I Couldn’t Perform So I Had To Pay-Part 2

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My wife’s ex-husband Johnny has been living with us for over a month now.  He fucks my 63yr old wife Linda Just about every day now.  Ever since they both humiliated me, I am  not allowed to touch my wife, only to clean anyone of her three openings filled with Johnny’s seed. My chubby big breasted wife has gotten her way. I am being punished because I could not keep it hard when I tried to enter my wife. Johnny   was invited to a party and came late one night and never left. He caught me watching him fuck my wife and he went wild with anger causing me to suck his cock and hold his balls as he fucked my wife.

If I was able to perform like a man this would have never happened t o me.  I jerk off and watch as my wife’s body is used by the man she was once married to. I watch as her body shakes with orgasm wishing it was me instead of him feeling my wife’s wetness’ My wife just laughs as I lick her juices of her ex-husbands cock.

They both set up a list of things for me to do. I am retired and have learned to accept this way of life. I clean the house, shop, do the laundry and cook meals. I often have to scrub their backs when they take baths together. So humiliating.

I have my own bedroom down the hall from theirs. Sometimes I can hear them fucking and moaning. When that happens, I am always prepared to service them both. After a few weeks I had gotten accustomed to a pattern of life set for me to follow. I was totally wrong, I still had to pay.

Apparently it wasn’t enough for Johnny to completely take my manhood away and to now own my wife. Johnny apparently had spent the week shopping for sexy clothes, not for my wife but for me to wear.  He made me swear that I would never tell my wife about it.

His plan came into place early one morning around 4AM. My wife was totally asleep and the door to my room opened slowly. It was Johnny clothed only with his tight underwear. He first instructed me to put the red lace bra he purchased on. I resisted at first and then he slapped me. My body started to shake, I had always been afraid of him. In many ways he is much bigger than I am. I then under his direction put on red panties, black nylons, a sheer white blouse, and a tight short black skirt. Last but not least he pulled out of a box a short cut blond wig which he placed on my head. He sat down next to me on the bed with quite a large make up box. He must have worked on me for an hour. He worked on my eyes, the shadowing, eyelids, and blush. He finished up with a hint of perfume that I realized was the type my wife uses. As he was applying makeup to me his face every now and then would break out on a big smile.

Johnny finally held a mirror in front of my face and said “Well what do you think?” I sat there in total shock. I was at a loss for words. I looked exactly like my wife. I could almost pass as her twin sister.  Why I asked, why are you doing this to me Johnny?  He just sat closer to me and started to rub my cheek where he smacked me with the back of his large hand. It felt so good. He leaned forward and kissed my neck and moaned “oh Linda I want you some more baby. I tried to push him away but he grabbed my shoulders and pinned me on my mattress. Stop it stop it I begged but this seemed only to arouse him. He developed a  large bulge in his underpants.  His face met mine and our lips touched. It was only natural that my mouth opened and my tongue remained stiff as he sucked it and flickered his tongue on its tip.  I could not believe it, I was being turned on by the man who has taken my wife.

He tore my bra and blouse off. I moaned loudly as I really loved his roughness.  He began to suckle me hard and nibble on my nipples. He squeezed what loose flesh I had for breasts. Instead of fighting him I just moaned. “Oh God Johnny, I wish they were bigger for you” He kept biting them hard. pulling on my nipples with his teeth. My fingers ran gently through his hair. Before I knew it, Johnny had my panties off  and nylons clenched tightly in his right hand. He began to sniff the crotch of the nylons I had been wearing.  I just watched as he dropped them and took his own underwear off releasing his long throbbing manhood. I knew why my wife was crazy over him. I now wanted him myself. He looked at me and I opened my mouth wide and flickered my tongue at him. He then straddled my face and I took his pulsing cock in my hands and began to lick its shaft. I softly kissed its tip, rubbing him over my entire face. His  warm sticky pre-cum on my lips. I opened wide and Johnny shoved his cock in and began to pump my mouth gently. After a few minutes he looked at me and stopped. I don’t want to cum yet baby.

I lifted my legs and let him spread my round ass cheeks apart. He lubed me well and slowly sunk his cock deep in me. I screamed and yelled that I loved him, I wanted him. He fucked me harder. My nails dug deep into his back. I couldn’t help myself begging him to give me his baby and to please make me pregnant. My hips moved with his thrusts. My little cock was hard and as his big balls slapped against my ass I shot my load. Johnny grabbed each of my breasts and squeezed them hard. I felt the spurts of his love deep inside of me. He fell into my arms.  I kissed the side of his head and told him that it was the best sex I ever had and couldn’t wait to do it again. With that the door to my bedroom swung open. It was my wife standing their totally naked. She looked at Johnny and took his hand.   She laughed and simply said, from now on you can dream of this  happening, This was just a tease and punishment for you. You couldn’t perform for me so now You Have To Pay.

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I Couldn't Perform So I Had To Pay-Part 2, 5.3 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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