Mandys Ghost's First Visit

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Mandy’s Ghost’s First Visit.

Mandy had moved to the country to get away from all the hassles of living in London with the noise, the smell, the traffic and the crime. This coupled with that a complete lack of a love life, following her bitter divorce. 35 and already divorced she decided to sell up and move to the country. She found a perfect old farmhouse with a bit of land where she could finally achieve her dream and keep a couple of ponies.
The house had 3 bedrooms and was very old with oak beams and stone walls, beautiful. The main bedroom was huge and she decided to buy a beautiful old four poster bed with all the trimmings.
She had been there a couple of days when she realized that at times the bedroom was really cold and she had the oddest feeling of being watched.
Mandy had a shower and went to her room wrapped in her towel. Once dried herself she dispensed with the towel and started to brush her hair. She could not put her finger on it, but the room was feeling very cold again all of a sudden, but a strange cold, she felt no need to cover herself which she found really odd. Her breathe was misting the mirror yet she had no goose-bumps or shivers, in fact she felt peculiarly warm inside, especially between her legs where she was noticeably wet. She was fully aware again of the feeling of being watched, but not really scared about it, just a bit uneasy.
She decided to do her yoga and then go to bed. She did the stretching exercises and got on to the floor on her back. She lifted her legs up above her with her arms outstretched as she allowed her legs to lower sideways, spreading them wide apart. God if anybody was watching she thought, they would sure be getting an eyeful right now. She just began to think of stopping and going to bed to relieve her building tension with her fingers when suddenly she felt a draft at her pussy, but it felt like somebody breathing deeply. Keeping her legs in the same position she lifted her head, she thought it must be a draft, but why so warm. Whilst still feeling the breath at her pussy, she was now aware of it around both nipples. She was a bit freaked by this, but decided to carry on her yoga as there was obviously nothing there and it must be a weird draft.
On the next sequence of opening her legs wide she suddenly felt what must be a tongue run up the entire length of her slit and flick her clit. She jumped up into a sitting position and looked down and around her totally confused. What the fuck was that she muttered. She sat for a minute and decided she must have imagined it, it must be because she was feeling so unusually horny. She lay back down and decided to relax and enjoy her little escapade, what harm can do if your imagination is running away with you. Her legs opened and as they did the licking commenced immediately. Fuck she groaned, that felt and she rolled her eyes back as it felt as though she was being licked faster and more furiously than anybody had ever done to her before. She went to play with her nipples, but her hands were suddenly pulled back and pinned to the floor at right angles to her shoulders. She freaked and tried to get up. Her legs were pinned at the ankles wide apart. The licking continued. She could see there was nothing there, this was the wildest fucking dream or daydream she had ever had and while she was pinned down very firmly, she was not being hurt at all. Her nipples were suddenly being licked and sucked as her pussy received the best god damned licking ever. She was cumming furiously and moaning out loud, but still it continued.
Now her legs were drawn up over her shoulders and held behind her head, but still wide apart and the licking still went on. The tongue withdrew as quickly as it arrived and her hands and feet were suddenly free. She jumped to her feet, but dizzy with the ferocity of her orgasm. The room was absolutely empty and still and so very warm.
Mandy climbed into bed feeling exhausted and fell asleep very quickly.

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