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girl next door… part 3

How many times did I dream about being bathed by the girl next door?

After my earlier experience with “Cheryl” and her arousing me in my bed in the morning it was time for something new ( being the good neighbor that I am ) it was time to move to the bathtub.

She knew for a long time that I went around the house naked, including outside after dark. One morning I was up before first light and was out in my back yard naked.

As I hoped would happen she came over to my yard while I was out side. She was only wearing a bath robe. The idea of her coming over at that time of the morning was exiting to me and I was ready to go to my bedroom for a wake up call. To my surprise she had other plans for us that morning.

Remember that her family was home that morning as it was the week end. Instead of the bedroom she took me to the bathroom where she had already filled the tub with hot water, not to hot so as to burn anything. She began to lather my entire body with something she had brought over from her house.There I was all lathered up.

As I sat there stroking myself she dropped the wash cloth and started to stroke, I mean wash my big hot cock and balls. In a flash she wiggled her small framed body in the tub and pivoted herself on my cock. This was the first time she had it up her ass hole, with me anyway. About an hour had passed and we did not want to stop.

All good things must come to an end.

Several weeks later she came over for our weekly bath it was at that time she told me they were moving out of town.

Her husband is a politician, it seems the voters had elected him to a statewide office and she was going with him. She told me not to worry that her sister and brother-in-law were moving into there house. Her sister would be picking up where she left off.

It was her sister who showed her how to be a good neighbor.


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