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“Cheryl” is the girl next door. I had come to find out, while my fantasies about her on her bed, ( part 1 ), the reason she started coming over to my house so early in the morning. She wanted to know what time I was in bed at night and what time I got up in the morning.When she would find me naked in my bed.

FYI , seeing that I had a key to her house for security reasons I thought it would be good if she had a key to my house, but not for the same reasons.

One morning after her family was out of the house she must have wanted to see if the key I gave to her would unlock my door.

That morning while having the biggest piss hard on as I was waking up I found her in my bed with me. She was stroking my big cock and massaging my balls. “Cheryl” had tied my feet to the bedposts. She felt her way up my body. A few seconds later she tied my left wrist to the headboard.

She told me to jerk off in front of her while laying there. She said she was going to show me how to jerk off. She then started to stroke at my cock. She would tie and untie my right hand as we took turns playing with my cock. There was cum all over us.This went on for about an hour.

As I laid there thinking that maybe she kept my feet tied to the bedposts so I couldn’t or wouldn’t run away. FAT CHANCE!! I stayed and enjoyed her own sexual fantasies, or was it the other way ’round?

It turned out this would not be the last time she came over to wake me up.

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