i love screwing the new tenant

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I was coming in from the street, standing the elevators waiting for the slowest elevators I have ever seen when the new woman who lives on my floor came through the front door. I had never really taken a look at her before. Usually she wore conservative business suits like she worked in a n office or bank or something, but this was ten a.m. Saturday morning and she looked like she was coming in from a long night of partying. She wore her burgundy hair in pig tails and her usually below the knee dress was a way above the knee tight shiny blue mini skirt with shimmering black stockings, showing off her great legs, she wore a plain black tank top (quite tight) showing off her ample tits. Over the top was a black and blue jacket. I at that point had an overwhelming urge to fuck her brains out. So I went for it.
“you are the new girl on my floor, right 1023 is your number” I asked
“yeah” she turned to look at me and started checking me out. I was in jeans and a t-shirt just coming back from the corner store. “1023 my name is Christina but everyone calls me Chrissie”
“Nice to finally meet you Chrissie, my name is Hunter” she shook my hand.
“Nice to meet you Hunter”
“You look like you had quite a night,” her hair was a bit disheveled and her clothes were a messy a bit as well. ” all niter with your boyfriend?” I asked for obvious reasons and she could tell, not like I was trying to hide it.
“naw nothing like that, just went out to my friends bachelorette party, got a little tipsy and watched a very muscular man take off his clothes an wave his cock at us, then a bunch of us watched the sun come up over the city.”
The elevator finally opened and we got in.
“sounds like a fun evening”
“It was but I am tired, hungry, and my feet and back are killing me in these heels.” She glanced over at me standing beside her. “what about you?”
“me I was in bed early after a long week and got up early and went out for breakfast fixings’ ” I took a step sideways to get closer to her. “you know” I started rubbing the small of her back with my thumb. ” I could make us a nice meal, a cup of tea, and after that I will rub your back, then your feet and you can go to sleep very, verrrry satisfied.”
“gee what a tempting offer” As the elevator opened. And we stepped out and started walking our separate ways. She turned and asked me to stop me. As I turned around I could see in her eyes she was thinking about it. “you got a girlfriend Hunter?”
“no no monogamous women anyway, what about you sexy?”
“no boyfriend” she started fondling my crotch. “which is too bad cause I am really fucking horny!”
“well” I took my keys out of my pocket. “then lets spend the day fucking”
“sounds good!”
She grabbed me and kissed me hot and heavy in the hall. I turned and walked p to my door, and unlocked it. We tumbled into my apartment and I threw down the grocery bag, and , keys and grabbed her waist and pulled her close, disrobing her as we kissed. Her mouth was hot, wet and intense as she put her tongue down my throat. We broke to pull her top off and mine too.
” I ma not wearing panties, I never wear panties” she said short of breath
“that right, I never wear underwear, slows me down”
“tell me about it”
We never made it farther than the hallway she dropped to her knees and pulled off my jeans having to back up a little as my rock hard cock popped out.
“oh my, I hit the jack pot” she reached over to her jacket and pulled out a rubber, and winked. “now we are ready!”
She put my cock in her mouth and began slowly suck and licking all cut seven inches. She was fantastic, a real gentle felatiest. After a few minutes of amazing head. She pulled me down on my knees and handed me the condom. I put it on and knelt over her and tore her bra off. He tip of my cock rubbing on her slit, I bent over and kissed my way to her sex as she ground herself into my face. I worked my tongue over her sweet spot starting at the clit and working down. Then back up through the lips and to the magic button again going through the alphabet, and numbers one to twenty sending her to the moon. I kissed my way slowly up she was still in her skirt and stockings which I loved her stockings were silky and kept my cock happy as I sucked on her nipples.
“fuck me like a dog” she begged as she pushed against the wall with one hand and the other grabbed my hair. “fuck me hard. Like a dog now!” she commanded this time. I backed up and let her get on her hands and knees right there in the hallway. Neither of us caring where we were just about our carnal needs. She has a fantastic ass and I grabbed it as knelt behind her my cock pointing straight out, I pulled her back and right onto my throbbing member. She let out a little scream at first, which turned into the steamiest, sexiest, moaning I have ever heard, she pushed with her hands back so there was resistance as I pounded her. She was so wet and I was sliding in and out feverishly. I grabbed her hair with both hands and went at her hard and fast. She was now on her elbows and her cheek against the floor after a second orgasm had left her weaker. I could tell she could not hold herself up anymore so I pulled out rolled her over on her back and as her arms stretched out above her head I spread her legs and entered her missionary style, I threw one leg over my shoulder and leaned forward and held her hands above her head. Soon drilling her intensely again. After a minute or so I felt that familiar burn as I came deep inside my new and loudly moaning neighbor.
We kissed for a while, then I made her breakfast as she showered. After she ate I gave her that foot rub and that led to us not leaving my apartment until Monday morning.
Turns out she is a school teacher, and one of the classes she teaches is sex education.

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