Helpful Neighbor

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Helpful Neighbor

My wife and I have lived here for a few years now and have become good friends with our neighbors next door. we party and etc. And even when our neighbor`s hubby is away I help out with things like plumbing and electrical stuff..or what ever she needs.

Well one evening, Danelle and my wife was here at my house making Hurricanes and it was a friday evening and we all had planned to go out.So I came in showered and etc…by the time I went out back, Danelle and my wife was feeling “no pain”.So my wife decides she gonna go pick up our daughter from work.So while she was gone I drank me a beer or two and Danelle and I sat in the back talkin` Well Danelle and I have always been able to joke,,even if its sexual in content.I said to her something about she must be getting awful tired of using her BOB since Allen has been gone. She then informs me that she`d thrown it away. I asked why.She said it doesn`t do it for me. I said OH…even though I was puzzuled ( thought all B.O.B `s) did the job.
I then replied “well I guess you have to be creative….. when you know. She said yeah well…..It takes more than using a toy…”I need to feel a real man between my legs,no matter what he`s a doing” and she sorta winked.So I got this strange feeling but passed it off. then she asked me what was that I use to say about eating?…I said with a grin “Oh yeah …. eating aint cheatin`” then she smiles really big. then she starts to say something then pauses,then she says “ummmmm thanks for fixing my sink,but I might need you to come over a fix my….ummmmmm tub. then I get that strange feeling again, Like when someones trying to say or tell you something.So then a strange idea pops in my head and I say…”well Danelle…you know I`m willing to do anything you need…. then before I knew what I said I say “So if you ever need me at night for a back rub or whatever just leave your back door unlock,then I pused and thought did I just say that? looking over at her she`s just smiling…..
So in a few minutes my wife comes in ,showers and etc and then we all three go out. Hours later three drunk fools drive up in our driveway,Danelle who doesnt seem as drunk as my wife gets out and ask if I need help with Sandy I said no thanks I manage. She says Ok well guess i`ll see you later and as I look up at her she winks and says bye. Well I proceed and help my wife stager in she makes it to the bed and boom shes passed out in bed…Well I got out side after changing into my sleep short to smoke my last cig for the night.(yeah I`m a bit Buzzed) and I`m sitting there and I start thimking bout what I said to Danelle earlier.and the fact she said what she said when she left to go home. Well, She is a very cute good looking South American woman in her mid 30`s. And as I sit there I remember how I`ve always thought she was …you know sexy. Well now that I`m you know “feelin fine”….I realized that I`m a bit horny,but the wife is passed out, Then I think about what I said to danelle. I think to myself…..ummmmm I really dont think she`d leave her back door unlocked for me. So after I take a last swallow of beer I had and I`ve thought again bout Danelle and possibly a lil fun…I said to myself…what the hell. I`ll walk around there and just check…I bet its gonna be locked. So I got up walked around to Danelle`s back patio eased up to the door,and slowly put my hand on the door knob. (now my heart was kinda beating fast) I took a deep breath and squezzed and was unlocked. Ok I thought, brething really heavy. it just maybe she forgot to lock it. but I just had to chance it and check…I knew which bedroom she slept I went on in slowly closed the door and then slowly walked thru into the hallway. and I could see her tv was on in her bedroom. So I sloftly called out. “Danelle” nothing ,not a sound but the tv. So I eased up into the doorway ,looking in. I could see she was in her bed,I could hear her slightly snoring…But most of all I could see her soft tanned sexy leg hanging over the side of the bed. my heart was racing,my mind was going wild with naughty thoughts….Then I remember that she usually sleeps in night pants since Allen wasnt there,But from the top of her knee to her foot was I was curious to what she had on? So I quietly slippped up next to her bed and slowly picked her comforter up and pulled it over to reveal what she was wearing
“oh my God I thought” as I pulled it over enough to see that she didnt have anything on. I stood there…dazzeled by how nice her neatly trimmed pussy looked. I tried to see more but her legs wasn`t far enough apart.then I decided to try to move the other one out I slowly took my hand and slid her leg towards her wall. with the tv light I now could see that her pussy looked like it was heart beating hard and I took the nerve to carefully bend over to see what her pussy smelled like. as my nose got close…mmmmmmmm it smelled “Heavenly” i bent down again for another smell and I started rubbing my now very hard cock.
