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The sun is just starting to set. The street lights sparkle and cars hum softly as they pass by. Footsteps pound slower and louder as she approaches home. Still running, she continues to laugh and gasp for air from chasing her friends around all day. Her hair is a mess, but her face is happy and shiny with sweat. She stumbles finally to open the wooden door of her cabin. As she walks in, the kitchen light is dim but she continues on to her room. Wind sifts gently through her loose yellow summer dress. Dropping her bag at the bathroom floor, she continues on to her room. At last! As she dived onto her bed, still gasping, her wide smile turned to a relaxed face of content as the sweat began to cool on her neck. She closed her eyes and let the wind dance along her forehead. As her nipples hardened underneath her dress, she decided to change clothes. As casual as this would have all been, there was something about today that made everything seem all the more special. Slowly slipping her dress up her silky brown thighs, she watched as each inch of skin appeared with every second the dress continued to rise. Lastly reaching her lemon white panty, her breath stopped. She realized what she was doing and let out a choked laugh. Too bad it wasn’t a real laugh***
Extreme discomfort swept through her like a wave and she immediately felt like a different person. Her hand seemed to reach down on impulse and she could feel her blood pumping from between her legs. Pushing deeper, she felt it pulsing louder and her finger nearly burned before her hand snapped back. “Whoa…” She had a look of disbelief. She looked up through the lace curtains. Several robins flew onto her windowsill, and then flew up into the sky. She continued to look out at the street and watched a car park into a narrow space. After she watched several more pass by, she finally decided to turn her gaze back into the room. Looking around at the walls, there were music posters everywhere. She thought of taking a bath, but her legs felt too sore to get up from bed. Sitting there with her legs apart and her dress hitched up, she caught the eye of her next door neighbor. “Good afternoon, Bernice.” Her next door neighbor smiled from over the fence. She was watering her flowers. Bernice smiled. She always did admire Pandora from a far. She liked the way the sunlight shone on her neck and outlined the firm curvature of her breasts. She liked the innocent way she continued to water her flowers when there was a neighbor next door who wanted her. She had no idea. Placing her hand back on her panty, she continued to watch Pandora in the morning light. The ice cream truck clattered its loud symphony in the distance. Bernice smiled. She had enough ice cream…next door. If only…She thought softly to herself. Pandora was a married woman, almost twice her age. Rumor had it that she was experiencing marriage problems, but the house seemed relatively quiet. Quiet and soft and pretty and….
“Oh!” Bernice gasped louder than she thought, because Pandora looked up from her flowers. Her first three buttons were completely undone by this time, and Bernice’s face flushed hotly at the sight.
“Something wrong?” Pandora giggled.
“No, no, nothing.” Bernice awkwardly replied.
“Oh, okay. Cauz for a second you looked almost as if…” Pandora stopped herself. But this was strange. Why would her neighbor be looking at her so…And then she glanced down. “OH!” She exclaimed, quickly grabbing for the buttons of her dress. It was Bernice’s turn to laugh. “Why are you laughing? Stop that! It’s not funny!” Pandora quickly buttoned up.
“Well, I just…I…”
“Forget about it” Pandora shook her head. She reached down for her clippers, but after searching for a while and not finding them, she realized they got accidentally kicked into Bernice’s yard. “Oh jeez…” She sighed. On her knees, she reached carefully through the fence to get her clippers back. Try as she could, she couldn’t reach them. Bernice sprung up. Before a word came out of her mouth, she was already climbing out of her bedroom window to get the clippers. As soon as she pulled her other leg out, her dress caught to a splinter of wood on the window. A smile of embarrassment flashed across her face as she tried to pull free. Meanwhile, Pandora continued to reach for the clippers even though they were 5 inches away from her hand and she couldn’t reach any farther. “Oh, fine I give up.” She sighed. “Can you help me out here?” She glanced up at Bernice, whose dress was still caught on the window sill. She never did notice before the sweet way her belly curved and the plush detail of her body, or the…She caught herself staring when she realized that Bernice’s dress was caught in the windowsill. “Oh! Let me give you a hand. I’m coming over.” In a quick flash of panty, Pandora hopped the fence and ran to rescue Bernice. Bernice’s eyes just twinkled with adoration. “Here, let me help you…” Pandora carefully reached for the dress. It didn’t work. She had to reach from both sides to get it out. She slid her left arm around Bernice and kept her right arm encircled around her to get the dress out without ripping it. Meanwhile, Bernice was in heaven. After a couple of seconds of struggling, Pandora finally got the dress out of the snag. “Whew, that was close” She sighed.
