Loving Afternoon

My Loving Afternoon

All alone and nothing to do. I sit here daydreaming about my neighbor next door. How hot he is and what a great body he has got. What I wouldn¡¦t do just to have a night alone with him.

I heard a knock at the door and wondered who it could be. Just as I was going to get up to check, I heard a voice yell in, ¡§Hello?¡¨ Could it be??? It sounded like my neighbor, Charlie. Again I hear, ¡§Hello, Kelly?¡¨ I answered back, ¡§I am upstairs¡Kcome on up.¡¨ My heart was pounding and couldn¡¦t help but wondering what he came over for. Of course we have talked many times before, as a matter of fact, he and his wife, Kim, are our best friends. It just wasn¡¦t normal for him to come over in the middle of the afternoon. As he entered my bedroom (I was just hanging out with the dogs watching TV) I couldn¡¦t help but to let my eyes meet his. As I looked at him I knew he might have known how I felt. I said,¡¨What¡¦s up, Charlie?¡¨ He said he needed to talk to me about something and if I had a few minutes. I told him sure and to have a seat. I turned off the TV and nervously looked at Charlie wondering what this was all about. He told me he couldn¡¦t hide it any longer, that he had feelings for me and he wanted me to know. As you can imagine I was freaking out inside wanted to tell him I felt the same way but I was frozen in time. A tear must have escaped me for he reached over to wipe it from my cheek and told me he was sorry he shouldn¡¦t have told me. He started to get up to leave. All I know was I grabbed his hand and he turned to look at me. I told him please don¡¦t go. ¡§I feel the same way,¡¨ I said. ¡§I just was so confused, I am married, your wife is one of my best friends, and I wasn¡¦t sure you would feel the same way.¡¨ He leaned down to kiss me, my heart was pounding. The kiss was so long, so passionate. No more words were spoken; our passion took over from there. The more he kissed me I felt my stomach flitter; my panties were becoming wet. I now knew I couldn¡¦t hold back. I wanted him so bad now. It wasn¡¦t something I could stop, although I knew it should. As he started to remove my shirt, he looked at me as I have never seen him do before. I could see now that he did feel what I have been feeling for the past few months too. After removing my shirt and bra, he took off his shirt and pants. Oh my, he has the best body. I couldn¡¦t help but to touch his chest and abs, moving down to unbutton his pants. In a matter of minutes we were both naked. Caressing and kissing, we explored each other¡¦s bodies. I love the way he touched me and the way he kisses me. I couldn¡¦t help but notice his already throbbing cock and went down to get a closer lookƒº Oh he tasted so good. And he seemed to be enjoying my love juices as well. I couldn¡¦t hold out any longer. I needed him inside me. I pulled him on top of me as I reached one of many orgasms. I guided Charlie inside of me. It felt so good. I didn¡¦t want this to end. Oh he is so good. His dick inside me massaging my inner self, in and out, in and out. I came again so easy. We moved in such synchronicity together. It was perfect. We made love over and over that day. And each time was more intense than the last. When it was time for him to go, we made an agreement that we would never tell anyone. We also agreed it was the best afternoon ever. Jokingly (or half joking anyway), I told Charlie we should do this again the following day. Without hesitation, he agreed. We were to meet again the next afteroon¡K¡K¡K

Day two.

OK, there was no way I could sleep last night. I laid awake just thinking about the afternoon with Charlie. It was awesome, and I knew now that we had been together there was no stopping us. My only fear was Kim or my husband (Mike) would see right through us. I would think normally that `would be enough to keep me from ever doing this again, but I was addicted.

At about 11:00am, Charlie came over and suggested we leave the neighborhood separately because the neighbors don¡¦t need to see us going back and forth to each others houses. It was not a risk we wanted to take. We decided to meet in the park not far from here. It was a nice day out and I grabbed a large beach blanket and threw it in the truck and left. Charlie had already left in the few minutes it took me to get ready.

The drive to the park seemed like forever, I couldn¡¦t wait to get there. I pulled up to next to Charlie in the parking lot. He had a nice smile on his face as he got out of the car. I got out of my truck and we met in the middle. He grabbed my hand and we walking towards the park area. He told me as we walked that he couldn¡¦t stop thinking about the day before. He said he had fallen even more in love with me than he thought and was only worried that I may have some regrets. I told him I had none that my only fear would be that our spouses would see right through us. We just shrugged it off as a joke, saying maybe we would seduce them and make them a part of it.

As we approached a secluded area, we sat down the blanket that I had brought. Charlie put his arm around me. We talked for a little while as we have done in the past, but this time was different. We talked about more intimate things, personal things. Then he leaned over and kissed me. He kisses so great, that I am hypnotized. So hypnotized that I soon forgot we were in a public park even in a secluded area we had found, and that someone could come at any moment. Now he lays me down and lies across me still ever so passionately kissing me. Nothing else matters now. I am in the moment and ready for what is to come. I don¡¦t know what came over me, but I wanted to tell him how much I love him. Do I really or do I love the forbiddances of it all. I am not sure. I think I do love him. I want to show him just how much. I flip him onto the blanket and start to take over; I push him away as he keeps trying to kiss me. I remove my clothing slowly as he watches. I tease him running my hands across his throbbing penis still secured by his jeans. I pull his shirt up and start kissing his chest and ever so slowly working my way down to let his penis free. Oh I could tell he was going crazy, but enjoying every moment of it. ¡§Kelly, you are so hot,¡¨ he says. I look up at Charlie and say,¡¨ What do you want? I am going to rock your world.¡¨ So far so good is his response, I proceed to take his love muscle and blow him like there is no tomorrow. I can tell he is getting close, and I don¡¦t want him to cum, no not yet. I am so wet and ready but Charlie says, ¡§I want to taste you too, you are so sweet.¡¨ ¡§Oh you are so wet. Mmmmmmmmmmm. And taste so good.¡¨ He brings me to climax, and oh it was so intense. We proceeded to fuck like bunnies. Our bodies working as one, we reached the ultimate climax together. It was incredible. As we lay there side by side catching our breath, it was then that we realized where we were again. There was still no one is sight, and we had to laugh and the thought of it. We got dressed and drove home separately as we had come. I can¡¦t believe what a wonderful day this particular day was. I can only hope there are many to come.

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