Katey is re-united with her little brother Pt-2

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The next few days had passed by a bit awkwardly for the family after the incidents with Katey and Daniel. Katey found it embarassing that she had caved so easily and willingly to her younger brother’s wanton desires. She couldn’t yet admitt to herself that she was very sexually drawn to him. Katey knew a relationship wasn’t possible and that if their mother even suspected anything it would be very bad. Instead she found herself wearing more revealing clothing and finding every excuse she could to bump into Daniel. Teasing him in the hopes that he would ravage her unmercifully again. Daniel on the other hand seemed very distant to her advances, as if he was pretending he hadn’t shown his nasty, carnal side. It wasn’t until her boyfriend Trevor showed up yesterday that Daniel displayed jealousy. At one point her brother got an eyeful of Trevor groping her and probing her mouth with his tongue while passing by her open door.  Immediately Daniel’s mouth had dropped and for a breif moment he looked dismayed. Quickly her brother then turned away and hurridly continued down the hallway to his room. By the end of the day when Katey got back from snowmobile riding with Trevor it was just turning dark. Katey kicked the snow from her boots at the door before heading in and shedding her heavy coat. She removed her gloves and scarf and tucked them into her coat’s pockets. Daniel had heard his sister enter and looked up from the couch. He had been listening to some of his music and playing a fighting game on his laptop. “Hey, welcome back sis. For a minute there I thought you were going to spend the night.” Daniel gave his sister a playful smirk. “Ha, he only wishes.. ” Katey said before walking over to her brother and sitting down next to him, feigning interest in his computer game to get closer.  Without thinking much of it she slid closer until her shoulder was leaning into his. “Hey, do you mind? I’m trying to not to die again on this level..”Daniel said, looking a bit annoyed though he didn’t turn to look at Katey. Pouting Katey leaned away and stood up, looking down at her brother. “You’re very confusing, Daniel.. You stay up waiting for me then don’t even bother to shut off your game.” Katey looked a little hurt, but she said no more. Instead she stalked off to her room to change and get into bed. She was tired from the days activities and refused to let herself be bothered by her brother. Katey stripped down naked infront of her dresser and began going through her bed-time routine of applying some moisturizing lotion to her face, legs and arms. She loved for her skin to stay smooth and soft. She then let her hair down and brushed it thuroughly, putting it up into a simple pony-tail. A long, white t-shirt served as her pajamas for tonight, sans any underwear. Katey then pulled her bed-sheets back and tucked herself in for the night.
Day 6
The night was lightless, massive white clouds covered up the moon and star’s radiant glow. It was just turning  3:15am on the little, red digital clock ontop of the dresser. Daniel was clutching his sheets in his sleep, tossing somewhat fitfully. Sweat drops were beading across his forehead and his breathing seemed troubled. Without warning he sat up with a burst, throwing his blanket off the bed in the process. Daniel called out hoarsely as his dream startled him from sleep “DAD! .. ..Dad?..” His words were met with only silence in the dark room. Instead the only audible sound was his sad sobbing. Daniel’s dream had been so vivid he could have almost touched his father it seemed so real, and now reality’s harshness was rushing back. Still sniffling softly he reached over the edge of his bed and picked up his blanket, pulling it over him again while trying to get comfortable. Daniel’s breathing slowly stabilized and he now found himself  wide awake and feeling increasingly sad. Sleep seemed impossible now with his mind racing.  After what seemed like 20 minutes Daniel kicked off his blankets in frustration and slipped off the bed onto his feet. He didn’t feel comfortable enough to go into his mother’s room, though he was sure she would respond lovingly. Instead he went off down the hall in the opposite direction. As he got to Katey’s door he made sure to turn the knob of his sister’s room open slowly, trying to open it as silently as possible. After creating just enough room for him to slip inside he came in and shut her door behind him before tip-toeing to her bed. She was bundled up under a blanket and looked quite peaceful and lovely while in a deep sleep. Daniel reached down and put a hand on Katey’s shoulder, giving it a gentle push.
