Girls Night Out

Kevin and I had been married for just over a year; we were both virgins when we married at 21.

One weekend Kevin had to work over the weekend and five of the ladies at work invited me to go out with them.

They took me out to get an outfit, a silver flowing short dress that came mid thigh and was low cut. Friday night we left work and went to eat at a restaurant and have a couple of drinks. I was not use to drinking but they got me a Singapore Sling which I liked. Afterward, Betty suggested going to a gentleman’s club for some fun.  I was shocked to see the girls dancing topless on stage. After a while a couple of guys started coming over and offering drinks and wanted to dance.

We left the club and went to another club and I had another drink. There was an amateur strip contest and the girls started entering and dared me to enter.  After I had done a striptease, an older guy approached me and bought me a drink and wanted to dance. While we were doing a slow dance he slipped his hand under my dress and rubbed my ass and pulled me close. I could feel his bulge press against me. We danced till 3am and he offered to drive me home. Against my better judgement I agreed, and as we drove to my house he kept putting his hand on my thigh. At one point, he took my hand and placed it directly on his cock, which I could feel through his clothes was bigger than Kevin’s.

When we got to the house, I invited him in and in no time at all we were naked and I had his 9 inch shaft in my mouth. When he exploded I thought I was going to gag to death! Other than Kevin no one else had done this to me.

After a rest he slowly eased my legs apart and started rubbing my pussy. I knew it was wrong but could not stop.  He slowly climbed on top and eased his cock in me, because of his big size it hurt at first.  When he exploded it gushed out of my pussy and I could feel his hot sticky cum on the inside of my thighs.  When he came again I passed out.

In the morning when I woke up, I was surprised to see him naked in my bed. My tits, chin, legs and pussy were covered with cum.  I started to clean up when I felt him come behind me and turn me around. He pulled me to him and we kissed so passionately I began getting wet.  I did not hear the garage door open as he bent me over the table and entered me from behind.  He was pumping with a regular rhythm as Kevin opened the door and stood there watching him take his time with me till we both slithered to the floor with exhaustion.

I thought Kevin would be angry but he said I looked so relaxed and happy that he was o.k with it! Just as long as he could watch sometimes and he could get a girlfriend, that is.

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