Peeping at my Next Door Neighbor

Monday Night

I walked in to my room, opened the window slightly, and headed towards the computer desk turning on the black table lamp and laptop. After it booted up, I accessed the internet and checked my emails. Glancing at the neon clock next to my single bed, I realize it’s almost time. I quickly switched everything off, took the lube and tissue out of the drawer in my night table and angled my chair so I have a better view. Looking at the clock again, I saw it was exactly 8.00pm on the dot. Looking next door I see my sexy next door neighbor come out of her car and enter the dark house holding her gym bag.

Her appearance has an erotic, but innocent girl next door, look with shoulder length dark brown hair and pouty full lips. She smiled shyly at me when she passes. I know that when I look in her big brown eyes, I will get lost from the pool of desire in them. I don’t know her name, she’s simply the mysterious woman living across from me. She moved in last month and I haven’t had the guts to go over and introduce myself to her just yet. We sometimes just smile whenever we see each other in the driveway.

I remember that day I accidentally came across her bedroom window. I was in my room looking at some porn sites on the web, but I got bored of the same shit all the time. I saw the lights in a room come on, and out of curiosity I watched her do her thing. I felt so ashamed that I was spying on her, but got turned on from the thrill of getting caught doing something so naughty. So I got bolder and masturbated while I watched her.

After that fateful day, I came to know the pattern she has, and on those given days, her routine are the same. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, she goes to the gym and always comes back home at 8:00pm, doing the same things and I always make sure that I’m home for her show, masturbating to her in the dark.

As I wait for her to make her way up the stairs, I wet my already hard cock with the lube and start stroking it, patiently waiting for her to emerge in her room. My dick jumps as I see her come through her bedroom door, throwing down her bag and slowly taking off her clothes.

She stands with her back to the window as she faces the full length mirror that next to her bed, slowly stripping off her white tank top that clings to her from sweat. Her room is of average size, and with the way her bed is positioned, the mirror is on the right side of the bed, a dark night table in between her bed and a double bed. The window is on the other side of the bed so I have a perfect view. 

Standing in front of the mirror, she pulls up her arms to take off her drenched shirt, and I see her small dragon tattoo in the middle of her lower spine glistening from perspiration. Her beautifully sized breasts lift up, as bead of sweat trickles down between her cleavage. Watching, I start to stroke my hard on slowly, wanting to wait for the main show. 

She then bends over, her small perky ass facing me as she pulls off her dark red shorts along her fit thighs and tan legs. Her ips moves provocatively, swaying side to side, as she wiggles the clothing down, adding to my anticipation. Trying to contain myself, I struggle not to think how it would feel if I rammed my fat cock in her nice pussy. I can see her tits moving up and down as I fuck her from behind in front of the mirror.

She straightens up, kicks her pants to the side, and I realize she doesn’t have any bra or panties on. I feel my dick throbbing at that thought, knowing that from now on she will not likely be wearing anything underneath her clothes the next time I pass her on the street.

Naked now, in front of the mirror, she turns from side to side as she inspects her body at every angle. Breathing rapidly, I slow down the pace of my hand so I won’t come yet, but seeing her pinch one nipple then the other, rolling them between her fingers, makes it that much harder. Nipples hard and standing up, she pushes her breasts together and leans down her head, touching them with her tongue. She licks them around and flicks her nipples as I hear her moan. I imagine having her tongue on my shaft, licking it and lapping up my cum as I shoot in her mouth.

She sits down on the edge of her bed facing the mirror and opens her legs so that she can see her pink, tight, dripping cunt. Where I am sitting, I have a perfect view of reflection, seeing her hole drooling and the wetness running down to her ass hole, leaving a silky trail. Putting two pillows behind her head so it is propped up, she places her feet on the mirror, opens her legs wider and spreads her pussy lips. She dips her manicured finger in her cunt, pushing it in and out, then taking it, with secretion dripping, from her moist cunt and making a circular motion on her swollen clit.

I hear her moaning and groaning in pleasure from our open windows and we both watch as she continues. Quickening the pace on my dick, I rub it up and down pretending its my cock that is going inside her, feeling the wetness on my prick as her pussy is soaking from her arousal. Her legs shake as she picks up the pace, one finger fucking her as the other finger rubs in short strokes on her clit. She watches in the mirror as she pleasures herself, going faster and licking her lips. 

As I watch her do this, I can feel my own tension building as I grunt and jack off my rock hard cock, in sync with her hands. Up and down I go on my dick as she rubs and sticks her finger in and out. Then she screams “I’m gonna coming!” over and over, still watching herself and then her body spasms as she squirts out her orgasm, going onto the mirror. At the same time, I shout out my own release, shooting my cum over my hand as I stroke faster picturing it was her squirting on me.

As I watch her do this, I can feel my own tension building as I grunt and jack off my cock in sync with her hands. Up and down I go on my dick as she rubs and pumps her finger in and out. Then she screams “I’m gonna cum!” over and over, while watching herself. Her body begins to spasm as she squirts out her orgasm, splashing onto the mirror. At the same time, I shout out my own release, shooting my cum over my hand as I stroke faster picturing it was her squirting on me instead of the mirror.

Tiana can hear the man next door grunting, and as she came, he shouts out as he climax. She can see him in her mind, spilling out his warm juices, making her own orgasm even more intense. Ever since she moved in, she could see him in his window watching her every time she comes home from her workout. The clock in his room illuminates his shadow and showed her that he was sitting in front the open window watching her. She always made sure he got an eye full with her masturbating in front of her closet mirror, knowing he can see everything.

When she finishes, she gets up, climbs into bed naked and turns off the lights on the night table. She glances over to his window and sees him turning on his lights and closing the drapes. Sighing, she promises herself that one day she will get the nerve to introduce herself to him. 

From the moment she saw him, she has touched herself thinking it was him, eating and fucking her pussy, knowing back then that he watched her. She always makes sure she is home at a certain time so he can memorize her schedule, and always looks forward for those days to come knowing that she has an audience. Hearing him grunting and shouting as he climaxes causes her orgasms to be more powerful making her shake and squirt.

Quietly she wishes him a very good night and hopes that she will see again him on Wednesday for their usual excursion. She closes her eyes and dreams about the sexy neighbor next door. 

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