I Lost a rematch

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A few days after the party I received a text message from the host and his room mate asking if I had enjoyed the party, and the pool game after. I replied that I had a good time at the party, and the pool was fun also. He invited me back on Friday, for another round of pool and some drinks. I wasn’t sure why but I accepted the invitation and told him I looked forward to a rematch, and told him I would play much better when I wasn’t as drunk.
He took this as a challenge and we decided to combine the card game Ass hole with pool. We would keep the same rules but also add a few. The looser again would loose 2 items of cloths, but would have to serve the winner as his ‘slave’ for a round and the next person to loose would loose 2 items.
I spent the next couple of nights after work shooting pool and having a few drinks after work to sharpen my skills. I know I would be double teamed and they would both concentrate on making me the first person to loose, so I had to play my best.
On Friday after work i went over feeling confident I would win, and not sure what I would do if I did win, maybe just have a few more drinks and leave. We started the game by shooting the ball off of a rail to see who would go first, lucky for my mine was closest and I went first. I had a good brake sinking two balls, and sinking 3 balls of one grouping and 2 of the other before missing. Now I had to wait as they both took aim at mine. When they were done I was left with 1 ball, but had a shot, I finished off the balls of the room mates and all but 2 of the others, I didn’t loose! But mine was a easy shot and he sank it, I lost 1 item.
During the next game he had fun commanding his room mate to get drinks and some other silly things. Now I didn’t have the break, but I was second to shoot so there was a chance yet to win. But that game did not go as good, and I lost, now I had lost 3 items and only had 3 left, but I was the looser and at the command of the room mate who had one the game, I was ready to get some drinks and do silly things, but that is not what he had in mind. I got new drinks but between shots I was doing push ups, and holding my arms straight out when I was drinking, my arms were getting shaky making it harder to shoot, I was in trouble, and lost again, now I was down to my last item. The next game my hard cock was easily visible, and the rubbed it, then more push ups and exercises. I lost again, and started to remove my last item, but they had me stop, raise my hands above my head, the got in front and behind me and each took hold and tore them off, then put a Collier on me, and a cock ring.
We still did not have a final winner so we continued, I had to shoot nude and serve the owner of the house this round, we played several more rounds, they enjoyed watching me shoot with my hard cock, some shots when I had to stretch out they would come up behind and message my balls from behind, first I tried to put my legs closer, but the winner commanded me to spread wider and I was his slave for the round, soon I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the stroking and teasing.
Soon we had the final winner and he stripped off his cloths, we were all naked, I was the slave, I continued to server drinks and follow orders. As before they eventually moved around me me feeling me all over, and sucking my cock, the lay-ed me down again, while one of them sucked me I closed my eyes and was amazed at how good it was, but when I opened them there was a cock in my face and the told me to suck it, I had to I was thers… As I sucked my first cock I felt the a hand massaging my balls then exploring my ass, I closed my legs, this was to far. Then he got up for a minute and came back with a stick with to cuffs on it, the both parted my legs and cuffed them, now I couldn’t put them together, they asked if it was ok, and said they would not fuck me, tonight. I nervously agreed and we continued. They teased sucked me and me sucking them for a while, then before anyone cam they stopped and released me and had me go mix them some drinks, they got dressed and took my cloths with them, I was puzzled but it was a turn on.
Then I heard the door bell ring, and voices! The owner came down and told me as there slave I was to serve drinks to there guest for the night. It was a small gathering of both women and men, I was the only one nude and served drinks to the guest, occasionally one would stroke me, if I was getting soft. As the night went on the party started to thin out. But the night was far from over.

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