Jack And Stace Meet

My name is Jack and this story is about a girl I met through a friend that turned out to be very kinky and fun.

My friend Rob introduced me to a girl named Stace it was his girlfriends sister we only spoke online and had never met in person.

We sent some naughty messages and photos of one another and did some text message sex when we gave each other our mobile phone numbers.

Eventually seeing as she lived over 2000 Miles away I found the time and money to fly down and meet her in person and that when it got really interesting.

She met me at the airport and the photos I had didn’t do her justice she was about 5’5 average body nice d sized tits and a good pear shaped arse.

We spoke a little on the drive to her place mainly just idle chit chat then she brought up sex and I said I thought you were never going to ask. She told me she like it rough and she was loud and that I could do anything I wanted with her.

I told her to pull over in the group of trees that I spotted up ahead I wanted to play now since she had me all worked up and it was another 45 min drive to her house.
As soon as she stopped and I made sure it was clear I told her to get out and bend over the bonnet of the car she did I lifted up her mini skirt and she had no panties on So I pulled out my raging hard on which is about average 8″ cock and buried it to the hilt in her pussy she came almost instantly she was so turned on. I didn’t want to kept caught so I kept it quick and since she was on the pill came deep inside her.

I said we best get home and clean you up so we got back in the car and drove the 45 mins with me fingering her now full wet pussy the whole way.
We entered her house and decided to go straight to the shower we stripped off and got under the nice warm water I rubbed her nice tits and ass and lather her up with some shower gel and cleaned her pussy up my cock was rock solid again from this so I turned her around bent her over a bit and rubbed my cock up and down her slit I slipped it in and out just the head until she was moaning and pushing back against me.

She pushed back too far and my cock slipped out and ran up her arse crack and slipped into her areshole she moned and said oh yeh fuck my ass. I slowly started to move in and out slowly getting deeper with each thrust until I buried my whole cock deep up her arse I kept pumping her arse then with long steady strokes making her squeal with pleasure I felt my balls swelling up ready to shoot and then I blew a huge load deep in her arse.
We showered a bit more till we were both clean then we went off to bed I was tired from my flight and the two fucks I had just had.

The next morning I woke up with a massive boner and decided to use it Stace was still asleep next to me so I gently rolled her onto her back and spread her legs we both had slept naked since getting out of the shower then I got down between her legs and started eating her nibbling and chewing on her clit and sliding my tounge in and out of her honey pot.
She woke up fairly quickly and told me to lay on my back she wanted to return the favour I said how about a 69 then and she agreed I laid down she got up on top and I started eating her out again while she licked and sucked and teased my cock with her mouth she said I’m about to come and so was I we both climaxed at nearly the same time she drank and swallowed all my cum and I kept eating her out making her orgasm again she kept sucking me after I came kepping me rock hard.
We decided to stop the 69 I got her to stay where she was I slid out from under her and quickly went to my bag I had a couple of toys with me i told her to lay on her belly and give me her hands.

I Tied her hands behind her back so she couldn’t move then I got the 10″ vibrator and lubed it up I gently slid it into her arse and made her squeal with delight I slowly pushed it alll the way into her arse then got behing her and slipped my cock into her pussy and started pumping away i made sure the vibrator stayed buried all the way in her arse using my belly to hold it in there and fucked her hard she screamed so loud from the pleasure and pain that I swear the next town over could have heard it.

I couldn’t contain myself any longer and filled her full again so we decided to go for a shower and have some breakfast then decide what to do for the rest of the day.
The End For Now……

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