One Wild Night and 17 Days After

This is a true story and it happened June 17th, 2013, on my way to a friend’s house in Seattle, WA, late at night on a bus going north on Aurora Ave., north of 45th street. The bus was very crowded for some unknown reason and I had about 22 miles to go. I was almost to the very back of the bus and I was standing trying to hang on the back of one seat and that’s when it all started to happen.

Someone behind me was pressing his hard cock against my ass. God, I didn’t dare to attract attention and the embarrassment to myself so I tried to ignore him which wasn’t working. He was determined to get me, I know, for a few years ago it happened to me once before and I felt like a fool reporting him. I swore I’d never do that again. The guy behind me kept grinding his cock against me then I felt his hand raising my skirt higher which revealed that I had no panties on. Seldom do I wear them. God, I felt this guy’s breath breathing on the back of my neck and it was getting harder and harder followed by kisses which lasted longer and became more frequent and longer in duration. His hands moved to the front of me, pulling me back tighter to him, one held me tight the other started in rubbing my clit. God, I was about to cum right then and there. I think he sensed that and quit but his hand went beneath my sweater and took my left breast in his hand and tweaked my nipple with his thumb and forefinger. I started breathing harder and harder, panting, gasping. Then he used both hands-each had one of my tits grasping and fondling my nipples and I found myself pushing back against him harder and harder. He kept driving me more and more crazy.

His kisses on my neck were more than kisses for he was running his tongue up and down, all the way into my ear. He kept whispering something to me, but I couldn’t quite hear. Oops. One hand left and I had no idea where it went. Then I found his cock pushing against my ass trying to get between my legs.   God, he was rubbing his cock against my pussy, getting me wetter and wetter by the moment. He pulled my face towards his and that was the first time I saw him-a guy about 50 or older, a bit taller than me with strong features. He kissed my lips and inserted his tongue into my mouth but something was on it. I felt something small and round but it dissolved rather quick but he kept his mouth on mine and I couldn’t spit it out. I tried to but couldn’t.

His strokes were getting longer and longer, with him rubbing his cock between my legs against my pussy, slow and powerful, getting me wetter and wetter. God, I thought to myself, “We’re gonna get caught for sure” but that thought soon went away to a “I don’t care if we do” thought.  My free hand started pressing his cock tighter against my pussy and I tried to tilt my ass back to allow him better access. “Almost,” I thought, “just a bit more.” Oh God, yesssss…oh. I took in a deep breath and he shoved more into me. God, he was thick. I started matching his thrust-slow, deliberate, deep thrusts and I was pressing harder and harder against him getting him deeper into me each time then he stopped and I couldn’t I found myself gyrating on his cock harder and harder till my movements were rather obvious. Oh God, I felt a climax building. Oh, I want to have him take me harder but we were so crammed together in the crowded but left little room for movement  for me he started in ramming me again more forcefully now, pushing hard against me then holding me tight, pulling me back towards him. God, his arms were strong, I thought to myself. More and more he would get his cock deeper into my womb and at the end of his stroke he’d pull me harder back towards him and I loved it more and more. The guy right to the left of me was giving me looks but I’m sure he couldn’t see this guy’s cock in me. God, I hope not, but his elbow kept hitting my tit, and I’d see a slight sorry come across his lips as our eyes met and I’d let it go at that. I tried to keep my eyes looking forward and tried not to attract attention, but it was impossible. It was impossible to not love what this guy was doing to me for I’m a naughty girl at heart and I love having sex, but not like this for right now. Not this way.

The guy behind me-his breath was driving me crazy getting me aroused more than I was already and his strokes of his good size cock was getting faster and faster then it happened he came in me holding se so tight against him it was hard for me to breath but he wouldn’t release his grip he had on me not one little bit. Tighter and tighter and then I heard his deep grunt like a bull in rut as he was shooting his load into me. God, he kept cumming and cumming wasn’t he ever going to stop Oh god I loved it I tried to gyrate my hips further down onto him but he was holding me way to tight against him for me to do much of anything then my eyes caught the guy on my left looking and right then I knew he was seeing everything. Our eyes met I couldn’t take my eyes off of his, long deep stares like he was searching for my soul but this guys cock kept bring me around to him he was doing me again, not with the deep long strokes as before it was more like his cock was throbbing, throbbing harder and harder to where I could really feel it. Hey this is different but god it feels good my breathing has become more rapid now kinda matching his and I could feel it building in me for the first time I was about to cum all over him and I knew it was going to be a big one and then I started in shaking I couldn’t control my feelings any longer. I told myself I wasn’t going to let myself cum on this guy but now I couldn’t control mt feelings any longer and GODDDDDD DAMMMnNNN oh god I came the hardest that I have had in a very long time over and over like big waves of the ocean crashing down onto the beach and it seemed like there was no end in sight. They subsided to small waves but still I was cumming on this guy and he was fucking me with renewed vigor pounding my ass hard and I could hear the slapping as he hit my ass and he was trying to tear my tit apart with his hands kinda hurting and I know I was whimpering but I couldn’t help it then both of his hands took hold of my hips and held me tightly against him and he would shove his cock into me like there was no tomorrow and I could feel him building to another climax and I wanted it, I wanted him to cum in me, I wanted to feel his cum hitting my cervix I wanted him to ravish me all I could think of what’s this buzzing in my head never felt quite like this before and it seemed like we were the only ones on the bus, I was breathing really deep taking in really deep breaths and letting them out slow and it was like that was all I was aware of, What’s wrong with me I feel as if I am on a cloud and god this guy is taking me right here and now I feel his hand hot apron my abdomen massaging  kneading but I also feel a hand on each of my two hips  what? my heads swirling and I feel lips against mine tongue in my mouth, wetting my lips I return whoever who’s giving me the kiss my hands take hold of the guys head and I’m kissing him with all my might, it’s like I can’t get enough of his lips, feel so warm and tender tongue darting into my mouth and mixing with mine, I suck on his tongue not wanting it to leave, now I am aware of I have four hands upon me, two on my breasts and two on my hips and I love this, kisses to my neck Oh my god on my exposed tits one being kneaded the other being nursed and my breathing is getting deeper with each passing wave of ecstasy taking me higher and higher.

