Jessica Becomes a Model

Jessica always wanted to be a model. She saw the beautiful people on TV, in movies, and in magazines and wanted to be like them. As she got older and developed more she began thinking she realy had what it takes. She was 5′ 7″. She had glowing green eyes with short black hair and the fairest skin. Good measurements too: 36D, naturally, 32, 37. Although also as she got older she began loosing interest in becoming an average model.

She gave up on her former dream until her boyfriend Alex introduced her to something a little different than what she was used to, porn. She was over his house one night while his parents were out of town. She had planed to spend the night their and had one of her girlfriends cover for her. Jessica and Alex were 16 and 17, so it was legal. Although, If they weren’t, it wouldn’t have mattered to them, they would have gotten together anyway.

Late that evening they were in his bed; him wearing just his boxers, and her with only a see-through night gown on. This wasn’t going to be the first time either of them had sex apart or together. They started to make out and then he got up. She looked at him puzzeled as he walked over to the TV and pushed in a tape. She watched the screen and soon there were two naked women and a naked man exploring and carressing each others bodies. The action on the screen started to get hotter and Jessica noticed how wet her loins were becomming and how erect her nipples were. It started to get harder to breath, she was so hot! Next, she noticed Alex’s cock gitting harder and harder against her thigh.

Neither of them could control thier bodies any longer, especially with the people on the screen all orgasiming now. Alex grabbed her breasts and started to kneed them while she fingered herself woth her right hand and kneeded his balls with her left. Soon he was on top of her pounding his average sized 6.5″ cock into her stretched hole. Soon their bodies reached convulsion levels.

After she graduated high school she moved away from her parents and got a crappy job. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do with her life, relizing college wasn’t right for her. Until one day, she was masterbating while viewing porn on the net and suddenly it dawned on her; “I could do this! Everyone knows I have the body for it! I like making people horney. And I love getting bangged!” So she quickly went to her favorite site and wrote to them about being one of their models. A few photos and may corespondances later she had her test shoot set.

She arrived wearing a tiny black dress with black lace underwear on below. She was escorted to a room with a large, soft, red bed and two men. One was the photographer and the other introduced himself as “Max; one of the editors of the site.” Max observed the shoot and occassionaly whispered a few things to the photographer.

Jessica got on the bed and did what she felt she should with an occasional tip from the photographer. A half-hour later she was compleetly naked and masterbating for the third time in the shoot. She looked at the two men and noticed their cocks trying to push through their pants, which only made her hornier. Around 15min. later they told her that time was up. She was pleased with the work she had done, she could tell they were too for the two mens bulges were fully erect. Then, Max walked up to her with a ready prepared contract which she examined then signed.

Then Max said to her, “Jessica, I’d like for you to start work right now if thats ok with you. You see it’s rare we get a girl with so much talent on her first time. It’s also rare for a girl, even a veteran to get me as aroused as you have gotten me today. By chance are you on any contraceptive? I ask because I want to dump my load into you, on tape of course, and you will get paid. It’s ok to say no.”

She thought to herself as she looked him over. She was very horney and on the pill. Although he looked aged he also had a hard body, decent tan, was 6′, and probobly had lots of experience. “Sure. I’m on the pill and I need a good fuck. So you better get up here before I change my mind.”

The photagrapher put a fresh memory car into his digital camera and began to record the two who were now both nude. She was shocked upon seeing his dick. The largest she had ever been with was almost 7″, this guy was 8.5″-9″! She sucked some on his head to get him going. As soon as she let go he jammed his hard cock into her wet pussy. She screamed, never having experienced a cock that size inside of her body before. As he was pumping into her she moaned and shook, until he released his hot load into her now overstuffed pussy. She began to scream and convulse in pleasure.

Soon they were done and then she cleaned up a bit and got dressed. As she was going down to sechedule her next shoot Max simply said “Thank you.” Jessica became one of the top ten girls on the site. She was finally a model and loved her job. Although she isn’t the kind of model she thought she would be when she was 11! That’s for sure!

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  1. hyper_lover

    coool story made me horny

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