Hospital Visits (part 1)

My name is Jan on wrong side of 50 now. I am your typically average wife, live in modest house, got average job. The story happened afew years ago I was in late my 30s.

I had got loads of things on tenage kids to chase round as well as work the last thing I needed was hospital visiting. My mother had been on at me to visit my Dads older brother for a couple of weeks now. I had just run out of excuses so to shut her up I thought I will go and get the visit over.

I got to the hospital parked car and made my way to the ward. When I entered the ward I could not find him , but then found him in a room on his own. He was sleeping he looked realy ill I just sat on a chair looking at him. After about 10 minutes I decded to leave but as I did this woke him.

“Hello Jan ” he spoke in a quiet voice.

” hi ” I replied.

I sat down on the chair but found his ramblings hard to hear let alone understand. Because his voice was weak I sat on the side of the bed. He did most of the talking telling me about his illness, but realy it was age just catching up with him.

As he chatted he placed his hand on my thigh. I had trousers on and decided not to push his hand away. The way I was sitting I knew he could not reach far up my leg, and
he was acting as though it was a friendly gesture not a sexual advance. In his condition I thought the last thing he got on his mind was sex. After a period of time I decided it was time to go.

As I started to leave he called out to me

“you will come again soon”

This was the last thing I needed.

“yes I will ” I replied.

“Could you wear a dress next time I have not seen your legs for years and your thigh felt so nice just”

I left the room He shouted “See you tomorow”.

I walked out of the hospital no way was I going back there tomorrow. The next day was friday I was far to busy for another visit. About ten on the Friday night I get call from my mother going on at me about being selfish could not give up a few minutes.

Why is it when people retire they think everyone has got time on their hands like
they have ?.

So again to shut my mom up I agree to go again on the saturday afternoon. On Saturday I rush round million and one things to do,finally all shopping away I go shower ready to go to hospital. As I went to dress I remembered his request so I put a dress on.

I arrived at the hospital and went to his room.

“I was upset not to see you yesterday ” was his greeting.

“Yes I am sorry about that” came my reply

“come sit on the bed like the other day” He ordered.

I remember this was not a request but an order.

I sat on the bed the way I sat was not to his approval and he ordered me to sit closer to him so he had not got to speak so loud. As soon as I was in the right position he started talking about the old days but his hand again moved to my legs.

I was not sure what to do about this situation but decided not to cause upset, as it was just old man resting his hand on my leg. Slowly as he chatted his hand started push up between my thighs.

I decided enough was enough. I took his hand away. I could see he was cross.

“Come and sit down but this time open your legs ” He demanded.

I just called him a dirty old man and afew other choice comments and was about to leave the room.

“Your just a whore like your mother” he told me coughing between words.

If he had been on a life support machine I would have turned it off there and then.

He waited then spoke

“Go now have a chat with your mom then come back tomorrow but when you come back you wear short skirt stockings,no bra no knickers”

I just walked out of the room. As I was leaving the hospital I met my aunt going in.
She was very quiet spoken old lady.

“How is he today ?”. She asked.

What do you say in that situation to an old lady, who thinks husband is on death bed. He’s ok he has just had his hand up my skirt, you just let it go. But she could see i was in a bad temper.

“Has he upset you ” she asked.

“no I am ok” I replied.

“thats good” came the answer”

“We must all do as he says you know that” she continued.

“what you talking about ?”

“If you do not know go ask your mother I should not be the one to tell you.”she said

I left my Aunt and then went straight round to see my mother. I was glad my dad had gone to a football match.

I asked my mom what all this is about. My mom then told me this story.

During World War 2 my aunt and mom were best friends. My Aunt became pregnant from going with an american soldier. Inthose days it was bad being pregnant out of marriage. My uncle was no stud but took advantage of the situation and married my aunt and made a marriage that he liked on his terms. My mother became pregnant in the same situation while my father was away (My mother and father were not married then).
My mother went away and had the baby no one local knew she was pregnant. My aunt and uncle bought up the child as their own. So my cousin is realy my half brother.

