Laura and Jay–Part III

After La and J kissed, they went into the bathroom for a leisurely bath before dinner. J drew the bath for them. He looked at her body full of cum and escorted her into the tub. He got into the tub first holding Laura’s hand and she sat on top of Jay. He washed her face, and then moved downward cleaning her breasts, stomach, vagina area, and thighs. She then turned around and J washed her knees, legs and feet. When done, he kissed her ankles and each one of her toes; then, he sucked each one of her toes slowly in his mouth. The slowness of his touch created another turn on for her that she never expected. She returned the favor by washing his body, but she wanted kisses for every part that she did. Jay was happy to kiss Laura for her washing of his body. When the bath was over, J dried La off and they went into the bedroom. It was getting close to leave for dinner, so J picked out a tan dress for La to wear. He got her a new pair of thigh stockings and put them on her legs. Still naked with only her nylons on, J dressed her with the tan dress. No panties or bra were allowed. Jay found the brown high heels. He knelt down and kissed her ankles and each one of her toes through her nylons. Then, J put her heels on her feet. He dressed quickly with no underwear and they were off to the restaurant.

Laura took care of the reservations and they were seated in a secluded corner of the restaurant, so they could not be bothered. She thanked J for all the attention and loved it. J kissed her and held his hand on her thigh and crotch. She occasionally would let a joyful sigh of pleasure. She started to tell him about the favor he promised to do for her. It involved her close girlfriend Lisa. Lisa was 33 petite with dark short hair. Laura said that Lisa had the same situation as her—no husband ever home, always traveling and is starved for attention and sex. Laura asked J if he could be available for her birthday in a couple of weeks and show attention and sex on her. J asked if this would bother her (Laura) if he was having sex with Lisa and would she be jealous of Lisa and their unique and close friendship. Laura said that he was going to be her birthday gift to Lisa. After the birthday gift, J could no longer initiated sex with Lisa, but Lisa could initiate sex with J and that was okay. La also said that if ever J did not want her in his bed that she would understand. After several minutes, Jay said that he would do it for Laura as long as long as she was comfortable with this special situation. La agreed and they kissed on it. She said that whatever J wanted in return for this favor was okay with her and at anywhere and anytime. J said that he would call her anytime like at 2AM and expect her to be in his bed naked with nylons and heels on to have sex. La nodded in agreement and ordered dinner; and through the entire meal, J moved his hand up and down her legs, thighs and pussy and even took off her heels with his feet. They continually kissed as they had an after dinner drink. When they left the restaurant, J had already put her brown heels back on her feet.

J drove to quiet part of town, not very far from his place. As he stopped the car, La said again that she had enjoyed her day with him. J said that it is not over yet. La said, “I hope not.” Laura turned her body and took her left heel; and with the heel, she popped off the top button of his pants. Then, with her right heel, she placed her heel at top of the zipper and moved the zipper down with heel and she could see his meaty penis. Finally, with her right heel, she just took off his pants as they dropped to the floor. La also took off J’s shoes and socks with her right heel. She leaned over and took off his shirt. Laura said, ‘that is the way I like you, Jay. Totally Naked.” J said to La that she was very good without hands. La said that she had a very good teacher. Then, Jay turned to his side and put his feet underneath La’s dress and on top of her thighs. He then moved the dress upward with his feet until it was over her head and off her body. J could see her pussy and boobs. La put the back of heels together on J’s penis and started to move the heel against his stick. She could see that his penis was getting larger. She told J to take off her heels and he did. La then curled her feet together on his penis and the nylons really turned J on down. J’s penis was now even larger. He lowered the front seat for their comfort. He told La to lie down on back. She moved her feet from J’s stick and into the position he requested. His penis was larger than she could remember. It went deep inside her pussy and J went in and out for their satisfaction. His mouth covered her mouth in a very deep kiss as he move in and out of her pussy. Their tongues were touching each other as they kissed. When he was ready to cum, La knew it and held his ass tight, so she would get all of it in her. He just kept pumping her like it would never stop. She sighed and wanted more and more of sex with J. During all of this, their lips were totally locked mouth to mouth and tongue to tongue. When done, they were hot and sweating. They sat together in the one seat touching each other. J felt her ass and she loved. She said to Jay that she would always do anything that he wanted her to do. J kissed her and LA motioned for them to get into the back of the car. As they sat there, La told J to lie flat on his back. La said that now it is her turn to fuck J. She bent over and sucked his stick until it was hard again. As his dick was straight up, La slowly put her pussy hole on top of his penis just touching. She then covered his penis a little more each time until her pussy engulfed his penis. Then, La moved up and down on J’s penis. Jay sighed with joy and she was totally satisfying his desires. As her ass moved up and down on his penis, she covered his lips with her lips. As La was working her magic, Jay felt out of control and sighed with total delight. Finally, La stopped and Jay cummed inside her. When done, La licked off his penis and went into the front driver’s seat with Jay. Wearing only her nylons, she continued to touch and feel Jay on his private parts. They drove home with Jay’s hand around her ass and Laura’s hands all over his body.

