Mother,Daughter,Grand Daughter part 1 the Mother

Mother , Daughter , Grand Daughter all in the same week !
Part one The Mother
By Rick

I was in physical therapy because I had broken my hip when an old lady hit me with her car . She had pushed the gas instead of the brake and backed into me while I was putting groceries in my car . She had crossed over 100 feet so she hit me very hard I was told I was lucky to have survived . The hip had healed but was still sore as hell . I knew one of the women who was in therapy , I had dated her daughter years ago . Her name was Dorothy . Her husband was a farmer known as big John . Dorothy was there because she had her hip replaced . I had finished and she and I were chatting while she did the stair climber . She was telling me about her daughter’s divorce and her grand daughter was in her second year of college and how smart she was . The Physical therapist came over and told Dorothy that big John had called and said that he couldn’t pick her up so she would have to take a cab home . That shit Dorothy said he’s gone to off track betting again . Debbie won’t be home for another three hours and I hate taking a cab. Don’t worry I said I’ll take you home I don’t mind . Thanks Rick she said I hate to put you out . Don’t worry I said I don’t have anything else to do today . That’s nice of you she said . I waited for her to finish her therapy exercises . We were on the way to her husband’s farm and she called him every name in the book . Calm down you must be used to this by now I said . I remember him not showing up for Debbie more often than not . Your right Dorothy said I should be but he’s gotten worse over the years . He doesn’t pay any attention to me at all. I may be 68 but I’m not dead . We haven’t had sex in years ! Sorry to hear that I said . Well it isn’t your problem she said . I turned into their drive way and drove up to the house a quarter of a mile from the road . It was a huge old farm house . Dorothy asked if I would like some soda , she didn’t drink coffee anymore , I’m not thirsty I said . Come on in and chat she said . I hate being alone in this big old house . Ok I said I guess I could use the bathroom any way . We went in the kitchen door . The kitchen was as big as my double wide . That’s a nice car she said is it new . Yes I said the lady that hit me totaled my old car she knocked me off my feet and into the car if I hadn’t been pushed into the inside of the car I would have been killed . That must have hurt she said . I was knocked out so I didn’t feel anything until I woke up in the hospital I said and then it felt like I had been thrown out of an airplane . Dorothy showed me where the bathroom was . When I came out she had cake and soda out on the table. She showed me a album of pictures of Debbie . There was even one of me with her in the seventh grade . That’s embarrassing I said . I look like a dork but Debbie was cute even then I said . She was an early bloomer Dorothy said with pride . Big John never liked you he said you reminded him of Jack Webb from Dragnet . I looked at her and said nobody has ever accused me of looking like Jack Webb before . Big John sees thing a bit differently than most people . It was probably the crew cut you wore . Weird I said . I think I only went out with Debbie once and it was to a school dance . That’s right Dorothy said but I always liked you and so did she but big John didn’t . Such is life I said . There was a picture of Debbie on the refrigerator she was standing next to her daughter Diane . They look more like sisters that mother and daughter I said . Dorothy said yes they do and at times that what they act like . Her asshole husband used to beat her . I’ll bet big John didn’t like that much I said . No he didn’t when he found out last summer he drove to Ohio and beat the crap out of him and brought Debbie and Diane home . That was when she filed for divorce . I don’t blame her . I’m surprised that he didn’t press charges against big John for beating him . He was going to but big John told him that if he did they would just find pieces of his body between here and Ohio . I guess I had better get going I said . Dorothy said could you wait just a few minutes ? Sure I said no problem . She said I have something I want you to see she said and got up and left the room . When she came back a few minutes later she was wearing a see through pink night gown . He face was as red as a beet . I’m lonely and need some attention she said . Dorothy was no light weight and her huge breasts were hanging to her waist . She had at least HHH tits with monster nipples . Her iron gray hair was down to her shoulders and her pussy hair was pure white . I must have looked shocked because she said . I hope I haven’t offended you . No I said just surprised me I said . Well are you interested ? Of Course I said . Well lets go to the bed room . Yes lets was all I could think to say .The bedroom was huge . The bed was a old fashioned four poster with some sort of lacy thing on top of the posts like a sun cover or mosquito
Netting . Dorothy was shaking like a child she was so excited . We started to kiss and fondle each other . I had her night gown off her in a mater of seconds . Then I took off my clothes . I already had a hard on and she said I haven’t seen a hard on in years . I said well I hope you like it . I sucked on one of her huge nipples and she moaned and said big John isn’t much on foreplay . I said well I am I hope you like it . Lets see she said I’ve never fucked anyone but him . I found that hard to believe but she was from another generation .I slipped my finger down and stuck it in her pussy slowly and she pushed hard against me and said YES ! I moved down and licked her clit and she pulled my head into her cunt as hard as she could . Damn ! She said . I like that. I spread her pussy lips and tongue fucked her while rubber her clit with my nose . She came like a rocket shaking and screaming . YES ! OH SHIT ! She said . I’ve never come like that before ! She was shaking like a leaf as I continued to lick her clit . She came twice more in a few seconds . WOW ! She said I’ve never come twice in a day but three times that fast is wonderful ! Now fuck me please she said I want to try doggie style all my girl friend say it’s a great position but big John only does man on top . Ok I said and she bent over I spread her big cheeks and slowly slid my cock into her pussy .I like that she said . She pushed back as hard as I pushed in. She came twice before I took my cock out . Please put it back in and cum inside me she said I’m way past having children . So I put my cock back inside her and stroked until we both came .
That was great she said we have to do this some more . As long as big John doesn’t find out I said . We both got dressed and Dorothy said oh my look at the time Debbie will be home in an hour or so and I don’t want her knowing my business . Me either I said . I’ll see you at therapy Wednesday Dorothy said maybe we can do this again then . Sounds like a good plan to me I said . I left the house was relieved not to see big Johns pick up truck coming up the drive way .

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