I lose my virginity to my older neighbour

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I was sat at home one day when my mum told me she had to visit my aunt that Saturday. “But who’s going to drive me to pick up that dress for the netball party?” I asked

“It’s ok”, mum said, “I’ve asked Mr Greenbourne and he says he can do it”. I went cold. It had been a few weeks since our encounter in the garden and we’d acted like nothing happened. I’d wondered if I did something wrong, if you were ashamed or just not interested in me. Part of me wondered what I was doing with the old guy who lived next door but part of me…

It was Saturday and you were picking me up at 10. I’d hardly slept the night before thinking about you, what we did, and what might happen this time. I’d decided that if you’d wanted anything to happen and if it was the right thing to happen you would have said something. I’d decide to behave myself.

When I woke up I showered and came back to my room. I took the towel off and stood naked, taking the outfit I’d chosen out of the wardrobe. It was a black long sleeved top and jeans. That should stop anything happening. But as 10 approached I sat on my bed still naked, still thinking…I recalled the feel of your hands on me, your fingertips brushing my tits and pussy lips, teasing me. I remembered the sight of your hard 7 inch cock and how your cum felt on my back, arse and legs. I put the black top and jeans back in the cupboard.

At 10 I heard your car horn and came outside. Looking out of your car you saw me approaching. My hair was falling onto my bare shoulders. I was wearing a tight white vest top which was very low cut. I had on a denim skirt which was so short it barely covered my arse and high black heels. I opened the passenger door and stepped in in a very unladylike way with my skirt riding up so that you could see the white cotton knickers I was wearing. “Morning Stace”, you said as I settled into my seat. I saw you staring at me, my tits, my legs, and I instinctively reacted by pulling the skirt down a little, I wondered if I was making a huge mistake.

“Morning Mr Greenbourne” I said and we drove off. As we drove we started chatting normally and soon I’d stopped thinking about the garden. You asked me about school, about my netball, general things. We’d always got on and soon we were gossiping and laughing about our neighbours. Soon we pulled up at the shop where I had to pick up my dress for the school netball awards night. You came in with me and when you saw the dress, a short black number, you said “I bet you’ll look very pretty in it”. I thanked you and we headed back out to the car.

We drove off again and I felt a little sad that our drive was finishing as I’d had a good time with you. As we pulled up to some red lights I thanked you for the ride. Your hand slipped off the steering wheel and down to my knee. I gasped and froze as you slid your hand up my thigh towards my pussy. “You can thank me later” you said as we pulled away.

As we drove thoughts rushed through my mind; I thought about the garden, how turned on I was, your hands, your cock, your cum. Then I thought about what would happen if anyone found out about it. I was a virgin; I’d never done anything more than kissing and some stroking before. I asked myself if I really wanted anything to happen with me and the 70 year old man next door. The fact that the answer should be no made me want to say yes even more.

We came to a junction where we should have headed straight on for home but we turned left towards the woods. My heart was racing as I wondered what would happen. “Where are we going?” I asked

“Somewhere I know”, you said, “very out of the way, very private”.

“What for?” I asked a little nervously

“So we can spend a little more time together. We’ve had fun today, you don’t mind that do you?”

“No”, I replied

“Besides”, you said, your hand slipping to my knee again as we drove along the wooded road, “you can thank me properly”

“For the lift?” I asked, my pussy starting to dampen

“For the lift”, you say, “for the help with the homework, for the babysitting when you were younger…” We both began laughing

Soon we come to a path and you drove us up it a way. The trees were thick and we hadn’t seen another car for some time. You stopped and turned the engine off. We sat there in silence for a second. You turned to face me and put your hand on my thigh again and began stroking. “Are you ok Stace?” you asked


“Will you do something for me?”

“What?” I said a little nervously, you still stroking my thigh, getting a little nearer to my pussy each time

“Take your top off for me”. I paused a little uncertainly. “Come on”, you said and you smiled “it’s nothing I haven’t seen before is it?” I took hold of the hem of my top and pulled it up, over my head and off. “Now your bra Stace”. I obeyed, reaching behind my back to unclasp my bra then pulling the straps down along my arms so the cups fell slowly away from my breasts revealing them to you. “Beautiful” you say, staring at my breasts. Being exposed to man like this is a new turn on for me; my pussy is starting to soak. Part of me wants you to touch my knickers to see how wet I am, another part of me, still a little shy, hopes you don’t.

