Elderly widows, hungry for sex
By Eveready

If you read my previous story, Fact is better than fantasy, you will know that I had become extremely active, sexually with a number of Filipino girls who are helpers for the infirm in the retirement village where I live. To be quite honest, as I approach my 76th birthday, I found all this fucking exhausting. I was becoming very jaded but all this changed when my sex life took a sharp turn in a direction that I had given very little thought.
My neighbour Ruth asked me if I could come and change a light bulb for her as the burnt out globe was stuck in the socket very firmly. I climbed the ladder which Ruth steadied to try to loosen it when I felt her hand against my knee. I wear short pants during the hot summer. At first I thought that she did this to steady me but then she slid her hand up inside the leg of my shorts and began to fondle my flaccid prick and balls. Ruth is no beauty and is rather fat but still my prick responded rapidly and soon my pants were ballooned by my stiff and eager shaft. I stepped down from the ladder and discovered that she had opened the front of her dress and her bra-less tits were completely exposed. Her plum coloured nipples were erect and were in obvious need of my attention.
She led me into her bedroom, locking the front door on the way. Ruth pulled my head down to her mouth and kissed me deeply with open lips. She begged me to fuck her as she hadn’t had a fuck since her husband died five years ago. She also asked me to be patient and gentle as her cunt would need a lot of stretching. I removed her dress and left her with her surprisingly flimsy underpants. I lowered her to the bed and began firmly sucking her large tits and nipples. She began breathing very deeply and she was soon moaning loudly. Ruth asked me to be patient as she wanted to shower before we started fucking as she wanted to be fresh smelling for me. She entered the bathroom leaving the door invitingly half open.
Rapidly I stripped of and joined her under the powerful jet of the shower head. She grabbed my erect prick and poured some liquid soap over it and onto my balls. As she stroked them she murmured that I was much longer and thicker than her husband had been and she had never seen or had anything as big as this in her cunt. She told me that their fucking had been very unimaginative and would I teach her something of what she had been missing from their sex life. After kissing her once more, I pressed her head downwards and she sank to her knees. I pulled her forward until her lips came into contact with my bulbous circumcised cock. With no hesitation she opened her mouth and allowed me to slide two or three inches into it. Instinctively she took care not to hurt me with her teeth. She began to suck me. First very gently but soon realized that she could use much more suction without causing me discomfort.. We finished the shower with me pushing just two fingers up her soaking wet cunt and gently masturbating her while she moaned and begged me to fuck her. I was tempted to fuck her there in the shower stall but knew that what we both needed was the larger playing ground of her double king sized bed. We toweled ourselves dry and after she paused to spray some perfume on her naked body we went back to the bedroom and threw ourselves onto the bed.
I have always concentrated on intense foreplay giving my partners several orgasms before entering with my prick and fucking them till they screamed. In this case I decided that what we both needed was a good hard introductive fuck and to leave the niceties of a prolonged foreplay for another occasion. I asked her if she wanted the light on or off and she replied that she had anticipated this for some time and wanted to see everything. Without further ceremony, Ruth lay on her back, spread her legs widely and raised her knees. I lay between them and moved my body upwards until my head lay between her tits and my quivering prick was nudging her wet cunt lips. Sliding forward I slid my shaft right up her dripping cunt until I was cushioned on her thickly matted cunt hair. I could now reach her mouth with my own and we kissed heavily while I started to thrust my prick in and out of her hungry cunt. We were both in an intense state of arousal and after only a few minutes Ruth climaxed into a noisy orgasm and I reciprocated by flooding the entrance to her womb with a copious jet of cum. After catching our breath we parted and I gave her a warm open mouthed kiss and then she surprised me by going down on me once more and gently sucked our mingled juices from my wilting prick.
Our affair continued for several months and in my next story I will describe her introduction to having her cunt and clit sucked in extended foreplay and hoe I eventually fucked her up her arse.
I’m still Eveready.

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