My name is Allen and my mom is Sally. She is 41 and looks very sexy. My house mates went on a trip and only me and my mom was at home. It was a beautiful evening.

My mom was reading a newspaper sitting on the sofa. Meanwhile I came out of my room. I suddenly saw she was sitting keeping her legs spread and since she was wearing a short skirt I could see part of her thighs.

My penis began to grow up. And without any second thought I jumped onto her and began to rub her inner thighs. . at the same time I groaned telling that I need to have a fuck with her.

Her face began to turn more and more sexy. And I knew that she has already agreed with me.

Ohhhh…. Ohhhh. She moaned.

Shall we go into the room baby .she told?

We went to the room and both of us began to remove each other’s cloth. Then we got on to the bed and began to hug and kiss each other. . My penis was at full length of 12 inches at that time. As I was feeling some intention to pee I got off the bed to go to the toilet and come.

Where are you going baby/ she asked?

To the toilet to pee. I told.

No you don’t go there to pee.


Imagine my mouth is your toilet. She told.

She opened her mouth and stretched her tongue out. I sat on her body, kept my penis on her mouth and began peeing.

I need some on my face and body baby. She told.

I gave some peeing to cover the whole top part of her body.

Ohlll nice dear. She grasped.

I began to lick various parts of her body. And finally came to teats. I did licking for about ten minutes.

She brought her head towards my long dick and took it into her mouth. I lifted her by legs and put her backside on my face.

Slupll s slup…. Slup… slup….

Meanwhile I fingered both her cunt and anus. Gradually she began to moan and increased her sucking speed.

mmmmm….. mmmm l…uuuu. Aaaah. Aaaaaaau…..uuuuuu… ohhhhhhhh. Oooohhhh.

I understood she is about to have an orgasm. So I sped my licking and fingering.

Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh….. ooooooooohhhh… oooohhhhh.

While her scream was filling the room a stream of cunt juice rained onto my face.

She suddenly took her mouth out and sat on my cock. She tried to get it dipped into her vagina and due to its large size she couldn’t do it by her own. Then I helped her to do that.

Fuck me baby… fuck meeeee. She moaned.

I began to hive her an upward fuck while her body was swiging up and down. A

Hoooooh… uuuuuuhhhh. Aaaaaiiiiiii. Mmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhh. Yyyyyaaaaaaa. Yyyaaaa. Oooohl… ooooh.. yyyyessss. Mmmmh mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm …ooooh ohhhhh.. iiiiiiiiihhhhh.

After some time I feel to have ejaculation. But before that I got my penis out of her cunt.

She kneeled on the bed, bent over and widened her anus with her fingers. I got what she need and I began to dip my penis into her anus.. Due to the size of my cock I had to press it very hard. And finally the speed was very high. .

chukk…..chukk…..chuk. chuk.chuk..chuk…

her moam began to grow into a scream.

Uuuuuuuuuuuhhh…. Mmmmmm.. aaaaaaahhhh. Aaaaauuuuuh…. Orrooorrrrrrr good goood. Ooohhhh my god. Iiiiiihhhh.

After some time she shouted me to stop fucking.

Stop.. stoppp…..aaaaahhh stop pleeeeeese.. ohhhhh.

But my desire was not to stop[. But she pulled her body from my penis and jumped off the bed. Still I could not understand what is happening. She put hands on her ass hole and ran out of the room. But returned inside again and pulled a newspaper sheet and told me to stretch it on the floor.

Why I asked.

Ooohhhhh hurryyyyyy. Pleeeeeeasseeee hurrryyyy. I cant control my feces.

She stood up that paper and got down. But even before she sit completely she began to defecate on the spot.

Brooooooos. Broooooos. ….. brooooooos.

She was just moaming and there were some blood too.

Hhhhhaaaahhhhh… mmmmmm.

After defecating she told.

Baby. Can you do ti onto my mouth?

She slept on the bed and opened her mouth to full. I put my ass on it and began to defecate into her mouth. I voided about five lumps of feces. She swallowed all

Gudus.. gudus..gudus…

. Then I began to masturbate into her mouth. After sometimes. A stream of sperms filled her mouth.

we got all bed sheets and brought all cloth and let them to wash while we took a soapfull baths in the bathroom.

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  1. uhhh....

    Could really use some work… 3/10

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  2. dude you write lke a fuckng two year old….

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