My mother was crying and just looking at the table as she told me the story.

She then told me that the price she had to pay was to have sex with him on regular occasions (well basically when and how he wanted it).

There was just two questions I asked.

Did my aunt know was the first i knew the answer by my conversation with my aunt.

My mom told me my aunt did know.

The second questionwas why my dad had not been told the truth.

My moms reply the longer it went on the easier it became and harder to tell.

She then told me as far as my uncle was concerned alll women inthe family should be his sex toy That included you when you became grown up. I relised now why my mom as i Was growing up always said I must travel world see places work away.

I could not be angry with mom as she sat there crying.

“I am not going to do this Dad should know the truth” I said

“he would not expect me to “

“I think you should tell him ” I said

There was no more to be said Ileft my mom and told her I would come in the morning and see dad if she had not told him I would.
I did not say it in a threatening way.

Later that night my aunt telephoned it was short and to the point. That my mother and her had suffered many indignities over the years the last few had been to protect my father. That with or without my help they would try to keep him happy. She also pointed out to me if it had not been for all this blackmail she would have left years ago.
My husband knew there was something wrong , he thought my uncle had died because my aunt never telephones us.
I went and sat in the bedroom about 10 minutes later my husband came in. He thought it strange I had not let the family know my uncle had died. I informed him he had not died. Then proceded to tell him the whole story.

After being angry he advised me not to tell my dad let your mom and aunt sort it out.

My husbands thoughts were he is not going to tell your dad because once he does that he has got nothing to blackmail anyone with and he will die lonely man on his own. But finishing with the decision is yours.

I did not sleep well that night. Sunday morning came slowly. I got up did breakfast and then went round to my parents. When I got there my aunt was there as well.

“well what you going to do Jan the balls in your court” said my aunt.

I did not know what I was going to do.

“Your uncle has made another threat” My aunt continued.

“whats that”

“He come home for the day from hospital he said if you do not visit as asked then he will tell your father”

“you think he will do you”

“Your father is driving himback to the hospital this afternoon he can only come out for few hours”

“He will probably never leave the hospital again he is such a bitter man he will tell your father” continued my mother.

I went to the garden deciding to tell my father the truth. But he looked so happy doing the lawn I could not do it. When I went through the house my mom and aunt were going up to my uncles I told them I had not told him.

My aunt had not got a car I drove them her house to carry on with the lie they had been leading. as I drove off I started to think what if he does tell I got to the bottom of the road and turned round. I knew I was walking into the lions den.

I knocked on the door, my mother opened the door. I went into the living room.

“I told you how to come dressed sexy you come like that” he said

“I was not going to come but realised you got the control round here and at least I am here”

I thought he would like that. he then told me they had clothing and equipment. My aunt took me upstairs. The only one that would fit was standard blackand that was to tight.
I was topless except for the straps that hold the skirt up.

I walked down the stairs. The only thing missing was I had no hi heels on, my feet were to big for the ones in the bedroom.
I walked in the living room this sounds daft but i was embaressed because my mom was there.

He smiled as I entered the room.He called my mom over to him and gave her some handcuffs. She just dropped them back on the floor.

“I will not do this to my daughter”

“you will” he yelled

“Go get dressed jan” said mom.

“Mom I will be ok”

“Put them on her” he yelled But coughing between words.

“Lets do a deal ” I said.

“Whats that ” he said.

“I drive you back to the hospital you have no contact with my father and let my mother leave and not witness this”

“let her go you got what you want” said my aunt

My mom turned round and looked at me.

“Just go to the car mom”

She walked past me and turned and spoke to my aunt

“Dont let him hurt her.”

“I won’t “came the reply as mymom left the room.

As soon as my mom left the room I did not feel as brave I knew I was on my own

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  1. story

    if this is true i feel sorry for you and wish I could hug u to let it out…

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