“Psst.. Katey, wake up.”, Daniel whispered. One of her eyes opened a crack and it took her a moment to get fully awake. “Huhh..?… Daniel?.. What-what is it?”, Katey pushed herself up slightly and rubbed her eyes with her other fore-arm. “Katey, I had a bad dream.. About dad. I was just wondering if maybe I could sleep next to you tonight?”, Daniel gave his sister a hopeful look. It took Katey a moment to process that her brother was in her room but she finally answered.  “Huh?.. Sure, c’mon. Just don’t hog the bed.. “, Katey said before issuing a long, sleepy yawn. She didn’t look fully awake or aware of what was going. Daniel went around to the opposite side of the bed and climbed under the covers, scooting close to Katey. She shifted from laying on her side to laying on her back, turning her head to look at Daniel. Katey lifted an arm and motioned for Daniel to come to her side, “c’mere little brother.. lay next to me and think happy thoughts. You’ll be asleep before you know it..” Daniel smiled at his sister and edged close until he was on his side directly next to her. Katey slipped her arm around him and pulled him to her, letting Daniel rest his cheek right on her bossom. Daniel tucked his body close against Katey with an arm hugging around her torso. His sister’s breast was like a soft pillow, the sound of her heart-beat was drowning out every other ambient sound. Her body was so warm that Daniel found himself already becoming sleepier. Daniel felt his sister’s hand soothingly stroke across his shoulders and upper-back. Eventually his sister’s hand stilled and her breathing had deepend, signaling that she had drifted back off to sleep. Daniel was left awake but at least he wasn’t alone in his room anymore. He took the time to thank the powers that be for giving him such a kind and loving sister to soften the blow of losing his dad. It wasn’t but a moment after Daniel finished his thought before he finally drifted into a deep sleep at Katey’s side.
Morning’s first rays of light began filtering through the blinds in Katey’s room, causing her to stir from her dreams.  She was a deep sleeper but sunlight on her face never failed to wake her. As Katey came to she noticed Daniel was still basically in the same position except he had flung his right leg across hers and had positioned his hand onto the breast his face wasn’t occupying.  A generous pool of drool had soaked into her shirt now from her brother, making her shirt cling uncomfortably to her. “What a big pest.. ” Katey said softly while reaching up to tussle her sleeping brother’s hair. Daniel murmured something low and incoherent and pushed his groin into Katey’s hip. Something in his dream had arroused him greatly and was bucking his hips lightly. Katey could feel his erection through his pajama bottoms against her bare thigh, even with the thin layer it felt as hot as a branding iron. Suddenly Daniel’s hand began to squeeze his sister’s boob, causing her to draw in breath sharply. “Daniel.. stop it, wake up! Mom might come check on us..” Katey said in an urgent but hushed tone. It seemed like her brother was still asleep though, and he was only acting more bothered. Katey felt  Daniel’s mouth open and then clamp down onto her nipple through the sleep shirt  she was wearing. Resigning herself to the situation she lay back and let her little brother suckle her while dry humping her leg. A small glow was beginning to form in her lower belly. Katey guided her hand down under the covers and lifted her shirt up enough that she could slip her fingers down into her panties. A small bead of wetness had formed already and her finger-tips glided along her slit. Suddenly Daniel’s eyes popped open, “Oh.. ! .. Katey?”, he blinked a few times trying to process what was going on. Katey smiled at him, “You were having a good dream apparently.. ” she nudged her hip into his erection. “Wha?!.. OH!… Damn, hehe.. Sorry sis. I sometimes have wet dreams..” Daniel said,  his expression alittle embarassed. Katey pulled her hand back out from under the covers and stroked her brother’s hair, “Well.. I hope you finished cause it’s time to get up and start our home-schooling lessons soon.”  Daniel was far from finished, he thought to himself, the dream he just had left him in a painfully hard state. Something caught his attention as well, a scent wafting into his nose that was very musky and erotic. Daniel snatched his sister’s wrist and pulled her hand down to his face. Timidly he lowered his nose and sniffered her finger-tips.
