Me and My Roommates

Me and my roommates

Hi! I’m Jill. I study in a private school for girls and for that I’m in heaven, because I’m a lesbian. I love the taste and smoothness of a pussy. I first realised it when I kissed my best friend when I was about eight. We kissed pretty much everywhere. We didn’t kiss in public places (of course), because we knew that our parents wouldn’t accept it. But we were more than best friends. We were lovers.

Once we got to school we had fucked each other with fruits, dolls, baseball bats and everything you could think of. We had broken our hymen when we fucked each other with a cucumber. We ate it after that and we loved the taste. We always sat next to each other and holded hands together. We shared everything. We were both busty and sexy with our B-breasts. All the guys stared at us and tried to hit on us. We always giggled and laughed at them. We only needed each other. But I’m getting out of line in here. OK. Here’s the real story:

So I wasn’t dissappointed in going in a private school. I was excited. My parents thought that I was fucking men all the time, but as you know that wasn’t the deal. I fucked and sucked my girlfriend. I was appointed to dorm 824 and I shared it with 3 other girls. They were Janet, Jane and Maria. Janet was pale and had glasses. She had a ponytail and long skirt with loose shirt. She was very small for her age, thought. Almost a midget. Jane was a lot hotter. She had chocolate skin, long straight hair, very short skirt and a tight shirt with big cleavage. Maria was a latino with wavy hair and cheerleaders costume. They said hi to me and continued to study. They said that the top bed on the right side was mine. I looked out of the window and saw that the wiev was ugly. There was only the schools warehouse and some piles of sand and heavy machinery. When Janet saw me gasping my breath she said that the warehouse was going to be destroyed and the school was going to build a swimming pool in its place. The girls were all friendly and we chatted about everything. Maria was clearly a lesbian and wasn’t shamed about it. She sitted her legs open and I saw that she didn’t wear anything else except the skirt and it’s panty and the shirt. No bra. I was wet and wanted to take her right away to heaven with me. Jane looked away and was red as hell. I thought she was going to be a lot redder after some time. I liked the wind on my skin and walked nude almost everytime. I would have propably walked naked in town if there wasn’t laws and rapers. They gave me a tour around the school and after that we went to dinner.

When we were eating dinner some guy came to our table next to me. Janet and Jane clearly had a crush on him and Maria ignored him, but he talked to me asking if I was new. I told him the truth. He offered to show me the school, but the girls had already shown me around so I shooked my head. He looked fine, bur his eyes were almost burning. Then he offered to show me the town, but I was scared of those eyes and said that I had plans. He just stared at me and said in a hypnotic voice that I would cancel them and I almost said that I would, but luckily Maria said to him to piss off. I came awake from the ”dream state” and looked around. The guy looked at Maria with pure rage on his face. He said to her to shut up, but got scared of something and left quickly. I asked who he was and Janet and Jane started to babble something about the coolest teacher in the school, but Maria told me that he was a teacher who was interested in young flesh. I went quiet and finished my meal. We went back to our room.

On our way back I had to go to take leak and Maria came with me. Janet and Jane went to study for some tests. Once we were inside Maria asked me how I could resist that guy. I told her that I wasn’t interested in guys. She looked at me, came near me and said: ”You’re a lesbian.” I answered by kissing him and saying: ”So are you.” She pushed her tongue inside my mouth and I answered her by doing the same to her. She puttet her other hand on my crotch and other went behind my back to open my buttons. I just held her and kissed. She got my buttons open and moved to my dress. I had made that dress by myself and it had one button in the back. And because I never wore any underwear I was naked in front of her. She took of her shirt and she had D-sized breasts and I only had C. She took her dress off and she had shaved her pussy hair almost completely. I had taken them completely away. Her pussy was beautifull. I went down immediatly and started to lick her. She was horny and as wet as an ocean. I started to become wet too because of her wetness and her hands around my breasts. My nipples were very sensitive and I started to moan wich only made her wilder and I increased my pace and force I used on her pussy. We both came nearly same time. I just wished there would be more cum for me to drink. She pushed me away and ate my pussys cum. The last drop she shared with me and I was in heaven. We kissed, sucked and fucked each others brains out. Once we were done I looked at the clock and it was well over eight. We started at about seven. We quickly got dressed and went to our dormitory.

When we arrived we heard some moans coming from the room. We entered quietly and there was Jane fucking herself with a dildo. I went closer and Maria followed me. Jane had her mouth open and I pussed my tongue inside while my hand went to her breast and Maria started to suck her other breast. She also had C-breasts, but much bigger nipples. She got scared and tried to get away, but we didn’t let her. After a while she relaxed and started to kiss me back. It was about nine when we stopped and we had cummed about 10 times. Janet hadn’t come in yet. We started to wonder where she was and went looking for her.

After we had looked for her for about an hour we came back to our room and found her crying. We went to comfort her and she just cryied louder. We just hissed at her and tried to make her tell us what was wrong. After a while she said that she wasn’t a virgin anymore. We didn’t realize that she intented to save herself for marriage. She said with an unclear voice that Mr. Solo (the guy from the cafeteria. The teacher.) had taken her virginity. She said that Mr. Solo said to her that he wanted to talk about her grades with her. She followed him of course to his office. Once they were inside Mr. Solo locked the door, said that if she wouldn’t get naked and suck his dick, he would give her a D. Because Mr. Solo teached art and she wanted to become an artist she needed good papers for that she panicked. Solo told her that it would be useless to scream because his office was soundproof. Janet didn’t move so Solo walked to her, turned her around and nearly ripped her clothes off. She started to cry and because of that Solo said that if she wouldn’t suck him he would do something else to her. Janet didn’t move so Solo grapped her arm and slammed her to the table, spread her legs and fucked her. We were furious because of him and what he did. We holded Janet tightly until she stopped crying calming her at the same time. Once she stopped crying it was about eleven and the lights were out. We moved our beds together and shared our beds.

