Happy Birthday by Screw3

Happy Birthday by Screw3 copywrite 9/15/2004

Marge Sandowski opened the door. “Welcome Mark, I promised you an 18th birthday present and today is the day. Denise has gone out so please come in.”
Mark came in and followed his girl friend’s mom into the kitchen. “Would you like a beer?”
“I hope that isn’t my birthday present, Mrs Sandowski.”
She popped the top of two cans of beer handing Mark one. “You can call me Marge when we are alone and that isn’t the present I have in mind either.”
Mark was 6’2″ tall and had the body of the wrestler and rower that he had won his letters in this year. Marge was 5’6″. But 5’10” in the black spiked heels she was wearing that showed her legs and ass off as it wriggled in front of Mark. She had on black Lycra short shorts and matching tank top that showed off her tits and nipples that were already pointed in anticipation. She was in great shape and only 34 years of age. She and Denise had moved here three years ago so she could leave her reputation as a slut behind her. For three years she had lived as a model of decorum with only occasional dates that never went very far
“Mark, I hope that you have wanted to display your special talents to an older woman and not just the high school girls who giggle when they talk about it. Are you willing to show me?”
“Yes Mrs, I mean Marge.” He stopped to think for a minute. “In a house I guess we better use the bathroom. I can stand in the tub, I guess.”
“Don’t you think a bed would be more appropriate?”
Mark laughed as he led the way back to the bathroom of this ranch house. “Marge, you don’t really know what this is all about. Yet.”
Mark entered the bathroom and undressed down to his jockey shorts. He turned around and saw that she was totally naked except for those spiked heeled shoes. “Wow, you have a great body Marge, but I have never seen a naked woman before. When we finish my talent can I kiss you?”
Marge walked over and kissed him after looking at his package hidden in his shorts. It was certainly impressive. “There Mark, you didn’t have to wait.”
“I meant like cunnilingus kiss. Guess I should have been more specific.”
“Mark, I am sure that will be my pleasure. Almost anything you want from me tonight is yours. Would you like me to remove your shorts?”
The question was academic as she was already doing just that. Marge was a little disappointed. She had told Denise and her friends being afraid to have intercourse with his fire hose. Mark’s dick was only about 4″ long and was flaccid she admitted his balls were the largest she had ever seen though and that is why he looked so large in his shorts.
Mark looked over at Marge and kissed her nipple. “Marge now just take my cock in your hand and start jerking me off.”
She did as she was told and felt it grow longer and thicker, much thicker. Her fingers felt the veins on his cock fill with blood and she thought she could actually feel it start to fill with sperm and semen. She needed to use her second hand to encircle him now. His length had grown as well till it was longer than the width of her palm. She wanted to suck on it, but as she ran her tongue along it first he pulled her head back.
“Start pulling it faster and stay out of the line of fire. It won’t be long now.”
Marge felt his cum through his cock then watched in amazement as it shot from the end and hit the wall of the bathroom at least 4′ from where he was standing. She continued pulling and it kept coming. She thought not a fire hose, but a garden hose for sure. The stream finally slowed and she lowered her mouth to the end of his cock and got the end of it in her mouth. Mark reached down and caressed her black hair pushing her head further onto his dick while he moaned his sounds of delight. She licked the head of his tender circumcised cock.
“Mark, that was amazing. How strong is your second cum?”
“I don’t know. Never tried two in one day.”
Marge led him into her bedroom and she never let go of his cock. She lay down on her back, “Your turn lover. My cunt is open for you to lick away at. Have you ever done this?”
His head lowered down as he lay on his side and started separating her pussy lips with his tongue. He found the hood on her clit and peeled it away and started licking away at the clit itself. He felt it fill with blood and he put his thumb on it and pushed while his tongue entered her and started licking the juices that she was producing. He took his other hand and started caressing her asshole from the outside.
“Yes, baby, fuck my ass with your finger. That’s it. Pain and pleasure can go together.”
She reached her hand down and Mark’s cock was starting to grow already. She started pulling on it in a gentle caress and it began to grow in her hand. “Fuck me, Mark. Put that hose in me and pump away. Hang on now baby.”
Marge guided his cock into her then put her feet flat on the sheet and began to buck like a bronco. Mark put his arms on her back and held on while she went up and down from the bed. Mark thought cowboys only have to hang on for 8 seconds, but this is going to take longer than that. Marge kept moving until she came and then she collapsed on her back, but he kept pumping away until she felt him shoot a load into her. It was the most forceful cum she had ever felt, but not as hard as the one that he shot onto the wall earlier. Then Mark fell down on his back with his right hand sitting on top of her pubic area.
To be continued

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