Judy and Office Fun BY Rick

Judy and Office Fun
By Rick

Judy is divorce and eight years older than me. She is about my height and fairly thin with died blond hair that she kept fairly short . She dressed in such a way that you wouldn’t know that she had such a nice sized tits. She drank and smoked much more than she should have and didn’t like anyone commenting on her bad habits . We had started having sex when I helped her set up her small dish satellite system . She had been drinking that Saturday and was horny so we had sex and since we both enjoyed each other we kept it up ! We were both single at the time so no one was being hurt . She was 51 and I was 45 . One of the things that really made her hot was to fuck around the office on weekends. I enjoyed it to and since I had the keys and alarm code it was no problem .
Judy was capable of hating someone for no reason and I never understood that .
Judy really hated the personnel lady . I think it was because she had tried to get Judy to take a smoking cessation course , even though the personnel lady also smoked and never took the course herself . But one of Judy’s favorite places to fuck was in the personnel lady’s office . She got a great kick out of sitting in her chair and having me eat her pussy in that chair . She would cum and say take that you bitch . I just came in your fucking chair and now I’m going to get fucked on your desk ! She always insisted on leaving cum satins on the desk blotter or chair or even her rug. Let her figure out what’s going on Judy would say don’t clean up for the bitch.
One Saturday evening Judy wanted to fuck in the office again . She had more than her fair share of whiskey to drink . I was worried about what she would do but I was horny and so we went to the office . Lets do it in the bitches office she said . Ok I said . We went to the office and closed the curtains so we wouldn’t be seen . Judy quickly took off her clothes and sat in the chair . Eat my cunt she said . She was very bossy when she was drunk. She never wore any underwear when we were going to the office to fuck. Her pussy hair was brown with quite a bit of white in it . She was twisting her nipples and moaning while I was licking her pussy and fingering it as well . Tongue fuck me she said . I knew that she loved that so did I . I was tongue fucking her and rubbing my wet finger on her clit . She was cumming and shouting YES! YES! Finger my asshole she shouted and as usual I did . She was really on a roll . She was cumming and moaning and shouting . She kicked and knocked over the personnel lady’s coffee cup . fortunately it didn’t break . I stopped and picked up the cup and put it back on the desk in a safe spot .
That was close I said she loves that thing she would know that something was going on. Fuck her she said . No fuck me she said and grabbed my cock and I slid it in her wet pussy . I was enjoying my self she was one awesome piece of pussy . I was about to cum and told her so . Good she said so am I. I came and kept on humping until my cock went limp . I pulled out and took of the condom . I went to the ladies room and flushed it down the toilet . Judy was sitting in the chair happy and still very drunk . She had a strange look on her face . Come here stud she said . Let me suck on your cock and get it hard again . Any time I said . Judy was wonderful cock sucker . I was hard again in a few minutes . Let me know just before you cum she said . I always did and she would swallow my cum as if it was fine wine . I told her just before I was about to cum . She pulled my cock out of her mouth and held the coffee cup under it and stroked it until I came in the cup . Judy laughed an laughed . She rubbed the cum around the inside of the cup . Then she poured the excess in the pocket of the personnel lady’s sweater . She was laughing so hard I was afraid that she was going to hurt herself . Damn I’m clever she said . I hate that fucking bitch . We got dressed and straightened up the office and left .
When we got back to Judy’s house she had another drink . Her 22 year old daughter was home . She shook her head and looked at me . She’s had enough . I know I said but I can’t stop her . Neither can I her daughter said . You had better take her up to bed . I’m staying here no fucking body is taking me anywhere Judy said and took a long drink .
It’s my fucking house and I’ll do as I fucking well want . Her daughter sighed and said that she was going to bed . Good luck she said to me . Thanks I said . Judy looked at me and said lets fuck again I’m still horny . We sat on the couch with the TV on some stupid late night movie . We were making out when the phone rang . Who the fuck is calling after one in the morning ? She picked up the phone yea ? She said . Oh it’s you . Your late with your fucking alimony payment asshole . I knew it was her ex-husband . Well if you don’t pay soon I’ll call my fucking lawyer . She slammed the phone down . Where were we ? She asked. Oh yes you were sucking in my nipples . She was right . We were getting hot and I was ready for some more . I got on my knees and ate her pussy until she came a couple of times . Then I put a condom on and fucked her until we both came together . She passed out . I flushed the condom and carried her up to the bed room . I put her in bed climbed in after her and fell asleep . The next morning she got up showered and changed and went to church with her daughter . I made breakfast for all of us and then went home .
Monday morning Judy and I were chatting when we saw the personnel lady pour her self some coffee . We laughed but when she took a sip and said that the coffee was better today than it had ever been Judy lost it and had to go to the ladies room laughing so hard she was crying .
What was so funny the personnel lady asked me . It’s just a private joke I said nothing to do with work.

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