I Couldn’t Perform So I Had to Pay-Part 3

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Things were getting worse as a cuck at home. My 63 year-old wife Linda was enjoying my humiliation from her ex-husband Johnny and a few of his friends. Johnny would now hold parties with my wife as their center of attention. I also was made to serve his guest. It was a usual Saturday night. Johnny had seven of his male friends over. At least three were always on the couch with my wife feeling her big breasts and ass. Every now and then my wife would go down on one and he would shoot his warm load in her mouth. I was then summoned over to take his seed from my wife’s mouth and swallow it. Everyone would just look at me and laugh. Towards the middle of the evening Johnny would dress me up and I would go to the living room and serve his friends anyway they wanted. That particular evening I was picked up and carried to my room and made love to at least 4 times. My ass was sore and dripping from cum.

I felt so cheap, so unwanted. I felt like a real man at one time but now I was disgraced. My wife and her ex-husband saw to it each weekend that the crew he invited over would use me as their main amusement. I couldn’t take it no more, I was going crazy. Cocks in my mouth, cocks in my ass. On any particular weekend I’ve had to swallow a half quart of cum from various different men. I was their whore. At 66 years of age I was subjected to watching my love, my 63 year-old wife have multiple orgasms with other men.

It was the first week of October when someone very special came into my life. He was one of the weekend visitors that Johnny had invited. I was in full dress that evening. I wore a beautiful full length dress with black nylons and a long red wig that evening.  Out of nowhere a tall slim black man around the age of 30 sat down next to me and softly touched my hand and told me I was beautiful. He told me his name was Eric and wanted to know mine. I told him my name was really Bobby, but they wanted me to go by my wife’s name, Linda. He smiled and said he understood and told me how much I looked like her when I was dressed.  He leaned over and kissed me gently on my neck, He told me he wanted me this evening. I told him I was there to serve the guests and if he wanted me I guess I was his. He quickly replied, “No, no Linda, I want you to want me, to really want me.” His big hand reached around my head and guided my face to the large throbbing bulge in his pants. Oh god did he smell so good. I could feel his throbbing. My lips puckered and I began to kiss and my tongue flickered on the material of his pants. He grunted and said I was perfect for him. He sat me up and held me tightly as he kissed me. I felt his manly hand go underneath my dress lifting it slightly. My legs naturally spread for him as he ventured underneath my silk panties and took my swollen clitty out.  My clitty is around 3 inches hard and he pulled back its tiny foreskin. “You like pain don’t you Linda?” I started to shake and simply said yes for fear of losing him. With that his fingernail from his pointer finger dug between my clitty’s slit. It hurt so much. I moaned and started to tear in my eyes. He lifted my dress up fully and I could see his finger inserted at least a quarter of an inch in my clitty. I was dripping blood but it was such a nice pain. By that time I had at least 3 other men standing there watching and even my wife stood up to see what was going on.  Eric proceeded to lift my dress completely off of me and took his hand out of my bleeding sore clitty. He proceeded to bite and pull on each of my nipples hard with his teeth. “Oh God, Oh God Eric Why”?  Because you bitch, you can’t perform. Eric carried my naked body to my bedroom where he proceeded to slam me on the bed. He began to squeeze my breasts together and before I knew it he was inserting sewing needles through my nipples. I begged and cried loudly but the more I screamed and yelled, the more needles he inserted in me. Thank god after eight needles he decided to stop. My breasts were coated with warm blood emitted from my nipples. I closed my eyes thinking how strange it was that Eric’s pain was unlike others. I wanted it, I wanted more.

Eric worked for a security company and had taken his long wooden nightstick along with him. Eric started screaming “Beg me to rape your pussy, Linda, beg me, bitch!” I got on all fours and looked back at my lover. “Yes Eric, take me , take me hard, make me squeal for you.” With that Eric proceeded to shove the long, hard nightstick up my man pussy. “OOHHHHHHHHHHHH! Eric, ohhhhhhhh  ohhhhhhhh owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” I screamed. My ass pussy started to gyrate to his hard plunges into my hole. I felt the stick all the way up to my stomach. My clitty was sore and still bleeding a little but was hard from Eric pounding me.  The stick rubbing against my prostrate caused me to shoot a load from my clitty. Eric stopped and pulled his stick from inside of me. The small puddle of cum dripped from my clitty and Eric started to laugh. “You wanted to shoot this in me didn’t you Linda?” I answered yes.   “You could never perform for your wife and you lost her so now you want to give me your seed?”   I told him yes and to please not be mad. With that Eric laid me on my stomach and began to beat my big round ass with a belt. Each slap excited me.  I could feel the sexual sensation build up in me. Eric told me I was bleeding like a pig and he wanted me to squeal for him. “Weeeee eeeeeeee  weeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeee ah weeeeeeeee…”  “That’s it, Linda!” he yelled. “Weeeeeeee eeeeeeee weeeeeeee!”  Eric was jerking off over my bleeding ass. He shot his massive load onto my sore ass cheeks.  He sat next to me and began to rub his cum into my deep wounds. “You know, Linda,” he whispered “you are going to get plenty more of this in the days to come; even worse things are going to happen to you.” I simply asked why. His only reply was, “because you can’t perform and now you have to pay.”

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