A Lonely Wife's Tale 3


She remembered how he told her that he would start making love with her by looking romantically in her eyes and say I love you. She answered with a “Hmmm…” and asked if he really meant it. He then replied if she wanted him to prove it. He told her that she was a woman of substance that is why he loves her and he easily falls for that kind. She twisted her body as she began to get excited with the words. She wonders why he had that effect on her though she does not fully believe him.

He asked if she needed someone like him in her life and she answered, “Yes… for some reasons.” And he added that he would like to where it is he is needed in her life. She told him that she needs him for making her feel that she is needed. To which he argued that her hubby needed and desired her so much and that she said it with so much pride. He wondered where the void is. She uttered displeasingly that it is difficult to sleep when she wanted it so much and her partner is fast asleep. “So, it is all sex?” he asked. “Yes… all sex but it is important to me.” He asked again if it is not enough that hubby gives all the attention that she is still desirable. He added if she does not think it is dangerous for her. Quizzically she asked how it could be dangerous for her. Then he explained if she desired so much and just get involved with someone who can fill the need but not love her at all – just sex and everything, that would be dangerous for her.

She marvels at the sincerity offered by this stranger whom she had not even seen. How could he be so concerned? She craves for the satisfaction that she gets over the internet by talking about sex and here he is trying to be civil about it? Irrepressibly, she asked if he does not want to go on anymore in which he responded he always wanted it but would like to bring it beyond there…. Wondering, she queried about the meaning of those words. Then he began by saying…”I want to make love to you physically… to really feel your body… and touch every part of it…. to caress those parts that would bring you to the pleasure you want filled.” There was like a bolt of lightning inside her, like currents passing from the breasts to her belly, like unrelenting heat that is so hot, like flashes that intensify gradually.

He told her that he wanted to kiss her passionately in the mouth as he had this erection since the start of the conversation. If that is erection for this man, what could it be called for what she is feeling also since the start… an erection, too? She wondered. He continued by saying he would have wanted to embrace her tightly and say I love you before giving her his tongue… in her mouth already waiting for it. She uttered, “Kiss me…” as if she was really experiencing this with the man, coupled with the smooth sighs coming from her. He answered back, “Yes, I am kissing you…. and am slowly and gently caressing your breasts.” This had prompted her to caress her breasts slowly and gently with her left hand as her right hand was typing the replies to the chat. “My hands are still at the outside of the shirt,” he continued. She begged to put it inside her shirt and told him to feel the nipples, which have hardened already.

Excitedly, he answered that his hand is already inside the shirt and he can feel the nipples that are getting harder already. She caressed the more her breasts with her left hand and was so turned on by the words being typed by the man. Feeling her excitement, he continued telling her that his hands continue to move in a circular motion and squeezing gently the mounds and his hands now move slowly to the undersides feeling the breasts that had hardened already because of the excitement. Softly, she moaned… but her hands are wildly caressing the mounds, forgetting for a while to answer. He continued by telling her that his hands are now moving to the stomach and feeling the softness of her belly. He told her that he loves to touch and gently caress the belly.

He told her lovingly that he wanted to experience all these with her intensely and passionately. Though she still does not feel she likes to see the man, she replied that she wanted it also being so turned on by the exchange of words. She keyed in that she wanted to press her breasts against his chest, something like calculating its strength, feeling its hardness. He replied that he would like that as he holds her closer by holding her butt to press against his erection. He would also firmly squeeze the butt, he said. She replied that she feels she wanted to feel it.

He continued by saying that he would like to take the shirt over her head and see the beauty of those breasts … white mounds and the nipples. He said that he would leave the shorts as he move to kiss as such on the nipples as he gently caress the breasts. He would continue on the caressing while sucking on the hardened nipples as he unzip the shorts to reveal the pink panty and gently move it down leaving the panty behind. With these words, she moved her hands wildly around her breasts, forgetting for a while that she needs to reply, and she moaned in the silence of the night. She can feel the man; she can feel him doing it.

With all the shame bared, she told him that she is all naked but still with the panty on. He replied, “You are now standing before me only with the panty.” She responded, “I am sure you will like it…” Excitingly, he answered, “I adore your nakedness as my erection continues to crave for the pussy … but that’s for later.” Then, “I wish i could… when will you let me really see those?” Heaving with excitement, too, she told him, “I am so turned on by the way you look at me…” He answered that he is sure she will be because he was looking at her with so much lust and now groping for the breasts because of the heightened excitement.

Imagining that the man was panting as he asked pardon for being rough now as he can no longer control the excitement, she stretched her legs and caressed her breasts, her belly and her pussy which was moist because of the excitement the man was giving her. She was so aroused she almost forget that she is still in the living room of the house, unmindful of the possibility of somebody seeing her do her thing. Then she saw again the words that were keyed in, “I feel the front of the mound over the panty .. I love the form… and continues to move in a circular motion without my finger invading yet the labia. I move my hands inside the panty now and felt the shaved pussy already moist with the excitement.” She goes wild again, this time doing the circular motion over her pussy with her left hand while typing her reply as “I am so aroused and my body is stretching out because of excitement.”

Being so turned on himself, he continued and told her that he moved his finger into the hole without removing the panty yet and moved it slowly into place to feel the wetness inside it. Seeing these words, she can no longer reply at length as she did what he was telling – with her own finger. He cannot be stopped and continued by typing in “I move it slowly in and out …. feeling every muscle inside the pussy … to look for the place inside where you will feel the most excitement.” And she did it, moving her finger in and out of her pussy, making her so hot, so excited, so horny, that she replied, “I want your cock now, I want to have it in my mouth.” Suppressing her, he told her, “Yes, but later as I remove my fingers and kneel before you to remove the panty now. I asked you to sit down with your legs open apart. I see the whole beauty of the shaved pussy now and it excites me so much just by looking at it.”

Then he kept on by saying that he slowly moved his head and with his mouth open put his tongue into the opening … and start licking at the sides of the labia. That does it… she begged him to allow her to call him as she cannot contain the excitement anymore. And the lovemaking wa
s continued over the phone exhausting every he
at and excitement, letting each other hear the moans, the cravings, the sighs, the longing…

While he was so insistent that they see each other… she still did not want to see him… courage missing.

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