Jacob – 18 year old male, member of most pay-per view pornographic sites, VIP at that. Basically a normal desperate teen with lots of money. Jacob was not ugly but not too handsome. He got good grades but the main reason he hadn’t even reached 1st base yet was that he didn’t know how to talk to girls.
Jacob moved his hand faster as he approached his ejaculation point, when suddenly a blinding white light immobilized him. His dick felt like it was about to burst even though his hand had stopped moving.
“Jacob.”When he heard his name, he was both startled and pleasured to hear it. The voice felt like the most beautiful, sexy, seductive, cutest, hottest voice he had ever heard. He felt as if his dick grew longer as it were automatically reaching towards the voice.
The light lessened and in front of him stood or rather floated a woman. She wore a dress, a revealing one. Jacob could see the outline of her body shape through the dress. It was perfect. Everything about her was perfect. Except that she was hovering 6 inches off the ground.
“Jacob. I am Heather.”Again the voice was so capturing and drawing. “I am the goddess of beauty and sex.” She let this sink in.
“Wha…what? Really? Pr-prove it.”Jacob stammered.
For a second her eyes lit up with anger but it went away quickly. And in a flash she changed. She became another perfect being. This one was taller, bigger boobs and perfect legs. She changed 5 more times in the following 5 seconds. Each one more beautiful than the next.
“Wow!”He almost fainted. “I believe you. But why have you come to me?”
She smiled and said, “You are the perfect human being to be offered the chance to use for your advantage. With me at your side, you can have sex with whoever you want in this world. Change your appearance and virtually any sex or beauty related power. I chose you because you were not like other virgins of your age and I can only grant wishes to other virgins. Lets say you were the coolest virgin I could find.” She smiled again.
At this time, his penis being unable to control itself, ejaculated but this time it spurted out huge amounts of cum. He stared at in wonder. “Did you do that?” He said in awe.
She just smiled. “Now how would you like to start? But before that, there are a few important things I have to tell you. Number 1 – Whenever you call someone you wish to do any sex related thing, I will watch you. Number 2 – Whenever you call someone, time stops. So don’t worry about anything while youre at it.” She winked at him.
“Can you change how I look?”
“You need only ask.”
“Ok then. Remove all my body fat, and make my body lean and muscular. And my penis 2 more inches longer. And make it so that which ever girl I sleep with, my orgasm and hers should be at the same time.”Jacob was quickly into his stride.
She smiled again and said, “Now tell me who do you wanna start with?”
He thought about it and said………TO BE CONTINUED

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