Awe my cock has left between my legs oh where oh where has it gone OMG it’s right in front of me god damn it’s huge I take it in my free hand and I begin to stroke it oh so slowly. How I found the room to move I don’t know but I get it to my lips and my tongue begins to circle its enormous head bigger than the one that was between my legs for sure but I can’t open my eyes for everything would disappear. I Take the head of this cock between my lips and keep teasing it with my tongue trying to suck but it’s bigger than my mouth by far. I now am aware of one hand on ,my tit playing with my nipple I feel another hand along side of my face, I feel another hand wiping my pussy cleaning me up with what I think is a neckerchief I feel what I think is a hand on  the insides of my thighs and All I really know my heads a spinning and my breathing is really deep. Damn, where did my skirt go? Who’s got it?

God, I can’t ask people if they have my skirt. OMG. Yes, suck the milk from my tits, both of you. God, it feels oh so good, my nips getting teased by tongues.

Oh kisses I love deep passionate kisses all over my body hands roaming freely touching all parts of me spreading my ass cheeks teasing my ring that’s on fire, wanting my ass filled by a cock My hand reaches behind me searching. Searching for my cock to be had…oh there it is hey this is the one I was sucking on god I hope he don’t tear me, hell I’ve been torn before and it don’t take long till it heals. Oh whoever it is is trying to get in me pressing against me as I press against oh yessssss, oh god it’s good. Oh god I want it all No it’s the same cock I had in my cunt for I got the big one right here in front of me for it’s rubbing my tits getting them wet from precum teasing my nipples like trying to penetrate my tits god if only it could feel as if I am flying but it’s being lifted up onto this cock, I only weigh 88 pounds and it isn’t hard for almost anyone to pick me up, oh god its going into meeeeee, yyyesssssssss oh god please fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee  he’s lifting me up and off his cock I know it’s just these two guys  here with me and I’m loving the attention my body is getting ravished by these two guys and I’m loving every moment of it. kisses to the back of my neck, kisses upon my lips, tongue lashing of my tits and my holes filled, what more could a girl ask for? I’m in heaven and I’m loving it, find it hard to keep my mind on one thing though, strange feelings coming over me Hard to keep my mind on anything I know I am getting ass fucked hard ya there  I feel him in my oh god my ass is on fire. Now my cunt it on fire and there’s a big fire hose in me…yessssss oh god my ass is getting more cum oh yesssssss god fill meeeeeeeeeeee oh I love feeling a guy cum in my ass and getting pounded harder cum in me more please. Who’s fondling my tits? oh fuck my ass hard yes fuck me hard whoa I felt like I was about to lose it,  I was about to black out so light headed, kinda like this feeling, I’ve been fucked a lot but I’ve never felt like this though. Guy fucking my ass came in me again and one more time after that and gave me a kiss on my lips and whispered in my ear Thanks babe, he asked if I ride this bus often and said how you like the trip on acid? What What’s that? He said my stop is next and enjoy, he moved towards the door and I thought to myself what’s acid I smoked pot now and then but what’s acid gonna have to find out but whatever it is I like the feelings but it’s hard to keep my mind on  everything, one thing stands out and that’s what happening . Like it. Yes I am still being lifted up an onto the big  guys cock he hasn’t left me but I later found out he came in me four time on the way home cuz he took me home with him and I never did get to where I was going that time. I stayed with Larry for 17 days and then he drove me back to my home in Spokane. Larry pleased me the minute he got home from work,  after the dishes were done after dinner, before we went to sleep and during the night if he awoke . What Larry gave me to keep myself p-leased was an exact replica of his cock in silicone, yes I do the tings I find that need to be done with it strapped inside of me feeling it’s warmth And in the morning before he left for work each and ever day for  17 wonderful days.  During the day till Larry comes home and gives me the real thing All 12 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide just behind the head and 2 inches thick at the same point. The best money a past sugar daddy spent on me was to give me a reconstruction operation that made me have a uterus that’s 14 inches deep, ya that’s all the way up to right in front of my stomach and when a big cock fucks me you can see it pounding me on the inside. Guys love seeing them how deep they can go  I was made to fit him perfectly but he’s in heaven now for he was killed during  the Iranian problem, ya I was a young girl then-just barely legal-but I am older now and I’m alive…:-)

It took me like 56 hours before the effects of the acid left my body, gotta find some of that stuff someday. Anyone got any to share?

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