Lenas First INterview

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Lena had always wanted to be a model. So when she read the advert ‘Glamour models wanted, no experience neccersary’ she was quick to apply.She arrived early for her appointment, and was taken into a large office, where Jacob Tusall sat. He introduced himself as an executive priducer/photographer and asked her if she had any experience. ‘No, I’ve had none, but I am really keen’ Tusall nodded,’Have you seen any of my work?’ he asked, ‘No’ she replied. ‘Well, I better show you whats in store for you havent I!’ He turned his computer screen round to show a movie where 2 blonde, lesbians were kissing, one lay down and the other slid down her body and started fingering a well manicured, wet pussy, whilst licking the womans nipples. Lena could feel herself geting excited, her nipples were getting harder as she watched. ‘What do you think then?’ asked tusall – ‘Its good she replied, but I dont know if my pussy and tits are as nice as thiers’ ‘Do you mind if I have a closer look?’ he asked, ‘Sure’ lena replied whilst unbuttoning her blouse to reveal a front fastening white lace bra. ‘a nice size’ Tusall said, ‘They look very natral’ ‘Well they are’ Lena said. Tusall got up from his chair and walked beind Lena, and slid both of his hands down her bra, ‘they feel good, and I can tell your keen, I like a woman with hard nipples, Would you object to some promotional shots?’ I would love to Lena said and removed her blouse. He got his camera out and asked her to undo her bra so that her tits would hang out, she did, and then leaned over his desk and allowed him to take numerous pictures. ‘Would you mind slipping those Jeans off please?’ she didnt reply, but instead unbuttond her tight jeans to reveal a g string. She sat in front of him on te desk, put one leg on is chair and pulled her g string to one side to reveal her pussy. After taking a few pictures, Tusall leaned forward and rubed each breast, and then slowly slipped a finger into her wet pussy. ‘I like it when a model gets excited about having her picture taken, I’d like you to come back for a proper shoot – I think you have a future’ Lena flushed with excitment, ‘Great’ she exclaimed ‘Why dont you put that camera down and she how many times you can cum into my tight pussy?’ ‘Sorry’ Tusall replied, ‘I never think its good to get involved with my models, It only leads to jealousy, and plus, I’m married, but if you are keen to further your career, how about I take you to dinner, then you can meet with some of my associates, they’re always willing to give a good price for a hottie like you’ ‘I’d love to she replied, when are you picking me up?

To be continued………………

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