erect, almost at bursting point.

“Dan…you look uncomfortable, here let me help…”
Emma seems to have noticed the large mound sticking out of my jeans and immediately takes her hand down to my crotch, un buttons and un zippers my jeans and pulls out my now fully erect cock.

She stares at it, eyes shining and wide, watching it bob in the open air…
“Dan, I’m cuming just watching you cock…”
“well, why not have a taste” I say, grinning at her…
The thought of emma sucking my cock was too much for me, and it became obvious how excited I was as my balls tightened and a small spurt of white cum rolled down my cock.
“oh..shit…emma, hurry up and suck before I let it all out”
she didn’t need telling twice as hungrily she grabbed my cock with her right hand and immediately deep throated it, devouring the cum.
“mmmmm, that’s good, you must have done this loads before…”
Suddenly she pulls back and looks at me staright in the eyes and looks straight down again.
“Dan, I …I…have never done anything like this before…”
“huh? What do you mean?”
“I mean, I;ve never sucked a cock or …or…had sex before…I…I’m a virgin..”
“Really?” I said , having expected someone as fine as emma to have been fucked loads of times before..
“yeh, really…but I’ll do my best”
“It doesn’t matter sweety neither have i….lets enjoy it as much as we can, and anyway, I’ve been told that virgin pussy’s are the nicest…”
“hehe, I
hope so, now where’s that cock I was sucking, ah yes..”
she shoves my cock back into her mouth sucking relentlessly, and as her
ass is faced towards me, I notice her pussy is dripping.
“I think you need to be cleaned up again”
she nods not taking her mouth away from my cock..so I lift her ass and place her dripping pussy onto my face while she sucks away on my shaft.
“mmmm, you’;re cum tastes so sweet” I say as she devours my cock, while i lick her pussy.
“mmmm, so does yours” she says with a mouthful of my man juice.
After another 10 minutes of eating each other;s sex organs, we both fall onto the soft grass looking up at the sky..
“ahhh, that was great, now…how about we fuck?”
“er yeh sure….but Dan, please be careful with me…I’m a bit scared it might hurt”
“Of course I will be careful Emma, I would never want to hurt you” I say looking at her beautiful eyes.
“aww, that’s so sweet, I love you Dan..”
she leans forward and passionately kisses me..
“what position do you wanna do it? You or me on top?”
“well as they say, ladies first, so I wanna be on top first ok?”
“sure I say” grinning at the cheeky remark..
I lay back on the grass holding my penis in my hand directing it straight up..as emma positions her self above me and slowly slides her pussy down onto my cock and allows it to go all the way in..
“Ahhhhhhhh….ouch………ahhhhhhhhhh” she moans and collapses on top of me
The first penetration felt like heaven, her warm pussy was moist with her cum..
“Ouch, that hurt…”
“do you wanna stop emma?”
“NO NO!!! I want you to shove it hard in and out of me, just let me scream”
I do as she says, and I pull my dick all the way out of her cunt…
“are you sure emma?”
“yes, do it…please”
I do as she says again and ram my cock back into her pussy with tremendous force
she screams so loud im scared people will hear us..
“shhhhhhh I say stroking her back as she lays on top of me, gasping for breath, tears in her eyes,
“please don’t stop, carry on…
I do as she says and keep ramming my cock in and out of her occasionally stopping inside of her and pressing in harder to hear her moan…
Her screams of pain soon turn to moans of pleasure as I relentlessly ram in and out of her while her pussy juice runs down my shaft..
It isn’t long before my first orgasm arrives and clench her firm ass in my hands, and shove my cock all the way in and shoot my load inside her tight pussy.
“ahhhhhhhhh, oh yes, ah fuck me…..ah….fuck me….” She screams clearly enjoying the moment.
We are both sweating like mad now..
“I think it’s my turn to be on top…”
“I think it is” she says smiling that sexy smile at me…
“I lay her gently on her back on the soft green grass, and take up a press up position ubove her, with my crotch just above her hips.
“yeh, go for it babe”
I gently slide my dick into her pussy, and once again she screams, but this time not with pain, but with sheer delight.
I sink down into her wrapping my arms around her like a hug and slowly push my dick in and out her relishing the moment I had always dreamed of…
“ahhh, yes,….oh baby….fuck me ahhh…..OOOOOOOOOO…FUCK ME!!!” I put my hands over her mouth to stop her screaming any louder, and then I put my mouth on hers and kiss her starring to pump harder in and out of her moist tight pussy.
I open my eyes, and see her eyes wide and watering from the pain, but I do not hold back, I conitinue to ram in and out with severe force eventually ending with a gigantic climax deep inside her cunt.
“oo shit,….that was great…ooo, u ok emma?”
“oh baby, ouch that hurt,….oh, but it was great..”
we continue to kiss and I don’t bother to take my dick out of her as I gently vibrate inside her as we engage in a passionate kiss that lasts for ever…
“Dan, I’ve always wanted to try doggy style..”
“we can if you wanna babe, im all yours..”
she untangles herself from me and then sit;s into the doggy style..with her ass pointing at me, her pussy just waiting for me..
“come on hunny, dig into me again from behind…”
I can’t wait, I get down on my knees and position myself behind her grabbing her tight ass firmly in my hands..
“yeh, go for it fuck me…”
“ok, u asked for it….”
Emma;s screams echo around the field and she turns with tears of pain in her eyes again..
She hadn’t screamed for no reason, as it was something I had intended… Instead of shoving my cock hard into her wamr tight pussy, I had shoved it deep into her amazingly tight ass hole which had caused her to scream so loudly…
“ahhh babe, you wanna do anal? Why…why didn’t u…u. say…” she says gasping for breath.
“sorry, emma, I couldn’t resist, your ass is just so sweet, thought I’d take it for all it’s got..”
she smiles at me, and I see her eyes still brimming with tears of pain, or may’be pleasure…
“well, take me big boy…let me have it, right up my asshole and I don’t want you to stop until you have come inside my ass…ok??”
“if you say so” I say slowly sliding my rigid shaft out of her tight asshole.
“better make it smoother so it doesn’t hurt as much.,.” I say and quickly run over to my schoolbag and pull out my water bottle.
“wait dan, I think I have some Vaseline, it’s much smoother and less runny”
emma runs to her bag and returns with a small container which is labelled Vaseline. She hands it to me and again bends over sticking her firm ass up at me, just waiting to be fucked.
I quickly undo the lid of the Vaseline and take some out and rub it all over my cock.. then I grab almost half the container of Vaseline and shove it, using my fingers, straight up emma’s asshole.
She screams with pleasure ass my now slippery fingers poke in and out of her covered in Vaseline.
I quickly position myself behind her again and with one huge thrust, ram my rock hard cock straight back up her waiting ass.
She moans and her arms give way as she collapses onto the grass with me falling on top of her. We lay in this position as I gently go in and out of her ass slowly sliding my hands under her body to grab hold of her beautiful breasts, stroking them with my fingers as I fuck her ass.

