Happy 16th Bday to Me (part one)

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My mother was 18 when she had me so her friends are around 34 to 38 years old. I got to the hotel room and had been waiting about one hour. When a friend of my mother showed up she was about 5feet 6inches tall blonde hair and blue eyes and very nice body. 5 mintues later two short asian women showed up and I asked the three women why they where here. They said they could not tell me until all the women had shown up. A 5feet 10 inches tall redhead was next to showup. The four women said we are here as your 16ths birthday party gifts. I said what do you mean? They said we are here to teach you all about sex. How to suck a womens tits, how to eatout her pussy, what a good blowjobs feels like, how to fuck her pussy so you both cum and how to fuck her in the ass until you cum. Susan the blonde with teach you tit sucking and pussy eating. I will teach you what a good blowjob feels like and my name is kim. Kim number two will teach you to fuck her pussy so you and her both cum. Becky the redhead with teach you to fuck her in the ass until you cum. So do you thig you can cum three times tonight. I do not know. You will cum at least three times tonight. They all took off their tops and showned me their tits and i got a hardon. Lesson One tit sucking and pussy eating i did good sucking tits a sucked all four pair of the womens tits. The pussy eating they said suck on it more slowly and not so hard. I sucks all their pussys. Susan enjoy my pussy eating so much she came allover my face. Kim said time for lesson two she said just relax and enjoy what i am doing and tell me if you like or not like something i am doing. Kim started out slowly kiss my dick and balls allover until i was nice and hard. She then slowly took my dick down into her mouth all the way to my balls and she then slowly started speeding up until i glad the back of her head and said do it faster i what to cum down your throat. In about two minutes i came down her throat and she sucked my dick clean of cum. Lesson two is finshed. Take a break. Fifteen minutes later kim number two started rumming her body on me and said you have a nice big cock i will cum for you when we are fucking. Lesson Third jeff you need to listen to the women and do to her with your cock what she asks you for and she will cum for you and you will cum for her. Kim number two said I have a tight pussy being so small so do not by scared to force you cock into me it will go in. I have to push three times a little hard each time until my cock when in her. She said it is nice and tight but wet for you. I started out slowly pushing my cock a little deep into her each time until she glad my ass and said hard and deeper and do not stop until you make me scream jeff. I started going faster hard and deeper into kim until i felt my balls start to tight up and her pussy tight up too. I thought do not cum until she cums. Kim at the time glad my ass tight and screamed fuck my pussy please cum in me i am cumming for you jeff. We fucked for a few more mintues until i basted her nice tight wet pussy with a large load of cum which i thing made her cum again. We told a break for about thirty minutes and becky said three important thing to remember when fucking a women in her ass, one you the guy must be nice and hard. Secound no dry ass fucking because it will hurt both on her part and you part as the guy. Third work up to speed and deepest up her ass. A nice wet cock does not hurt. Becky gave me a blowjob for about eight minutes to get me hard. At the sametime susan fucked becky in the ass with a well luped up rubber cock and right before i stuck my cock in beckys asshole the two kims spit in her asshole. She said i am ready remember slow at first. I fucked her asshole slowly for a few mintues until she said give me your cock faster,harder and deeper in my asshole. So i gave her what she wanted until i know i was going to cum in her asshole and then i just started pounding her asshole like i had never cum before and may never cum again. When i came it felt like i came in her asshole for 3 mintues straight. The three women i had not fucked in their pussys said if i could get my cock up again they all would fuck it and they gave me help getting hard again and said lesson five how to fuck many pussys and only cum once.

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Happy 16th Bday to Me (part one), 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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