So I got a lil braver and leaned over her again,this time taking my fingers holding her outter lips apart…..Oh God it was too much,I had to try to lick it…So I did and mmmmmmmmmm tasted soo fucking sweet .I licked more…and seemed it was getting more wet than at first. then I decide to get really brave…I got on the bed between her legs,took my hand,held that sweet pussy open and started licking all around it and finally suckin on her clit.well when I sucked her clit she sorta moved some so I stopped.then slowly fingered her and then after a few minutes,I decided to try to lick her clit and pussy some more.I was affraid to wake her…didnt know how she react.
So as I was licking her pussy and sucked her clit again she kinda whimpered like and then I felt her move her legs out more as I licked around her clit.then yes…she actually bowed upI sorta slowed down my heart was racing so fuckin fast but this was too fuckin exciting to I went ahead and started licking at a normal pace and she started to bow up again and as she came up with her hips I just automatically sucked her clit into my mouth and tongue.And all of a sudden I felt her hands run thru mr hair.she was now pushing up and down fucking my tongue as it circled her clit…At that moment I heard her say “Oh Mitch…. Oh yesss…….Oh eat my pussy “
As I heard that I felt her hand pulling my shorts off…. She had done swung around on her she ran her hands thru my body hair I felt her getting closer to my boxer briefs.then I felt her hand rubbing across my ass and she slid eveything I had on off my hips and down to my ankles. As I was now laying with my face down at her pussy and I could see her tight lil asshole and I started playing with it.just as I felt her warm wet lips on her mouth just enlope the head of my cock.I just took her clit into my mouth like school boy on prom night. She started slowly going down the shaft of my cock with her tongue make rings around my whole cock. then as I licked her pussy lips ,she started back up to the head and softly sucked it. I knew she was a fucking horny and turned on as I was now…..I was taking everything I wanted to do….I was feeling her 38D tits and I was lookin down at her face watching my hard cock slipping in and out her mouth. as she sucked and I was eating her out and squezzing her nipple I could tell that she was getting ready to about cum….I thought Ok…this is gonna be all shes gonna be willing to do is eat….just as thou she had read my mind she says ” Oh Mitch…Oh Baby this feel soooo good and your tongue and mouth is making my pussy want your cock .” I paused a sec and said…ummmm your pussy…wants my cock”( God I`d been wanting my cock it her pussy for a while now) She says ” mmmmmmmm yes baby……I want you to slip your hard cock in my pussy now,and I want to cum all over you cock and make you empty your balls all in me”
I took a deep breathe and said ” ummmm you mean you want me to… she says quickly ” yess
sss Oh yessss , I want y
our hard cock ramming my pussy and I want you to unload all your hot cum inside my pussy So I got up between her legs…leaned over started kissing her as I felt the head of my cock that I was running it against her pussy lips she at once as she felt it start to slip into her pussy,she just in one move pulled my ass up towards her making my cock go all the way inside her.
Oh my she was a lot tighter than I had expected. As my cock went in she moaned out “Oh baby/….oh god …you alot thicker than Allen mmmmmmmmmm and longer”
After she said that I just grabed her legs ta her knee forcing the up by her head and I was pushing my cock in deeper and deeper and faster and harder each minute I was fucking her….she was pushing up as fast and hard as I was…she was moaning loud now …grabbin my ass pull me into her…..then I felt her body start to shimmer.I knew she was right on the edge…that when I slid a finger up into her tight asshole…She moaned loudly “Oh Damn Baby….OOOOOOOOh god i`mmm gonna cumm she cried and as she started I felt the first hot wave of pussy juce cum on all over my cock…it was too much I lost control…and I started filling her tight wet pussy up with my hot cum…and mmmmmmmm seemed like I shot and shot in her for seversl minutes…then we laid there….she looked over at me…she said….oh man…you cum more the he does…your bigger thicker…I`m gonna have to fuck you more often….then we kissed and fell asleep……(luckly I did awake in time to get back home)

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