When they reach his place, J picked up their clothes and shoes from the car and they went into his house. After putting the clothes in a corner of the bedroom, La broke the silence by telling J that she needs to be punished for cheating on her husband and J needs to punish her severely. Jay sat on the bed and motioned her to come to the bed and lie face down on his lap for spanking. La took her position. J put his hand on her back right thigh but under her nylons and moved her nylons down her right leg to her back heel and off her feet. J did the same thing to left leg to remove the other nylon. J wants her totally naked so he removed her remaining jewelry and earrings. He then kissed her ass checks several times.

Laura enjoyed Jay kissing her ass, but wanted more—to be punished for her cheating. She asked J “is that all you got for my punishment.” J said “no.” He began by spanking her ass both sides 25 times. Her ass looked pink, but she told J that she wanted more. They moved toward the front of the bed. Jay then got a pair of handcuffs and put them on her hands He placed her hands above her head and affixed her to the stationary bar. He put her brown pair of heels on her feet and pressed the button to raise her 12 inches above the floor. She looked so helpless hanging there. J got his miniature whip and began to whip her ass, then moved to thighs and legs for slashes with the small whip. During all of this, her heels feel off her feet. J further whipped her feet—first on the heels and then the front part of her feet. La saw that this was turning J on and his penis was getting larger. Still hanging he moved his penis inside her ass pulling it back and forth slowly for their mutual pleasure. When done, he put her heels
back on and moved her around so that she was facing him. J began whipping her pussy at least 50 times, and she loved it. He then whipped her breasts the same number of times. Then J put an another pair of handcuffs to her right ankle and attached her ankle to the bedpost. He did the same thing to her left ankles, so now her legs were split wide open. Hanging there, she was very vulnerable. Jay told her that she must be fucked for her cheating. J walked up to her and kissed her hard on the lips. La said that she must pay the price for her indiscretions at whatever price. J said that if he calls at 2AM, she must come to his place immediately and jump in bed for sex—no questions asked. La said that she would do as J commanded. J kissed her hard again on the lips as her legs were spread wide open. She could feel the top of his stick touching her opening and it was driving her crazy. She wanted inside her. She said to J, “put the fucken penis inside me. I need it now.” Then, J’s penis moved up her opening as he started inside her. The intensity was so great that her heels fell off her feet. He continued to bang her pussy for quite a while. When done, he uncuffed her and let her down from hanging bar. La thanked J.

