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My Fantasy – Brian
(Location- My House)
*Brian Is coming over because i am home alone. Dad is out of town, and my mom is in Chicago*
*Brian Knocks on door* I answer the door in nothing but a large button down red/black plaid shirt on and I let him in.. He enters and we proceed to the kitchen., where i continue cooking the food i already prepared.I ask him whats up. He responds “i am”…i take a second to take in the joke, and then laugh out loud. “O really” i respond with a hint of seduction in my voice. “Yea,you wanna find out?” he says. “Mmmmm, tempting,” i respond with a small laugh in my voice. He looks at me for a minute, and then looks at the chocolate cake sitting n the counter by me. He laughs and and nods sarcastically while he is slowly cutting himself a VERY small piece of chocolte cake. He approaches me from behind (while i sm still facing the stove), and begnis to feel up nd down my thighs, leading up to my naval, he slowly turns me around and slowly pulls me in closer to him with his right arm which is positioned arouned my waist. He is pulling my lower body on his. I can feel his erect penis through his jeans rubbing on my vagin. He slowly rubs chocolate on my lips with his fingers while at the same time, admiring my lucious lips. I seductively lick his finder, and begin to suck the chocolate off. We look eachother in the eyes, and then he slowly begins to lick my lips, as i slowly inch my tounge out to touch his, Our tounges make contact, and we begin kissing. He picks me up and places me on the counter His hands exploring my body as if it were a newly found treasure. I jump up off the counter and wrap my legs around his back while he holds me in the air (still kissing me.)with one hand around my back, and the other on my soft ass, while all at once, walking/carrying me to my bedrooom. He sets me down on the bed (with my legs still sorawled open) pulls his shirt up, over, and off his head. I take a minute to admire his beautiful muscular body. He leans in, and we resume kissing. while i am unbuckling his belt, and unbuttoning his pants. His pants fall, and he leans in more. I take control, and push him sideways onto the bed so that i am on top. He is now laying down in nothing but his boxers, and i am sitting on top of him. Getting more and more wet by the second from the feeling of his penis so close to yet so far from entering my vagina. I (in a strip tease manner) slowly unbutton my shirt from top to bottom, revealing the sexy blck bra, and black and white lace thong, i was wearing.. I can feel the excitement building up his his cock now so hard it could burst. i take off my shirt, and throw it on the floor., and resume kissing him, while rubbing my hand on his cock for a teaser. He flips me over, so that he is now on top. He beging to kiss and lick on my neck, as i begin to moan. He begins to lick down the middle of my neck, and he gets to my breasts. Smoothly, he slides his hands undermy back, and unhooks my bra while still kissing on my neck. I remove the bra and he takes a second to admire me. I bite my lips. He begins to lick and suck on my breasts. Sliding that oh-so warm, tounge all over my nipples. Giving them the slightest bite every now and then, sending my entire body into a state of paralization. He licks down my stomach, kissing my belly the farther down he goes. Licking my belly ring. He thong, and begins to pull it off with his teeth. Licking on my thighs occasionally as he goes down. He removes them successfully and begins to stare at my perfect shaved vagina. I oontinue to bite my lips. He leans down, takes my legs, throws them over his shoulders, and begins to lick my vagina. My body is now shaking.. I squeeze my breasts, moaning like crazy and he lick every inch of my vagina. Licking my clit as if it were an ice cream cone. He looks up at me and sees the amount of pleasure he’s giving me. He thinks its about that time, so he gives me ne last lick, and then slides his tounge from my vagina, back up to my naval, through my breasts, up my neck, back up to my mouth. He slides off his boxers, and rubs the tip of his penis against the entrance of my vagina. Quickly i say “mmmmm, Baby, wait, im a virgin”… He responds “Dont worry baby,,..ill be gentle.”. He slides it in with ease, and i let out one big moan. He sends waves of electricity through my body now. He does slow strokes, in and out, and i moan out “uhhh, yesssss daddy”. He continues to fuck..no….make love to me as if it were the last day on earth, He begins to go a bit faster . “YES” i shout to the heavens as he silently moans. “Harder!!” i shout as he begins to satisfy my needs, Now shoving his penis into me as if he were a jack hammer, and i am the concrete pavement, in desperate need of being broken. He goes faster., and harder, nd faster and harder as i moan louder and louder, not even caring about the burning food in the kitchen. He is squeezing my breasts harder and harder every time he penetrates me. I am too caught up in the amazing orgasm that he was causing me to even notice the pain. For the last few minutes of the sex, i flip him back over, and begin riding his cock. like it were a mehanical bull. His hands are still on my breasts, pinching my nipples. I bounce up and down, getting more and more turned on from the sound of his penis slamming into me. . He sits up, which causes me to fall back on my back, which puts him back on top. He gives me three more hard thrusts, hitting that climax, as i am now screaming his name, and quickly pulls out and cums all over my stomach as he (and i )lets put one major moan of relief. He licks my nipples once more, and kissed my neck, leading back up to my mouth one more time, kissing me with so much passion, squeezing his eyes shut. We pull the cover up over our naked bodies, and just lay there for a second. My head and arm on his chest as he holds me so tight. “So…what’d u think>” he asks. “Mmmm….” i respond, “..magical…amazing..”. “Haha….same for me…I love you baby” he responds while kissing my fore head. “I love you too”. We look up at eachother, and kiss once more. He goes to the bathroom, draws me a warm bubble bath, and carries me from the filthy sheets to the bath tub. He enters the tub with me as we cuddle together……

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