Let Me Show You

The Cowboy was out riding fence. He normaly liked being out there taking care lof his responsibilities. But this trip his mind kept wandering…he was back in the mens room at the bar being rode by…little Lady. Soon as he thought about it…he could feel her wet grip milking him. Problem is now he’s hard as steel and it won’t let up til he does something about it. So he heads over to the creek and makes use of mother thumb and her four daughters. It doesn’t take long for him to get off and as he’s cleaning up he says out loud…
“I have got to see that little Lady again.”

Now…at just about the same time that Cpowboy was relieving his “tension” little Lady was in the tub relieving hers. She couldn’t get him out of her mind either…which kind of surprised her. She had never chased after dick before. But she knew that she had to do something. So she decided she would go to the bar and check it out. If nothing else she would know one way or the other and that would be that.

When Friday rolled around Cowboy was getting ready to head to town. He had spent the better part of the day straightening up the ranch house. He also set a few things up…set the mood…in case he got lucky enough to find her. It would be…his round…and he wanted everything to be just right. He took a look around…took a deep breath…and headed out.

Little Lady spent the afternoon getting herself ready. The gym…spa…the mall and her favorite salon. She wanted to look her best. She thought about their first meeting…and how she came on so strong…so bold. She wanted to show that she was not just that…she wanted him to know that she is much more. She stood in front of a mirror…she turned around once slowly…took a deep breath and stepped out the door.

They say that there is no such thing as a coincidence. And maybe that’s true. But those two ended up pulling into the parking lot at the same time. They were both sitting in their vehicles thinking about how they were going to find each other. When they stepped out and armed their alarms…they heard the other sound off and glanced in that direction. Soon as they recognized each other
…they started laughing.
They met half way…he took her hand and kissed it but didn’t let it go…”Evenin’ little Lady. I was sure hoping to find you tonight…and here you are. You sure do look…you are beautiful.”
She felt a blush rise on her cheeks…she kissed his hand right back…”Thank you. I came here looking to find you too. And I think you are very handsome.”
“Why thank you ma’am.”
Right at the same exact moment they realized that they didn’t even know each others name…and said their names at the same time. They couldn’t help but laugh.
“Ladies first.”
“My names Deolinda…but please call me Dusty.”
“It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance…Miss Dusty. My names Shane.”
“Shane…pleased to meet you.”
There was something about the way he said “Miss Dusty”.
She felt butterflies in her stomach and her temperature rise.
He reached in his pocket and handed her the napkin. She recognized it…His round.
She then looked at him for a sign of what he had in mind.
“Lets get out of here. I’d like to take you out to the ranch. You can follow me or we can drop your car off and you can ride with me…I think you’ll have a good time.”
“I’d love to Shane.”
They dropped her car off at her apartment. They went in for a few minutes so she could grab some warmer clothes…then they were on their way out to his ranch. He told her a little about himself…
and she did the same. By then they were pulling up in front of his place.
“Shane…This is beautiful.” She was looking at a big two story log cabin. She could tell he was proud of his accomplishment…he built it. He got out to open the truck door for her…took her hand and lead her inside. He told her he needed to get the fire going and she watched him as he did.
He’s a very good looking man. Hes tall has broad shoulders…a nice ass and his eyes are beautiful. But he’s also a very good man…honorable. She realizes that all those traits are a rare find in one man nowadays.
As he’s building the fire he’s happy he found her. He likes that they think alot alike. And he just can’t help thinking she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on.

When the fire got going he showed her the cabin . Upstairs they entered the master bedroom and Dusty gasped…she had never seen anything like it. The walls…ceiling and floor were solid oak. There was a huge free standing wood burner. Skins of different types covered a lot of the floor. But it was the bed that stood out. It was raised up on a three step pedestal and was fenced in like a corral. The gate is an archway and Shane’s brand is burned into a plaque swinging at the top.
“Shane…I’ve never seen anything like it. Its fantastic.”
“I am glad you like it. You inspired it.”
“I don’t understand.”
“I just built this. I built it because I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about you riding me. Your wild untamed passion left its mark…as sure as a red hot brand would.”
Shane took her in his arms and kissed her…slowly. Passionately. He stood there holding her…hugging her. He led her up to the bed and began undressing her. He took his time…admiring her as each layer he removed revealed its mystique to him. When she was completely naked he stood and removed his clothes. He opened a cabinet and produced a blindfold. He went to her and placed it over her eyes. He poured jasmine oil in his hands rubbing it warm. Then he began massaging her body talking. Not just to her…but to that part of her body he was focused on…When he whispered…”You like the way this feels don’t you?” she knew he was talking to her neck…her breasts. He kissed her stomach…hips…thighs…saying “Yes you are so beautiful.”
She trembled in anticipation and raised up her hips to him
…he responded to this by saying…”Just so you know…I like to take my time.” He turned her over touched her back…tracing her spine all the way down to where the cheeks begin to rise. He kissed the small of her back. He caressed her cheeks down to the thighs until reaching the backs of her knees…kissing…tasting.
Dusty was intensely aroused…she could feel her wetness pour out of her in waves. He is playing her body like an artist…a master.
He turns her over again and removes the blindfold. He gazes into her eyes for the longest time…she notices that they are breathing in unison. She was in awe at how extremely erotic that was.
Shane knew that he would not be able to contain his own desire for much longer. But it was her desire…her body…her response that he was focused on. He would please her above all else.
He descended on her wetness so abruptly that she cried out in a combination of surprise and anticipation. Her clit was already so engorged that it pushed past her lips as if demanding that he take notice. And he did just that…he sucked it up into his mouth keeping a tight hold as his tongue did its dance…his teeth feigned a bite and Dusty went wild already on the edge she was about to succumb…but he released his hold and she fell back away…crying out
…”Shane? Please!”
“I will.”
He then took her on one more exquisite climb to the top…where for a moment it seemed like time itself stood still…Then she was consumed by the release of pleasures power…it rose to heights never before realized…and held her there longer than she thought possible.
Then having reached the peak…it relinquished its hold and she begins to fall back down.
He enters her. Catches her…taking her back up with him…
he shows her the way back. He lets go…swells and pleasure consumes him…she is ignited by the power she feels as he pumps out his seed filling her. She cums with such force the it takes her breath away.
The throbbing slows…then is gone yet they remain in their embrace. Neither one wanting to break the magic spell that can still be felt all around them.

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