After a while my body begins to shudder and I thrust into her and shoot my load up her ass. Then I remove my cock from her asshole and gently turn her around.
“babe, lets do it the normal way now..”
“ok..but are you sure you have enough cum left in there to shoot into me? You’ve filled almost every bit of me with the stuff..hehe”
“well,I’m sure I can do it once more, and anyway, I think I want us both to cum at the same time, as a kind of grand finale..”
“ok hunny, lets go..”
I gently slide my cock into her moist pussy again, and relish the pleasure I’m getting from it, and even emma is moaning with me now instead of her usual sreams of pain..
“oh babe…that feels so good, oooh fuck me….oooh fuck me…”
I lie on top of her shoving my cock in and out of while we both kiss and my hands wander her body, feeling every inch of her soft body..
>Soon I feel emma’s body shudder..
“ooooooooooooh dan, I think im guna cum!”
“me too!” I yell sensing my orgasm coming.
with one last mighty thrust I shoot my load inside her and the expression on emma’s face showed me that she must have released her pussy juice too…we lie for a while enjoying the moment we had both dreamed of…

This was a true story, and from then on me and emma have enjoyed a great relationship and we relive our fantasies as often as we like…hope you enjoyed this story! Let me know if you want more…!!!

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    i want more! that was great

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  2. cocklover13

    i want more! that was great

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    yeh go on write another – give a different location other than the field next time

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  4. pussygalore

    yeh go on write another – give a different location other than the field next time

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    This is a great story i would like to know more about what the of you look like Just how big are her breasts? About how old were the two of you at the time this all took place? How long haveyou been a couple now? Thank you! Please write again

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