“Hey! Whats that about you creep?” Katey pulled her hand awake from her brother, cheeks blushing red. More to Katey’s surprise Daniel suddenly stuck his hand down under the covers and clumsily tugged at his sister’s panty-line. Katey bit her lip but didn’t protest as Daniel’s hand slid beneath the silky material and his fingers probed and splayed her pussy. After a moment he lifted his hand back up and brought his finger-tips under his nose, “Aha!.. You were playing with your pussy weren’t you?” Daniel said. Taken back by her brother’s bluntness Katey could only stammer for a moment before answering, “I.. -I. your hardon was rubbing up and down my thigh.. and you were teasing my breasts!” Daniel looked back at her smuggly as he replaced his hand down inside Katey’s panties, cupping her fleshy mound against his palm while his finger-tips probed at her again. “You want me to take fuck you here, don’t you? It feels really juicy..” Daniel wiggled his index finger around his sis’s hole until it gradually started to slip inside to the first knuckle. Katey hissed under her breath and lifted her hips from the bed in response. “I do.. but I’m a virgin, Daniel.. I don’t think I’m ready for that,” Katey whispered to her brother weakly. Daniel took his hand out of Katey’s panties and sat up on the bed. Katey tried to pull the cover up to her neck but her brother grabbed it and tugged it all the way off her body. Daniel was smiling at his sister while he reached down and grabbed her left leg under the knee, lifting it up out of his way so he could move to be directly inbetween Katey’s legs. “No.. Daniel, you cant be serious! You want to take my virginity right now? You don’t even have a condom!.. ”
Katey had continued to plead in hushed whispers with her brother but even as she did he was peeling off his pajama bottoms. She stopped mid-sentence as his cock sprung into view, looking veiny and enraged. It hung there, pulsing with the beat of his heart and already dripping gooey seminal fluid. Without even realizing it she was now scooting her hips down the bed towards him, her legs splayed wide shamelessly. “Do you need me to keep you quiet, sis?..” Daniel asked while grinning mischeviously. Katey was silent for a few moments but then nodded reluctantly, too far gone in her arousal to deny him. “Okay.. pull your panties to the side for me and hold em, ok?” Daniel lowered himself over Katey to where he was practically laying chest to chest on her. Placing an elbow on the pillow beside Katey’s head he used that hand to clasp over her mouth and the other was down between them guiding his raging cock. Katey pulled the gusset of her panties over, exposing her slick cunny for her brother’s probing length. The fat tip slid down the length of her slit then back up collecting the slick juices that were practically flowing from her at this point. Katey bit into her brother’s palm gently as the head of his cock kissed her opening. Daniel coaxed it back and forth until gradually the tip entered her pedals. He could feel his sister’s legs tense and her hips try to retreat alittle but he followed after, coaxing another inch or so of dick into her. Katey let out a long, loud moan that luckily was muffled by Daniel’s hand. She wanted to thrash her head and writhe all over the bed, the pressure and slight pain she was feeling coupled with the pleasure was playing havoc on her body. Every square inch of skin felt electrified and sensitive on Katey’s body. “Damn sis.. calm down, it’s almost all in..” Daniel said comfortingly. He had been working his hips back and forth slowly, gradually opening up his sister’s tight pussy little by little. Daniel was thankful that she was amazingly wet, making it a lot easier on both of them. Katey could feel her walls stretching to accomodate Daniel’s girth as he gently pumped more and more of himself inside. “Okay.. here we go, all or nothing..!” Daniel pumped his hips forcefully into Katey. She yelled into Daniel’s hand, her walls painfully stretching as her brother’s dick bottomed out in her. She pitched her head back into the pillow, eyes rolling upward while she spasmed on the hard shaft. “Already cumming?.. You beat me!” Daniel grinned down at Katey, somehow able to maintain his composure despite the fact he was flexing his prick inside his sister’s pussy while she came hard.
