Learning Who I Am Part Six

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I called Susan Sunday evening. We chatted a bit before agreeing to meet Tuesday night at 6. Susan lived in Westminster near Newport Beach. I had been at the beach numerous times since living in San Bernardino so I was a bit familiar with the area. I was figuring with traffic it was going to be at least an hour to get there. She gave me directions to a small diner so we could have some drinks and eat dinner.

Tuesday afternoon had arrived, I got back to the dorms after work, showered, dressed and then headed out to Westminster. I had already decided I was going to ask more questions so I would know what she was looking for and wanted. I didnt want to waste more time like I had with Nikki. I arrived about 6:05. She was sitting in the parking lot in her car. I pulled up next to her waved and got out. She met me at the back of her car. She was no knock out, but for a 35 yr old woman with two children, she looked good to me as a 21 yr old. I didn’t care about looks so much anyways, I just wanted some good sex and to live out some fantasies. I was hoping she would be the one; she sounded like she was pretty wild based on our previous phone conversation.

We said our hellos in the parking lot then made our way in to the diner. As we walked, she grabbed my hand and we entered as though we were a couple. We sat down across from one another, I read the menu as she stared at me the entire time. She was just checking me out, then came the questions.

“So I’m guessing you like to fuck, since you ran the ad?”

I answered her back quietly with a, “Yes, I do.”

She smiled back, “I love to fuck and I’m happiest when I am getting fucked. I love a cock no matter what it looks like as long as it is hard.”

Instantly my cock was growing just listening to her talk so dirty. I was hoping no one was over hearing us; I was trying to talk quietly, unlike her.

I also had questions for her, “So you don’t care what color the cock is?”

Her answer, with the dirtiest look on her face, was, “I love them all colors and all sizes. I prefer more than one, but one is better than none.”

Holy cow I was really hard now. She asked if that was ok with me and I had assured her it was. I had told her I was just recently getting interested in threesomes, gangbangs and interracial.

Her eyes lit up, “Ok, then we will get along great! I just had a ganbang Saturday, wish you would have been there.”

I know I was sitting with my mouth open staring back at her. “That’s awesome, I would love to have been a part of that. How many guys? Tell me about it.”

“Five guys, they are in the Marines stationed at El Toro. Maybe next time you can make it. My only rule is I don’t like to be face fucked. I’m open to anything else, I just really prefer it when a guy cums in me.”

I was wishing I could turn back time now, I was now wanting to see this, since in my mind it was awesome. Susan must have seen my eyes all lit up or a look of interest on my face. She asked if I wanted to get out of here and go somewhere a lot more private. “Sure,” was my answer. She told me, “I will tell you more about my fun later with my other friends, if you really want to know. Let’s just concentrate on us tonight.”

We both got up and headed out, holding hands again. “Why don’t you drive since you have a truck and I will give directions,” she said. I agreed, opened her door and let her in and then as fast as I could went to my side.

We headed out and she directed me about three blocks away to a strip mall that had a parking lot that went way back. “Park there near that row of trees,” as she pointed toward the corner of the lot.

I backed into the parking spot so I could see anyone if they were to roll up on us. I put the truck in park and looked at her, she was already topless, bra on the dash and she was working her pants and panties off. She had a really nice body, very litle stretch marks and small but perky tits. She had some extra weight, but she looked good.

She smiled, “I see the buldge in your pants, I want to see it out.”

It didn’t take me long to get my pants down and off. I sat behind the steering wheel with a rock hard cock as she got on all fours on the seat and took it into her mouth. She hungrly sucked and slurped on my cock, making noises as if it was the last cock she was going to ever have. I could feel her spit rolling down my balls onto the seat then into my ass crack. In a quick move, she got up and pulled me to the middle of the seat and climbed onto my lap facing me. She grabbed my cock and guided it into her wet pussy. She rode my cock not making very much noise at all just slight groans as she climaxed. We then locked into a kiss as she began to slowly ride me again.

She grabbed my head with both her hands and looked me in the eyes, “I want you to cum the same time I am.”

I nodded and said, “Ok.”

She rode as fast as she could then told me, “Cum now!”

I didn’t even have to think about it, I was so turned on that I started cumming instantly, pumping her full. She continued to ride at a slower pace before stopping and laying her head on my shoulder. She was panting and out of breath. “Will you come and see me this Saturday if I plan a Gangbang?”

My answer was, “Absolutely.”

We got dressed; I was covered in cum and I’m sure she was too. I drove her back to her car at the diner and she told me she would leave me a message with directions and a room number later tonight. She gave me a good night kiss on the lips and turned to head to her car. I started the truck and watched her leave. I was happy I met her and couldn’t wait to get home and just rest. It was a long ride back to the Air Force base filled with lots of thoughts and questions. I was very turned on and was wishing for a round two.

I got home showered changed and called my friend Robyn. I needed more relief after the long ride home thinking about Susan. I didn’t have any messages from Susan yet. I was hoping I made an impression on her so that she would call, that gangbang was turning me on and knowing she like interracial sex too. I was so turned on about being naked in the truck with Susan. Also the night before when I was at the park with Nikki and John, something about being naked in public was turning me on. I was becoming an exhibitionist now too. I wasn’t stopping there, I wanted to try anything anyone was willing to try with me. As uninhibited as Susan was maybe she was the one to try new things with. I was now just waiting on the call. I headed off to see Robyn even though it wasn’t the weekend; she sounded pretty excited to see me.

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