With her cute ass glowing in red, J moved La to the side of the bed for her to kneel down. Laura knew what she had to do. She wrapped her arms around J’s waist, kissed the tip of his penis and then began to suck on his penis. She moved her lips up and down his stick with a sweet caressing motion. J held her head and moved it toward him, so that her lips totally covered his penis. J could feel his intense pleasure. He let out a scream of joy. La knew that she was doing her job well and giving J totally satisfaction. When J was ready, she took all of his white cum in her mouth and swallowed it. She got up; kissed him, and asked J what else she could do to make him happy. J told her to get a new pair of purple nylons from the top draw and the purple brush velour high heels from the closet. She got both items and returned to the bed and sat on the edge. J knelt down, put his arms around her waist and kissed her pussy intently until she had an organism. J continued so suck on her pussy, so she just laid on her back while he sucked her some more. Eventually, she cummed and J swallowed all of her precious juice. When done, J put the thigh nylons on her feet and legs. He kissed each one of her toes and then put on the purple velour heels on her feet. They went down stairs for a snack and she sat on his lap while they ate. Laura said to J that she thought she was going to leave hours ago. J said that he wanted her to stay over and leave the next morning. He also reminded her that all of her dresses panties, bra, high heels and nylons would remain at his place and that she would have to buy slacks, tennis shoes and another top to wear home. She said okay and that he would pick out the clothes for her to buy tomorrow and wear home. After lunch, he put her naked body with only nylons and heels on and carried her back up stairs to the bedroom. J put her down at the bed and told her that she needs to be fucked some more. Laura said to J that as long as you do the fucking of me, I would gladly stay. They kissed and then Laura was under the bed covers for sex wearing only her heels and nylons. So the fucking continued all night and into the morning. After a couple hours of sleep, J woke her with a deep and hard kiss. She moved her hand down to his penis and could feel that it was hard and she inserted into her pussy. When they were finished with great morning sex, they took a shower together with more sex. When done, J dressed her in a white blouse, black skirt, purple nylons and heels. They grabbed something to eat on the way to shopping for new clothes for Laura. At the department store, J found a top, jeans and pair of white flats for La. She told J that she was going to try these on and would be out in a minute. Since nobody was watching this area of the store, J followed La into the dressing room. She was surprised as J closed the door behind them. She asked J why he would be joining her in the dressing room. He kissed her and said that you need him to take off your clothes and put the new clothes on you. She said that J just wanted to fuck her in the dressing room in the store, but she was always willing to try something new now. She told J to help her try on the clothes. Jay unzipped her skirt and unbuttoned her blouse, and both fell to the ground, showing her pussy and breasts. She unzipped his pants and it fell to the ground. J pushed La to the back of the fitting booth, and while kissing her, inserted his stick into her pussy. When done, J sat La on the chair in the booth and stood in front of her and she kissed his penis on the tip of the opening and then moving her mouth up and down on his penis until he was ready to cum. When ready, he pulled her head toward him and cummed into her mouth and she swallowed all of it. When done, they both dressed and went back to his place. J took her upstairs to the bedroom and undressed for one last fuck. He took off her skirt and blouse again. J took his clothes off, while she laid on her back on the bed with only her purple nylons and heels. He laid next to her and kissed her gently on the lips and La inserted his penis into her pussy for her final birthday sex. When done, J dressed her in her new top, tennis shorts and white flats. They kissed goodbye and would wait for his 2AM call for her.

Several nights later, J called her at 2AM, while she was lying in bed with her husband having no sex. Her husband had to leave early in the morning for a flight, which he would be gone for several weeks. La gave her husband an excuse and he bought it. She came in the back door of J’s place and went right upstairs to the bedroom and laid next to J with her clothes still on. J removed her high heels and placed then on the bed. He unzipped her jens and pulled off her legs. La had panties on and violated J’s rule. He got a scissors from the night stand drawer and he began to cut on one side of her panties and then on the other side. He then took removed her panties with his mouth and teeth and threw them to the floor. Finally, the blouse came off and the sex and fucking started all over again.

They continued to have sex and fun for years to come, but both remained single enjoying life and sex with each other.

END OF PART III —MORE TO COME with the Favor that Jay must do for Laura.

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