In the morning Janet hugged us and thanked us. She even gave a kiss on our cheeks. She was sweet. Her next class was art and she was scared of going to that class, but Jane surprised me by saying: ”If you won’t go to that class Mr. Solo thinks you’re afraid of him and that you won’t tell about it. But if you go in there you will show him that you are not scared and that might reduce his desire to rape you again.” Jane looked and sounded like she was talking to a baby. Janet started to look a bit more braver. She didn’t speak anything. She just walked out of our room. We followed her and she went to the headmaster. She went in and we followed. She didn’t find the headmaster because he was teaching a class at the moment. She looked a bit dissappointed. I placed my hands on her shoulders and she
became a little happier and place
d her other hand on top of my hand and squeesed a bit. We went together to the artclass there Mr. Solo was. Once he saw Janet he jumped a bit, but then started to smile. I didn’t want to know what was going through in that perverted mind of his. We sat down and studyet.

After the class was over Mr. Solo came and asked Janet to come with him, but Janet ignored him and so did we. I looked at him from the corner of my eye and he looked mad. I got scared a bit. Mr. Solo followed us to our next class and just stared at us the whole time. He kept staring us until our teacher Ms. Chase came. We had sex-ed and all the boys were in the next class. We were relieved that Mr. Solo had went away. But it only lasted for a moment because Ms. Chase started the projector and showed us a picture of a pussy. She explained about it for a moment and showed us another picture. This time of a cock. She explained about that and showed the next picture where was both previous pics side by side and talked about the similarities. She showed more and more pictures about genitals, pussys and different instruments for a while and explained something about each. The bell rang and she said to us that we would go on. She putted a video in the VCR and pressed play. It was about fucking. It lasted for about 15 minutes, but because Ms. Chase stopped it every now and then to show some specific point or spot, it lasted for about 20 minutes. Then she shocked us by telling us to take off our blouses. No one did that and she said: ”Ok, since you don’t do it I’ll start”. She took of her blouse and she looked so damn hot because her D-cups started to wobble when she did it. I started to feel a little tingle in my pussy because of that. One by one the students bagan taking of thair blouses. I didn’t. Ms. Chase walked to me and asked what’s matter. I blushed and said that I didn’t have any bra. She smiled and said that there were only girls in this room and that it wasn’t any different then taking our clothes of when we had gymnastics. I still didn’t do anything. She sighted and took of her bra. I was stunned! There were two the most biggest and sexiest breasts that I had ever seen. She said that to be even everyone would take of their bra off, too. Everyone did that and then I had no choise but to do that. I looked around I got very horny because of all the bare breasts around me. And so did Maria. Jane, Janet and everyone else was a bit excited. But Ms. Chase was the most excited. She couldn’t control herself. Her hand went all the time to her pussy and she finally said everyone to take of their pants and pantys. She was the first one to do that. Me and Maria weren’t too far behind. After that she said that it was time to know our own private areas. She told us to push our middle- and forefinger to our pussys. She showed us how. She told us to search for a more sensitive area called G-spot. I knew where it was and so did the teacher, Maria and some other students. It tooked longer from the others. Ms. Chase ordered us to push, wiggle and pinch that spot. Since I was horny as hell from last nights sleep I came almost immediately. Maria was licking her fingers and Ms. Chase had grapped her breast and moaned. I thought I saw something white on her breast, but she fingered her nipple and it disappeared. Some girls were a little shy, some had their propably first orgasm and the rest had sat on their chairs and fingering themselves like crazy. I got horny and started to finger my self again. The whole class fingered themselves for the last few minutes left of the class time.

Once the bell rang everyone putted their clothes on and started to run to the door. But Maria asked me to wait, so I waited. Once everyone else was gone, Maria took me to Ms. Chase and asked if would do. I wondered for what. Ms. Chase looked me for a little and asked Maria if I wouldn’t tell anyone. I asked: ”What I shouldn’t tell anyone?” Maria and Ms. Chase looked at each other and Ms. Chase nodded. Maria explained that she usually came to this class everyday to do a favor for Ms. Chase. I asked what kind of favor. Maria said that it was that kind of favor wich would get you better grades. I looked pretty puzzled, because she sighted and explained that Ms. Chase had milkprodusing breasts, but no child to suck them. Then I understood what that white stuff on her nipple was. It was her milk! I said to Maria that she needed help in sucking them and she nodded. Ms. Chase interfiered and said that Maria couldn’t suck them completely and needed help in that. They explained that Maria had looked for help since she first sucked Ms. Chase. I asked Ms. Chase if it was allright with her and she said: ”On one condition. You wont call me Ms. Chase anymore when we are in private. You will call me Susan.” I had no objection for that. She took of her top and revealed those big gorgeous breasts for that. I went to suck the other one while Maria sucked the other. She had very sensitive nipples and she started to finger herself and moan at the same time. I came horny of this and started to finger myself. This caused Maria to finger herself too. We sucked all the milk and came at the same time. Susan thanked us by kissing us on the mouth. I said that the pleasure was mine. Susan smiled and gave me a peck on the cheek.

Once me and Maria had gone back to our room we started to plan how to get back to Mr. Solo. We planned all evening and came up with a plan. But I think I will tell you more about it later. If ever

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