It was still early morning and Katey’s bed-room was now filled with the vulgar sounds of fucking. Daniel didn’t give his sister even a moment to rest after her climax, using the fresh flood of juices to his advantage. Katey’s mind was going blank while her brother pistoned in and out of her love box, his long length scraping and hitting every sensitive spot. It had only been a few minutes and already Daniel had worked his sister’s pussy up to a creamy froth that splattered messily against them and the sheets due to the forcefulness of his assault. Without Katey to warn him about being loud Daniel was also past the point of caution. Each thrust he drove down into Katey made the bed creak noisily and the head-board would sporadicly meet the wall with an audible “BANG”. Reality was melting away from both of them though, their bodies moving franticly  in unison at the waist to ensure maximum penetration. “Katey.. your pussy is .. so DAMN.. GOOD!” Daniel almost shouted the last two words in his excitement. Wildly his erection was twitching against his sister’s velvety, slippery walls. Daniel’s toes curled and his thrusts became slower, the hand not covering his sister’s mouth was now mauling her tits from under her sleep shirt. Katey was moaning so lowly it felt like she was purring against her brother’s hand. The amount of juices from her pussy was mind-boggling and was forming a dark spot on the bed beneath. Daniel lifted his hand off his sister’s mouth and dipped his head down to plant his lips ontop of hers, kissing her passionately. At the same time he thrust his hips down hard, pushing his hot shaft balls-deep inside Katey’s hole. Daniel held his cock there and rotated his hips while his balls tightenened and  the first surge of hot cum boiled out into his sister. Katey reached around and grabbed her little brother’s butt. Her finger-nails scratched white marks into his hot skin while he urgently came. His back and legs trembled as his ballsac flexed again and again, emptying out the large reservior of semen saved up over the last couple days. Katey cried out softly into her brother’s mouth, her legs instincitively wrapped around her brother’s waist while he came. She could feel each hot spurt of Daniel’s seed as it filled her, the flow never seeming to cease. Wantonly her body pulled him in despite knowing in the back of her mind that this was very wrong. Finally Daniel’s frame relaxed and he was now fully laying down ontop of his sister’s body, cock still firmly planted in her. Their lips parted and Daniel buried his face into the nape of Katey’s neck who was now gasping in air. Katey could feel her senses returning slowly, her tingling pussy felt warm and full. Gently her legs fell from Daniel, spread out while her brother rested.
After a few moments of awkward silence Katey shook her brother by the shoulders. “Daniel.. ughhh.. You gotta get offa me,” Katey panted inbetween her words, “Mom could’ve heard all of that!” Helplessly she squirmed beneath her brother who at the moment appeared to be dead weight. Daniel planted his hands on the bed and lifted himself, bringing his hips forward so that he remained buried in her. Smiling at her Daniel rotated his hips alittle, enjoying the gooey warmth of their mixed fluids around his still fully erect dick. “But sis.. I’m still rock hard! I could come at least two more times…” Katey’s eyes widened at the thought of having to endure that, “Don’t be an idiot! Get that thing out of me.. it’s already starting to feel sore..” Daniel frowned at her but didn’t listen instead his hips were rotating into her more forcefully. His dick was flexing at an alarming rate inside of Katey, causing her to groan despite the situation. As sensitive as she was right now the feeling of his cock digging around inside her walls was making her aroused again. “No.. No.. Enough Daniel, seriously,” Just as she was about to pull away from him she felt him tense again and knew he was cumming a second time. “Ohhh.. mmnngg..Katey.. I’m sorry.. Couldn’t help it! It feels soo good inside you..” Daniel sounded delerious as he spoke, eyes glassy. Katey rolled her eyes at her little brother, “Well hurry and finish, okay?..” she reached up and stroked his sides while he came. After a few moments Daniel stopped shuddering and slumped over on his sister again. His face buried itself in her breasts and his hands slid around her torso so he could snuggly hug her. “There, there.. now is that better?” Katey stroked her little brother’s hair and gave her brother a light smack on the butt with her other hand. Daniel’s voice was muffled due to his face being half covered by Katey’s tits, “I don’t think I can move.” Katey chuckled and then without warning she pinched his butt very hard. “YOOWW! Okay, okay.. ! I’m moving no more,” Daniel pleaded as he slid back and off her. His shaft was semi-soft as it slid from Katey, and covered in the juices of their love making. Katey lifted her hips and brought her legs in close together in an attempt to trap the volumious amount of cum inside her so her sheets didn’t get completely ruined. “Daniel, can you grab the tissues?..” Katey pointed them out on her dresser. “Sure.. if you clean me off after.” Daniel smiled mischeviously and slid off the bed to grab her box of kleenex. He walked back over to her and sat them down on the bed. “Thanks.. ,” Katey grabbed a few tissues out and parted her legs so she could wipe her pussy of the frothy juices that had matted into her neatly trimmed mound. She then put her feet beneath her and crouched, lining up another kleenex under her slit. Gently she pressed down on her vulva with her free hand and squeezed her pussy muscles.
