Little Lost Lamb

  It was a hot summer night when a restlessness overtook me causing me to turn off my telly from its insistant hum. A general malaise overtook me and I stretched out upon my sofa. Since the seperation of my soon to be ex husband and I I have been increasingly eager to explore new vistas, new sensations. Thinking of what I desire my hands work from my neck with a gentle touch my hands caress down my collarbone and stop at the beginnings of my heaving breasts. I mentally shake myself and get off the sofa…… “I am so tired of being alone, so tired of masturbating….just tired”. I say to no one but the shadows in my room as I grab my keys and purse. Out the door I go with no set direction but the need to get out and get some air I walk the dark streets in the lateness of hour caring not where I go that before long I realize that I lost all sense of direction. I stop and look around trying to get a baring of where I am and come to the realization that I am not alone. Across the street, leaning against the lightpost with his features obsured appears to be a man lazily smoking a cigarette or cigar. I watch in the fascination of a child as he blows rings of smoke and flicks the butt away. A shiver of foreboding passes through me as I comprehend that it is dark and there is but two souls on this lonely street, him and I.

I turn back and walk in a brisk pace and try not to be obvious as I look behind my shoulder to see if the stranger was following me to take notice that he is no longer where he once was standing. I let out a small sigh of relief and continue on my way when he steps from around the corner ahead of me. A mixture of feelings pass in that short moment….fear, danger and as my eyes scan what now is clearly visible before me two other emotions come to play. Excitement and desire. Tall, dark and handsome in a rugged way he steps closer to me and out of instinct I take a step back. I do not scream nor do I run in fact I feel an odd twitching in my femininity. My clit just convulsed and I feel a telltale wetness start to form…….I am surprised, I am aroused by this. He grabs me by my blouse collar and pulls me tightly to him scanning me from head to toe I shiver before him but do not say a word. He just lets out a hmmmm before pulling me closer and kissing me roughly, deeply sensing the need within him a need that echoed my own I return the kiss just as desperately, lustfully as my tongue slides into his mouth and I bite his tongue. He stuns me by giving me a hard slap across the face at trespass I have made and pulls me by hair down a darkened alley where against the cool bricks he presses against me his hands roaming from my hair and slowly down my neck and grasps a breast tight but not too rough into his palm making slow circular motions my nipple straining in my blouse as a moan escapes my lips his mouth covers mine and suckles my tongue within as his other hand finds my soaked knickers. With a moan that equals my own lusts he moves the wet panties to the side and thumbs my clit. Oh…..sweetness my legs quiver and I try to close them around his hand to get my thighs slapped open, nipple pinched as he slips two fingers into me with no resistance……He slowly works his fingers in me and curves them slightly causing me to moan louder as his fingers continually target my g-spot. He places his hand against my mouth and pushes my head against the cool concrete of the wall behind me. Pulling his fingers out of my dripping wet snatch he takes a moment to sample my nectar before kneeling before me and grasping my thigh and placing it over his shoulder and before I could register it all his tongue is pressed to my clit, his fingers working into…..drilling into me over and over……Panting Oh my God…..Oh My God… leg barely supporting me as I unexpectedly get hit by the most delicious of orgasms….crying into the night as I wet him and cover him in wave upon wave of my juices. I almost collapse on him but he not yet done with me. This stranger that has used my body like it never has been used before and instead of feeling violated…..I love him for it. Quickly he turns me around and I hear the telltale sound of a zipper as he unleashes his manhood and presses deeply into me with a moan that matches mine. His hand upon my breasts rubbing at my aching nipple as his other hand works my clit as he works himself deeper into me……Oh God I moan again as his pace quickens, his moans louder before I feel him twitch deep within me. OOOoooo fuck yes….he moans into my ear and instead of obscenities it sounds like sweet music…..The End.

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