My Wife's old Baby Sitter by Rick

My Wife’s Friend
By Rick

We were shopping for Christmas gifts at the Sangertown Mall . I was not enjoying my self at all . The place was so crowded that the noise was annoying . We had just left one store when a little old lady called out my wife’s name . We stopped and she caught up to us . Hi dear she said to my wife who is this guy ? My wife smiled and said it’s my husband . She stuck out her hand and said I’m Ruthie I used to baby sit your wife I changed her diapers. Well I’m glad to tell you that she doesn’t wear diapers anymore. Hey he’s funny she said . Yes I know my wife said but it gets old easily ! Thanks I said . I need a coffee I said . Would either of you like something ? They both thought that coffee would be a good idea . They found an empty table and I got the coffee . Ruthie was in her mid seventies with died blonde hair and very skinny . My wife excused herself and went to the ladies room . Ruthie looked at me and said I’m glad she finally found someone I never thought she would she’s so heavy . I smiled and said I like large women.
You don’t like small women ? She was maybe 4’9″ . I said oh I like all sizes of women . It’s just that I like big women more than any others . Do you like older women ? she asked. I love older women they know what they want . Well she said here’s my phone number I’ve been a widow for years and would appreciate some company . I took the note with her number on it . I’ll give you a call what times are best for you ? Anytime she said but during weekdays are best for me because I play cards a lot at night . I asked where she lived . In New York Mills she said . Ok I’ll call you Monday so we can talk I said . My wife came back and we finished our coffees and Ruthie left to finish her shopping .
The next Monday I called Ruthie at 10 A.M. . Hello Ruthie I said this is Rick . Oh hello she said how are you ? I’m fine I said . How are you ? I’m very horny she said I was about to use my vibrator . That sounds like fun why don’t you warm your self up and I’ll be right over . You won’t get in trouble at work will you ? No I said I can come and go as I please . She gave me her address and said I’m in the right side of the duplex as you face the house you can park behind my car it a red Honda . Ok I said I’ll be there in fifteen minutes . Great she said I need a hard cock . I need a warm pussy I said . Well get over here she said and hung up . I told my boss that I would be back in the afternoon . I found Ruthies’ home easily and parked behind her car . I rang the door and she opened it almost immediately . She was wearing a bathrobe and had her glasses on . Come on in she said ! I closed the door and before I could say a thing she dropped the robe and was naked . Her pussy hair was mostly gray with some of the original brown still showing . She had small tits with oversized nipples . They hung down a bit but were to small to flop down . Follow me she said and I did . The small living room had a large TV and she had a porno movie on . It was an old one but porno is porno . The women still had pussy hair and the guys were normal looking as well . I’ll have to get you some new tapes I said that one looks about worn out . It still gets me hot she said . She started to take my clothes off . I helped her . We were making out hot and heavy when the phone rang . Damn she said and got up and answered the phone I reached up and hit the pause button on the VCR . Yes I’ll be there at seven , ok I’ll bring the cookies . Can I call you back I have something on the stove ? Ok thanks dear she said and hung up . Sorry about that she said . No problem I said . She looked at my hard on and smiled I need that . Come here I said and laid her on the rug . I sucked on her nipples and she was moaning like crazy . Then I slipped my finger in her old pussy and she came almost before I got it in . I fingered her for a while as I sucked her nipples and she came several more times. Then I moved down and licked her clit and tongue fucked her . She came very hard her small body shaking as if she were freezing . Fuck me she said . I put a condom on and slipped my cock into her wet pussy . I fingered her clit as I fucked her . She came several more times before I came and pulled my limp cock out . I pulled the condom off and she bent over and sucked my cock . I really needed that she said . Can we do this again ? In a few minutes I said I have to recover . Really?! Today ?!! Yes I said . I forgot she said you aren’t as old as the last guy I fucked . How old was he? I asked . I think he was seventy she said but it was over a year ago . He died a week later . She pointed to her crotch and said that’s a killer cunt . The last three times I’ve had sex the guy was dead within a month ! I wish you had told me that before I said . That’s why I hit on you in the mall she said I figured that you would last longer ! I looked at the screen the video had ended and all that was on the TV was static. Is that the only tape you have ? Yes she said I’m to embarrassed to go into one of those stores alone . I’ll tell you what I’ll take you into one and buy you a couple of new ones . Really? She said like a kid yes I said . Oh my I said I’m getting hard again . She smiled and before I could put another condom on she straddled my cock and sat down on it her skinny body shaking as she came over and over again. I’m going to cum I said go ahead she said I Love it . I did cum and it looked funny to see my cum run out of her pussy . She kept on humping until I was limp and she couldn’t keep it in her pussy anymore . We cleaned up and got dressed . Will you take me to the store now she asked . Just like a child ! Ok I said and we got in my truck and drove to the adult book store . She was amazed at what she saw . Are those movie booths ? she asked . Yes I said you can choose your video and watch in private . WOW she said can we watch that one ? She was pointing to one with Kitty Fox in it . Sure I said and got some quarters . I led her to a booth and pushed the appropriate buttons . She was enjoying it . She pulled my cock out and bent over so I slipped it into her pussy and fucked her . She loved it . We left the booth and I bought her several tapes with older women . She has been my friend for a while now and it is great fun .

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