I seduce my sons Girl

Okay I know this is a little twisted. But I am Sam single and have no one to answer to. I have two sons I am in my forties take care of myself and look about thirty but thought these kinds of things were in my past. But if you saw the girls my kids bring home you would do the same thing.
Trust me.
It happened about three weeks ago my youngest son Nick is seventeen and has an eighteen year old girl friend named Dana who is smoking hot. I mean drop dead gorgeous. She is about five, three or four, blond hair that just comes to below her ears, blue eyes, great legs, small but full lips a nice natural pink colour. When they first started dating she was an a cup six months ago but now she is a c cup so her tits have exploded out.
Since it is summer she is over quite a bit using the pool and walking around in bikinis and not much else. Showing off her tight ass. She is not skin and bones either she is on the track team and a local girls hockey team so she has a nice athletic build.
They have sex in his room too after they think I am asleep. Its fun to see them try to cover it up.
One afternoon Nick was called into work at the sporting goods store but forgot to tell Dana. So she arrives around noon to find out she has no one to spend time with (or so she thinks) but I tell her she is welcome to still use the pool and have some lunch since I was alone and had an afternoon to kill. We ate lunch, and she took a swim and laid by the pool tanning.
The more I watched her from the window the more I needed to tap that. So I changed into some tight swim trunks, no shirt and I poured her a lemonade and took it to her by the pool. She sat up (spotting my semi through the shorts) and took the drink, and asked if I could put sun block on her back, which I did happily.
In the process I asked her questions about her sex life with my son, and let her know I knew what they were doing. Said It was kind of good to see Nick was a chip off the old block bringing home a sex pot like her. She seemed uncomfortable with the compliment but I noticed she kept checking out my package. I asked her if Nick satisfied her sexually and was giving in bed, as I always told my sons women were not just meat they needed to be pleased too.
She said it was okay but not always satisfying. Sometimes he finished too quick. He was only seventeen I said but she could show him where she needed to be touched, licked and sucked, because he will never find it on his own.
I continued to rub block on her but was now slowly working down to her waist and slowly pushing her bikini bottoms down rubbing the lotion onto her tight ass.
“What are you doing?”
“Well Dana I think if my son is lacking in his duty as a lover I think as his father it is my obligation to finish the job…. don’t you honey?”
I had the bottoms to just above her pubes, which were looking recently shaved. She turned over and sat up and took her sun glasses off.
“Are you serious, you’re my Dads age!”
“So, you’re my sons age, don’t mean we can not have a little afternoon tryst”
“but I am dating your son”
“so what, he never has to know” as I began running my fingers over her navel.
“but that’s cheating, I would be having an affair”
“yes, but you would also be getting an afternoon of sweaty, orgasmic sex”
She took a sip of her lemonade ” I think you’re a dirty pervert” she said starting to run a finger down my chest. “But you are a damn good looking man” now she began rubbing my cock through my shorts. “You’re like that teacher I dream about sometimes, a good looking guy you wish was younger.”
“Is that right” I said leaning in to kiss her “you masturbate thinking of him?”
“Ph fuck yeah and to be honest I thought about you last week as I finished myself off in the shower at home.”
“Oh hell yeah that’s hot a picture of you masturbating”
“mhm you are gettin’ hard , it is not hard to see where Nick gets his looks because you are a good lookin’ man”
“thank you that is nice coming from a hottie like you” I grabbed the back of her head as I shoved my tongue down her throat. She did not hesitate ramming her tongue down my throat. All the time putting her hand down my shorts and began full on jerking me off.
“Hollly shit it’s a nine inch cock! Nick is only six at best!”
I grabbed her top and ripped it off throwing it on the ground and sat back to look at her c cups with those tiny pink nipples. I stood up and stripped off my shorts and she dropped to her knees and took all of it in her mouth sucking it vigorously.
“Shoot girl not a rookie at this are you” she looked up at me with a mouth full of cock and winked. I pulled her to her feet and picked her up in my arms.
“Lets go to my bed”
“I am yours” she said as we kissed all the way to the bed, she had one arm around my neck and one playing with my cock. I threw her on the bed and she bounced onto her back spread eagle. I reached down and pulled off her bottoms exposing her shaved glistening pussy.
“Oh fuck your bare down there, that is so shit hot”
“you want in there baby?”
“Oh hell yeah!” I said kneeling between her legs and positioning my cock at her opening
“wait what about a condom?”
“Don’t need them, I have been cut so no babies. Relax” I said as I shoved my cock into her. She arched her back pushing me deeper into her as she grabbed the sheets and wrapped her legs around me.
I leaned forward onto my hands and sucked her nipples as I rammed her so hard the bed was moving. as she released the sheets and grabbed my hair as I made her scream with pleasure, I felt her pussy tighten and it was all I could take as I filled her tight young cunt with come.
Shot after shot of jizz
We stayed entangled for a long time she just kept her tongue in my mouth and we kissed for a long time. I finally sat up and stood and looked down at her in giant wet spot and my come running out of her.
“You getter get cleaned up before Nick gets home” I said as her legs slid down and she just lay there spent on the bed.
“I am so spent if Nick wants to screw tonight I am in trouble, I have to get him into that position though it made my cunt convulse”. She said with a finger in her mouth. “Holy shit I am still spasming a little.
“He’ll learn” I said “but until then you know where to find me”
she just smiled and then went dizzied up to take a shower. She may be eighteen but she fucks like a college kid.
.Definatly going back for seconds.

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  1. Wayne Cleveland

    Nice story, got me hard!!! Wc

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  2. blowhard

    Nice story. I too have fucked a couple of my sons girl friends. one was 17 and the other 18. I get hard every time iI think of them.

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