He Wanted My Wife Badly

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Once me and my wife were in a bar having a drink and listening to some good music, and a friend of mine was there drinking too. It was summertime, so my wife was wearing a thin blouse (you might say it was see-through) and a short mini-skirt of light cloth because of the heat we have over here. As time went by, this mate of mine came over and was telling my wife about the lovely bungalow he owns on the other side of the island, which is true because I used to go there many times. So he asked her would she like to come and see the bungalow. I know this guy well-he only takes women to his place to shag them. So she asked me if I feel like going, and to be honest, it was a lovely summer night with a full moon and a light summer breeze. I told her yes, why not, although knowing his intentions I still wanted to see if he manages to get what he had in mind or if my wife was ready to give in to him. So we drank some more wine and about 1.30 in the morning we set off to his bungalow.

He was sitting in the back seat of my car just behind my wife and from the corner of my eye I could see he was trying to touch her leg from the side. She was getting a bit nervous but I pretended not to notice anything. Well, we arrived and he opened a bottle of wine and made some appetizers and we sat in his veranda enjoying the beautiful view of the sea lit up by the moon. After about an hour and a half he suggested we go inside to show her around. I let them go in together as I stayed outside knowing what he was after and I was loving the feeling seeing her being escorted by this guy who was dying to get into her pants. About 15 minutes later, she came out and pulled me by the hand so I can be with her and she looked a bit scruffy being he was trying to kiss and touch her, but she kept pushing him off.

I got up with a slight hard on and walked in to the bedroom where he was laying on a bed so me and her got undressed in front of him as he watched her undress and we got into the other bed with intentions of sleeping there for the night then leaving the next morning. So I turned to one side giving my back to my wife pretending to be sleeping and listening to the conversation they were having between them. I could hear him telling her to slowly get out of my bed and go across to his but she said to him that I am a light sleeper which in fact I ain’t. I’m dead when I’m asleep.

So I heard his bed creaking as he slowly got out of it and came besides my wife with his hard cock ready for her and asked her to at least jack him off if she doesn’t wish to have sex with him. She told him if she does that she will awake me, so she won’t touch his cock. So he stood in front of her and wanked himself 3 times in front of her as she looked at him cumming. Now my wife moans and groans when we are having sex so I let him finish doing his thing and when I heard his bed creaking as he got back into his bed I turned to my wife and put my hand straight onto her pussy and she just lay there slightly spread her legs and let me stick two fingers inside her and she was soaking wet. So I mounted her and started pumping away into her and she forgot all about the guy in the other bed she was loving it and when she noticed he was wanking himself again she got hotter and we fucked for about 2 hours knowing she was teasing this other guy, now and again I would pull down the sheets to let him get a glimpse of her body. When I was eating her pussy I noticed she looked over at him, maybe hoping to see him stroking his cock again for her. She really gave him a hard time. I imagined she would call him over and have us a threesome but it wasn’t going to happen from her side. She preferred doing all the things in front of him moaning and letting him know she was enjoying herself but never let him touch her body not even once.

Well, I woke up the next morning and she was sitting outside next to him, this time he was sober and I overheard them talking .But he was excusing himself to her and telling her if ever she wishes to come back to his place again but this time on her own and not with me. She thanked him for his nice offer but told him she doesn’t go out with strangers and that I don’t like her going out with other men, if I am not present. If she only knew how much I wished her to have given into to him that night seeing her getting fucked by some other guy. I have tried many times to get her set up like  this  particular night but she prefers teasing then doing the real thing .She loves being wanted and can lead a guy along but she won’t give into them. Well we left his place and along the way we chatted about the night before. She told me what he asked her to do that night and that he stood naked in front of her wanking himself 3 times as if I didn’t know all this .Then I told her why didn’t you wake me when he was wanking himself in front of you she said you feel asleep very quickly and I didn’t want to disturb you. So I asked what did you do then while all this was happening. She said nothing I just looked at him wanking .Then I asked her so why didn’t you turn around and give him your back instead of looking at him. She told me, if you have a girl finger fucking her would you look the other way. I obviously said no .And she said there you go so why should I .And my cock started to harden again hearing her saying this and giving me the impression that she loved seeing him doing what he was doing to himself because of her . She was seducing the poor guy without him even knowing .Then I asked her would you love to go back to his place again and she said yes why not. But I know he won’t be wishing me there if I do turn up at his place.

Well ladies and gentlemen hope you do enjoy reading my short story involving my wife. Hope to get some feedback what you think of my wife. 


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