“Closer than…this?”
“Oh!” She felt Bernice’s hands slowly press onto her back.
Bernice brought her lips to Pandora’s, when a strike of lightning sounded close by. The sun had already set, and the sky began to rain. Pandora was shocked. She didn’t know what to do, so she just stood there as her hair began to get wet. “Nobody’s home” Bernice smiled in between the kiss.
“Actually I have to go. I have to get inside and make dinner.” Pandora turned away.
“Not so fast…” Bernice slowly stepped forward. “I believe you were looking for this?” Getting down on hands and knees, she bent over to pick up the clippers. As she leaned forward to pick them up, Pandora got a beautiful view.
“That’s okay, I’ll get it…” Pandora bent over Bernice to pick them up…or did she? Bernice knowingly turned and smiled with great anticipation in her eyes. With legs wide open in a squat, the fabric from Pandora’s dress felt exquisite against Bernice’s skin. The rain continued to pour as their dresses began to cling tighter and tighter to their bodies. Pandora hissed in pleasure as she watched Bernice’s dress ripple when she trailed her fingers up her back. Stopping at the neck, she realized that this rain would mess up Bernice’s hair. She didn’t have the smooth European hair that Pandora had; her hair was tightly curled and took forever to fix. Bernice didn’t seem to care, though. She continued to arch her back and let the rain drip off her nose and her chin as Pandora’s hands settled on her hips. Bringing her closer in her firm yet gentle grip, she let her hands explore this exquisite figure once more. As her hands rose up to her breasts, Bernice sat back up on her knees and opened her arms wide to feel Pandora’s hands cupping her flesh from the rain. Dipping her head back, Pandora’s blood ran hot at the sight of the raindrops rolling down her neck. Without hesitation, Pandora let her tongue roll against Bernice’s maple skin to taste the rain. Bernice dipped back even further. Pandora let her dark and shameful wishes come true as she began to suck her neck. Such beautiful definition! Every curve, every bone seemed to fit perfectly into Pandora’s mouth. She let her tongue swirl faster and faster, tasting a new drop of rain every second. By this time her hair was completely soaked and clung in brown wisps to her wet porcelain face. ‘Hell’ Bernice thought to herself. ‘I guess I won’t need to take a shower after all’ She continued to smile with her eyes closed as the rain began to get heavier and heavier. Still fondling her breasts, Pandora’s hands traveled down to the space in between Bernice’s legs. She was surpris
ingly warm! Just when she t
hought her fingers would burn from the heat, Bernice pushed them deeper into her panty. When this wasn’t enough, she realized she would have to remove them and even though they had fences surrounding their backyards, something about it didn’t feel right. So with lightning speed, Bernice snatched Pandora’s hands away. “What’s wrong?” Pandora whispered into her ear.
“Nothing. I’d just feel better if we went inside.”
“Well, my husband will be home any minute and…”
“…Just make something up” Bernice giggled childishly.
“It’s not that simple. My car’s here.” They both glanced over at the driveway.
“Wow, I didn’t know you had tinted windows…” A naughty look swept over Bernice’s face. Pandora blushed. For a long moment they stood there without saying a thing. The wind began to blow harder and the rain drops grew to the size of jawbreakers.
“No…we can’t go there. He’ll suspect something.”
“Well then how about you say you accidentally left your clippers over at my house and that you came over just to get them?”
“Yeah, and then when he sees me naked I can say I accidentally shredded my dress with them?” Pandora made a face.
“Exactly!” Bernice beamed. Pandora smiled and slipped her hand into Bernice’s. “Let’s go.” Pandora softly said. Bernice thought she had never heard more beautiful words in her life.

To be continued…

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