At first it seemed like somehow all his cum had vanished but after a second squeeze a flood of sticky semen gurggled out of her pink hole. The kleenex in her hand nearly fell apart and she quickly tossed it, “So much cum.. It stinks too..Daniel you’re going to have to put these in your trashcan.” Daniel moved close to Katey suddenly and moved his hand in between her pussy and the tissue she was holding. Katey gasped as her little brother pushed his index and middle finger into her slit while cum was still oozing out of it. With a little twist of his fingers he dug them into her and began scooping out the inside of her walls until he had collected a good amount of his sperm. Gingerly he slid his fingers out of Katey and lifted them up face level to her. “Just eat it off my fingers then the smell wont linger.” Katey stared blankly at him, disgusted by his notion. Undeterred by her expression Daniel pushed his fingertips to her lips. His sister’s lips opened and accepted Daniel’s gift, her tongue gliding along his fingers to collect his cum. Katey was shocked from her actions but couldn’t help from completely cleaning her brother’s fingers with her sucking mouth. Daniel pulled his hand back and repeated the process of scooping cum out of Katey’s open cunt while she crouched at the edge of the bed and feeding it to her from his fingers. “Hmm, looks like thats all..” Daniel drove his fingers in and out of Katey a few more times to be sure and showed her his clean fingers. “Now could you clean my cock with your mouth too, please?..” He beamed an expectant smile at Katey, notioning down to his manhood which was still slimey with drying juices. “Alright, but quickly..” Katey dropped back onto her bottom and stepped off the bed so she could drop to her knees infront of Daniel. Firmly she gripped his hips while she lowered her head to his manhood. Wetting her lips with her tongue Katey placed a warm kiss right on his dickhead, suckling it into her mouth. The salty residue of their fucking tasted surprisingly erotic to Katey and she found herself savoring it. She moved down his shaft until his entire semi-hard length was stuffed in her mouth. She slurped on it, moving her tongue wildly around him to collect the sticky goodness. Satisfied with that  her head slid back and let his dick fall from her lips. With a grin she looked up at Daniel, “There, better?” Daniel took his hand and lifted his shaft out of the way, “Well.. my balls did get sweaty..” He looked at her with a sweet but expectant look once again. Katey obliged him, scooping up his balls sac with her lips. Like a cat her tongue bathed his nearly hair-less scrotum inbetween sucking on each testicle. Lastly she took both of his balls into her mouth, her lips firmly gripping him while she sucked. Katey let her brother’s balls slip out of her mouth with a wet “pop” once she had cleaned away any traces of sweat. “There, now get out and let me get dressed you pest.. !” Katey pinched her brother’s thigh and stood, shooing him towards the door. “Okay OK! I’m goin!” Daniel grabbed his pajama pants and tugged them on quickly before scampering out the doorway and off to his room.
Katey sat on the edge of her bed and exhaled, her mind was racing still from what had just transpired. She knew she needed to get dressed and ready quickly though to avoid any suspiscion. Wasting no more time she straightened up her bed and sprayed a touch of air freshener to mask the scent of sex. Once she had everything nice and back in order she slipped into a comfortable t-shirt and jeans. On the way down stairs she dipped into the bathroom to wash her face and run a brush through her hair. Feeling refreshed and presentable Katey hurried down-stairs. To her surprise her mother was just making her first cup of coffee. She was still slouched over and groggy looking. “Mom?.. You feeling okay today?” Katey had walked into the kitchen behind her mother and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Yes, I’m just feeling alittle yucky. Sorry I don’t have breakfast made, I think you two can handle it this morning.” Katey nodded and walked towards the fridge, “Sure, no problem.” While her mother drudged back into the living room to watch the morning news Katey grabbed the oranje juice and some bagels from the fridge. While she was putting her bagels into the toaster Daniel made his way down-stairs looking  quite chipper. “Good morning Mom!”, Daniel went past the living room into the kitchen, his stomach already growling. “What we having, Sis?” Daniel asked, crowding close to her to see what she was making. “I’m having a bagel, would you like one?”, Katey asked. Daniel contemplated for a moment then shook his head. “Nah, I’ll just eat cereal.” They both fixed their breakfasts and sat down at the table to eat. “So, Katey.. what are you doing today?” Daniel looked over his bowl of cereal at his sister. “Well, I was going to help mom do some chores but I don’t think she’ll feel upto it. Probably going to go over to Trevor’s again. Do you want to come? He has a little brother thats only a year older.” Katey spread some cream cheese on her bagel and took a nibble while her brother thought about it.

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