Then you took your hand from my thigh and I almost wanted to grab it and put it back but you took my left breast in your hand and I felt a wave of excitement run through my body, no one had ever touched my breast before like that. “You know”, you went on, “I’ve always wondered what sort of a girl you’d grow up to be”

“And?” I ask

“You’re beautiful Stace” you said. You took my nipple, already hard, between your fingers and thumb and rolled it squeezing slightly. “I’ve been looking forward to this for years, as long as I can remember” you said as you moved your head forward and I felt your lips take my right breast in your mouth. My pussy was soaking as you switched between sucking and licking my nipples, every now and then using your teeth. You pulled me closer to you and did the same to my left breast, hungrily taking it into your mouth. As you did your hand moved down to my soaking crotch and pulled the cotton of my knickers to one side. I moan as your fingertips find my swollen, tender clit and begin rubbing. I began moaning loudly at the new sensations you were giving me. I was rubbing the back of your head, wanting to push you deeper into my breasts. I felt that I wanted you to be inside me so badly I didn’t care how. Soon I clamped my arms around your head and my back arched and my legs tensed.

“Oh…my…God!” I cried as your mouth and fingers brought me to a shuddering orgasm. You pulled up and looked at me, sitting in your car, topless and sweating with knickers soaked in cum. I got my breath back and said “I thought I was supposed to be thanking you?” You smiled

“You will Stace, but I want to ask, are you a virgin?”


“Then it was important that I got you nice and wet” you said before getting out of the car. I watched you walk round the front towards my side and open my door. You reached your hand out and told me to get out. I reached down for my top but you said “No, you won’t need that” so I stepped out of the car into the open air, feeling the breeze against my bare breasts.

My legs were like jelly and you lead me by the hand round to the front of the car. “Turn round” you say and I did so I was facing the bonnet with my back to you. I felt your hands tug at my skirt and it fell to my ankles. Next you pulled my knickers down around my ankles. “Step out of them” you said and I did. “Now lean forward Stace, put your hands on the car bonnet”. A little hesitantly I did. You put your foot between my ankles and nudged them apart. I took the hint and moved them further apart. My pussy, soaked in my own cum, was now spread wide in front of you. Again I heard your zip and, like in the garden, I looked over my shoulder to see you taking your rock hard 7 inch cock out of your trousers. I could see all the veins on it, it was almost throbbing. I was a little worried what it would do to my virgin pussy.

You reached round and found my clit again and began teasing it and my pussy responded by getting wet again. You placed one hand on my shoulder and another on my waist. Then I felt the tip of your cock brush against my swollen pussy lips. “This will hurt a little Stace, I’m sorry” you said “but it will be worth it”. You pushed your cock against my cunt but my lips were so tight you got nowhere. You pushed again, harder this time and I moved forward a little from the pressure. “You’ve got to stay still Stace!” you say a little impatiently so I braced my legs as you pushed again. This time I felt the tip force my lips apart and I gasped. “Good girl” you say “now hold tight”. Before I could think what you meant I felt a sharp tearing pain in my pussy and I screamed as your 7 inch cock forced its way into my tight cunt. You pushed yourself in further and the pain burned. Tears began to roll down my cheeks and I bit my lip for the pain. I knew you were all the way in when I could feel your hairy balls against my bald pussy lips.

You began working you cock in and out, each thrust less painful than the last. Soon I was rocking along, getting into your motion. All the cum you got out of me earlier made it so much easier. Your cock sliding in and out of me felt wonderful. You pulled out, stood me up, turned me round, and pushed me back onto the bonnet of the car facing up, facing you. We were face to face and I could see in your eyes how hungry you were for me which turned me on even more. I spread my pussy wide for you and you plunged in, kissing my tits and sucking them as you pounded my pussy.

I’d never felt anything like this before and soon I could feel another orgasm coming. I could tell from the way your cock thrusts were increasing in speed that you were too. “Fuck me!” I gasped into your ear as you suddenly went stiff and rose up from me and I felt buckets of warm sticky cum pumping deep inside my pussy as you let out a loud moan.

You leant forward and kissed me on the lips for the first time. I responded by placing my hand on the back of your head to hold it still while I slid my tongue into your mouth and we were kissing deeply, our ages and how they make it so wrong making me want you even more. After a while we stopped. You pulled your now soft cock out of me and I looked down to see your cum and mine dripping from my pussy and down my thighs along with a little blood. You zipped up your trousers and I picked my knickers up and used them to wipe my cunt clean. “You won’t be able to wear those now” you said pointing at my filthy, stained knickers. I laughed and threw them to you

“You keep ‘em. I’ll go commando” I pulled my skirt up and got back into the car to find my bra and top.

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