Property man strikes again

Here I was outside the swingers apartments again. I was now visiting three flats regularly and this was to be the fourth. Mrs Green was a lady of approximately 70 and was a slender little lady. Lucky if she was 5ft high and weighed probably 90 to 98 pounds. She had called and me and said I was to visit at 2pm and she would leave the door open for me to walk in. I entered and closed the door.
A call cam from another room, “take the pill on the bench, it is a viagra then undress completely and come to the last door on the right” I did as I was told and walked naked through the apartment to the door in question. I eased it open and stepped in only to see Mrs Green and two other ladies all completely naked and sat in three chairs in the centre of the room with their legs astride the chairs showing off their hairy pussies and their ample breasts hanging down. The other two ladies were very similar to Mrs Green in height, age and build etc and they were Mrs Baxter and Mrs Cross.
They were very forward and told me to stand directly in front of them with my hands behind my back which I did. Mrs Green reached out and held my stiff cock in her two hands and pulled it quite roughly. The other two reached up and tugged at my nipples. They all left loose and Mrs Green ordered me to kneel at her feet and lick her pussy. She actually tasted delightful and I thoroughly enjoyed licking her for a good fifteen minutes before she had a very hard orgasm in my face. Next it was Mrs Baxter who ordered me to lick her and again I did so eagerly, she had her orgasm considerably quicker than Mrs Green and was very loud in her moaning. Mrs Cross was next and I lapped at her for nearly twenty five minutes before she was finished and she was very hairy and insisted on holding my head firmly in between her legs and as she did orgasm she thrust herself into my face and screamed very loudly.
“Bedroom” said Mrs Green “and on your back on the bed”. I made my way in front of them to the bedroom and lay on the bed. Mrs Green immediately straddled my cock and lowered herself down on to it and proceeded to ride me very well. Slowly and deep. Mrs Baxter straddled my face and ordered “eat me some more boy” and squatted her wet pussy right in the centre of my face and rubbed herself all over my nose and mouth as I licked frantically at her. Mrs Cross stood by the bed and placed my hand between her legs. “do me with your fingers boy, now” I did so. This was lasting a good twenty minutes when I suddenly shot up inside of Mrs Greens pussy and she squirmed and moaned in delight as I shot hot cum deep inside her, she was sat fully down on it keeping it in her. Obviously I remained bolt hard through the Viagra. Mrs Green sat in a chair to rest whilst Mrs Baxter sat on my cock and Mrs Cross sat on my face I was very happily shagging Mrs Baxter as her pussy felt wonderful and again it was a good twenty minutes before I was cumming up her cunt, but she kept riding it for a further ten minutes and got herself off on my cock moaning loudly as she did so. “your cock is very nice boy, very nice indeed is’nt it ladies” Mrs Baxter said, “yes” the other two agreed, Mrs Green said her cunt was still throbbing from it. Mrs Baxter sat in another chair and Mrs Cross positioned herself on her hands and knees. “do me like this boy, this is my favourite” and the dirty old sod wriggled her ass at me. I held her hips and thought to myself, I’ll fucking show you and I rammed it in to her as hard as I could and fucked her with all my might. The dirty old slag loved it and I rammed at her for nearly ten minutes before thrusting and shooting my cum deep into her. “dirty little sod” she said, “that was fantastic” and she collapsed on the bed.
As I turned to the other two they were sat playing with themselves very happily. Mrs Baxter bent over the dressing table and ordered” fuck me in this position boy and damned harder than you did her or else” To be honest I was exhausted but the cock was proud and willing and so I did as I was asked. I fucked her like a maniac, she was screaming at one point ” ouch you sod, ouch yes stick it hard, oh god yes fuck it boy” I was away then, dirty talk gets me off big style and I fired a load into her.
“sit here in this chair” said Mrs Green and I did. She sat on my cock and started to ride “sit perfectly still boy and I will ride it, I am not an old dog slut like these two” and she commenced sliding gently up and down my shaft. The other stood behind and suddenly they were at her breasts with their hands, squeezing and kneading them and tugging the nipples. She threw her head back “oh yes, beautiful ladies, beautiful” “not a slut” said Mrs Baxter, “no she’s a whore” said Mrs Cross “a lesbian whore”. I fingered her clit as she rode me and as I cum inside her, she orgasmed on my cock and collapsed into my arms. The three of them were more shattered than me by now and we all collapsed on the bed. They took turns to gently suck me off and I finally cum in Mrs Greens mouth, after all it was her apartment. I was ordered to leave and to return in fourteen days at the same time.

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