Maine In Autumn

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Autumn days in Maine were very brisk and it seemed to have gotten colder and colder as the days went on. Celeste had just moved to a quaint little house off the main road. But due to the age of the house and the perfect conditions it still had sections where the cool breeze would make its way in. Since the house was in perfect condition she could not find a reason why this place would be vacant for as long as it had been. In Celeste’s eyes it was grand. She was informed from the realtor that the previous owner had put time and repairs into this little house. Celeste remembers that when she inquiring about the home the realtor seemed pretty hesitant about a single female moving in. She would not know where this strange behavior was coming from until the days to come.

At night, it was extremely cold and Celeste found herself often curled up in bed with several covers. She often found herself waking up at night as though someone was watching her from the corner of her room. Celeste thought this was very eerie and at times she felt a bit spooked. Her belief in the supernatural was limited due to her being a nonbeliever of the paranormal. For the most part she shrugged it off and went back to sleep. The next morning she woke up and thought nothing of her experience she had during the night.

She finished up her breakfast and decided to go and get ready for her trip into town. She also decided that this might be a perfect time to ask the towns’ people about this house and its history. Something about asking the town about her house made her feel a bit uneasy. She started questioning what she was feeling and didn’t know if there was any meaning behind it. Again, she reminded herself that she didn’t believe in ghosts or anything of that nature. But she just could not get over the fact that there might actually be something to what she was feeling.
Driving down the long drive she could not help feeling like she was being watched. As she stopped the car she turned to look back at the house and she saw nothing that could explain this strange sensation. To Celeste things were becoming more mysterious as the days went on and she knew that someone in the town would be able to explain her experiences. When she got into town she felt somewhat at ease, and so she decided to stop at the local grocery store. As she walked to the front of the store she noticed some of the towns’ people starring at her. She took it upon herself to strike up a conversation.

“It sure is a lovely autumn day,” said Celeste. They just starred at her and finally an older gentleman in his sixties answered “it is always beautiful around this time of year.” No sooner he made that remark another gentleman asked Celeste if she was the one who bought the old Marley house. Celeste knew this was going to be the lead she needed, so she replied “yes.” Both of the gentlemen introduced themselves as Harvey and Henry. Harvey told Celeste that he didn’t understand why she would move into a house that was so mysterious and evil. Mysterious and evil were two words that Celeste did not want associated with her house. “What do you mean mysterious and evil?” Oh Miss Celeste that was Mr. Marley’s house and he was known as the town’s degenerate.

He was known to have an eye for the ladies. Harvey told Celeste that she should be careful because old Marley is still said to haunt the place. Celeste was horrified and told the two to be quiet and that she would no longer listen to their nonsense. Henry spoke at once and said ma’am I know how it sounds but you must listen and if you have any sense at all you will leave that house at once. Celeste would not hear anymore and told them that she was not leaving and that a ghost would not scare her out of her home, and besides she didn’t believe in ghosts. Both of the men just gazed at her with suspicion. Celeste had heard enough and she decided it was time to just go on with her business and get back home before it got too late.

The whole way home Celeste could not help but think about what Harvey and Henry had told her. This information had scarred her, but she was not willing to let anyone see her fear. When she pulled up to the house she suddenly felt overcome with anxiety. When she stopped her car she could feel the tension was increasing. She thought to herself that maybe what they were telling her was the truth and that she should be careful.

Celeste finally pulled herself together and got out of her car to go into the house. As she walked through the front door a sudden burst of cold air hit her in the face. The house had a different feeling to it and she did not understand. Maybe Mr. Marley was still here and she was hoping that she didn’t do anything to upset him. Was he possibly upset that she was questioning her home? Well whatever it was he was not going to scare her and make her leave the house.

As the next few days went on things were quiet for the most part. She still had a constant feeling of being watched and from time to time she would walk into rooms and get cold air blown into her face. If this was all that she was going to experience then this was nothing to cause concern.

It was a Sunday evening and Celeste knew that Monday was going to come quickly and she needed to be prepared for her new job. As she got into bed something felt different in the room and she could not explain it. She felt the same anxiety she had felt after coming home from the grocery store after speaking with Harvey and Henry. Celeste dismissed it thinking that with the new job starting tomorrow that was a reason for her tension. She found that she drifted off to sleep rather quickly and soon she slipped into a deep sleep.

Around three a.m. she woke up to the erotic sensation of being touched. All of her fears were instantly gone and she felt warm all over her body. She was able to see something under her covers and it was slowly moving up her legs. She was completely accepting to whoever was touching her. She knew in her heart that this was the infamous Mr. Marley. Even though Celeste wanted to speak she found that the words would not leave her mouth. In fact, her body was completely paralyzed by what was happening.

She slightly moaned as this supernatural force touched her love garden. She had never felt anything like it. It slowly stroked her clit with such a force that it moved her. She could feel her juices starting to run onto the bed. At that instant, she felt the force immerge deep inside of her. She moaned with pleasure with every thrust it gave her. The supernatural force was not a force to be reckoned with and Celeste knew that she would never stop it. This episode lasted nearly an hour and she was so wet and excited from the deep penetration that the force delivered to her. Celeste had cum so hard that she squirted all over her bed. Her pussy was throbbing and she knew that this was the start of what the men had warned her about. But she didn’t care because she never wanted it to stop.

The next morning, Celeste woke up feeling completely drained. Then she remembered what events took place during the night. She became very frightened at the fact that a supernatural force took complete control over her body and there was nothing she could do about it. There was something erotic about being overcome with ecstacy and not being able to move while being pleasured. She felt between her legs and it dawned on her that what she felt was one of the greatest feelings she has ever felt. But she couldn’t help to feel nervous at what had happened.

The nightly visits went on for nearly a year and then one day they stopped. Celeste knew that Mr. Marley had finally moved on and she was so thankful to him for giving her the best orgasms one could give. She knew that she would never be able to tell anyone about her escapades and so she lived with her secret the rest of her life. Mr. Marley was never heard from again.

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