By Rick

I noticed this morning, September 14, 2006, that the leaves are turning the wonderful colors of autumn. There is a bit of a nip in the air and the fall rains are starting. I know a lot of people who live in the rest of the country don’t believe that the leaves turn before October but it is true. What all of this is getting to is it caused me to remember Rose. I first met Rose last fall. I had seen her profile in an adult dating service. We had chatted for a long time over the net. We both had msn instant messenger and used that to chat. Rose described herself as a Large redheaded married woman. She said that she was over 60 overweight and oversexed. She was accurate. I asked her if her husband knew that she was playing around. She said that he did not know and that she didn’t want to hurt his feelings but because he had diabetes and some other problems he could not get his cock up and the medications that he needed precluded his taking and of the ED medications.
She said that they had been bikers since the 60’s and while they still rode and enjoyed the bikes it wasn’t quite the same because he couldn’t ride for more than an hour at a time, something about poor circulation due to his problems. She was just looking for a fuck buddy someone that liked large, older women with tattoos. She wanted someone that was into kinky stuff as well. She lived about an hour and a half from Utica, where I live, which she liked because there was less chance of her husband finding out. We agreed to meet at the Carousel Mall in Syracuse on a weekday, she was retired and I can take time off from work when ever I like. We agreed to meet in the book store by the magazines she would be in a green outfit and reading a biker magazine.
“Don’t worry Rick you’ll recognize me I’ll be the big redhead in green. My hair reaches my big ass and I’ll know it’s you because you sent the picture in the e-mail. I’m big and bold and I’ll be showing a lot of cleavage.”
I drove to the mall and went directly to the book store. I was a few minutes early so I went to the men’s room when I got out she was just going to the magazine rack. She was right I couldn’t possibly miss her. What she hadn’t said was that she was 6’3″! Now I’m 5’2″ and she knew that as I always tell people that. She looked like a small mountain her bright red wavy hair was all the way past the bottom of her huge ass. She had to weigh over 400 pounds. I was really turned on! I walked up to her and she smiled revealing a perfect set of bright white teeth and I was in lust! I stuck out my hand and she shook it with a great deal of strength. Her jacket was open and I could see at least a foot of cleavage. She had a bright red rose tattooed on each tit.
“Well you found me what do you think?”
“Your even better looking than I could have hoped. I love the roses!”
“Hell of a set of tit’s aren’t they! I love to watch men’s eyes as I pass by they always go right to my tits.”
“Can you blame them? Your are big and bold and beautiful!”
“Careful you’ll make me blush.”
“Well I didn’t know you were so tall. I hope I didn’t lead you to believe I was 6’2″ instead of 5’2″ I may have mistyped.”
“No I knew your height and I just figured you wouldn’t mind and I knew I’d surprise you. You should have seen the expression on your face when you saw me! But when I saw the smile I knew you didn’t mind.”
“Well lets have some lunch and we can chat. Where would you like to eat?”
“Lets go to hooters give those skinny women there some real hooters to look at. Even other women look at these HHH cup monsters of mine.”
“It would be hard to miss those beauties.” We went to the hooters and were seated immediately, it was a bit early for lunch. The hooters girl with the biggest tits was our waitress and she was maybe a C-cup. Rose was right I could see that she was staring at Rose’s huge tits. When she took her jacket off you could see all the tattoos on her arms as she was wearing a body builder top. Most of the Tattoos were flowers. There were a few others. But none were an nice as the red roses on her tits. We ordered lunch I had soda to drink and she had a beer. We chatted, which was all we had planed for sure. We had left our other options open depending on how we got along.
“You know, Rick, I think we could be good together after lunch lets fuck!”
“Sounds like a plan to me. Where would you like to go? There are several motels near by we could go to.”
“I have my camper in the parking lot we can play in there!”
“Cool that sounds like fun.” We finished our lunch and I paid and we headed to the parking lot. On the way to her “camper” a big black guy pushed me aside and stood in front of Rose.
“Why not send the midget home and spend some time with a real man someone your own size?”
Rose smiled reached out and grabbed his throat and squeezed very hard he was in a great deal of pain.
“This is my friend shit head and he’s twice the man you are. Now in a minute I’m going to release you and if I ever fucking see your ugly face again I’ll rip you balls and cock off and stuff them down your throat. When I let you go you had better run away from here as fast as your skinny ass little legs will carry you. Do you understand?”
He shook his head slowly he was close to passing out. I pulled my .38 special out and pointed it at him.
“If you ever come to this mall again and I see you I’ll put a round right in your crotch.”
Rose released him and he looked at the two of us and ran like his life depended on it, which it did, I was pissed.
“I didn’t know you were carrying! A nice piece what is it a 38?”
“Yep a 38 special nickel plated snub nose wheel gun.”
“You any good with it?”
“I was a sniper in the service in the 60’s 35 confirmed kills. One more or less won’t make any difference to me.”
“Cool my hubby was a sniper also I forgot the motto it was something typically male.”
“One shot one kill.” I laughed.
“That’s it! You men and your toys. You never told me you were in the service.”
“I didn’t think it was important I couldn’t go to Canada I can’t speak French.”
Her “Camper” was a converted bus. I don’t mean some school buss but a huge bus. Not something used and converted but one of those half a million dollar plus things. It has three slide outs and makes my home look darn shabby.
‘Wow this is awesome. I’ve never been in one of these! I saw a show on them on TV but never dreamed I’d ever be inside one of these.”
“Pretty cool isn’t it? There is a queen sized bed in the back and a flat screen 52 inch TV there as well. Lets go back and play! I’m horny and I want you to make t his fat lady sing.”
We went to the back of the bus and she pushed a button and one side of the room slid out making even more room. Then she pushed a button and the big screen TV came down and she turned on the DVD player and played a porno movie of fat women. The picture and sound were better than anything I have ever seen in my life.
Rose laughed and started to strip. Her nipples were the size of dinner plates. She had even more tattoos on her body. There was a guy and a girl tattooed on her huge round belly on a motor cycle. That had to be her and her hubby because the girl had long red hair and was fat. Her pussy hair was long and mostly red but there was quite a bit of white in it as well. I undressed and we got on the bed and I licked her big nipples. It took a while for them to get hard but when they did they stuck out about three inches! I was fingering her pussy and she was enjoying herself moaning and playing with my cock. I moved down and she spread her legs for me to start licking her pussy. It was nice and fresh and tasted great. I slipped a couple of fingers in and at the same time I sucked hard on her clit. That was all it took to get her to sing. She really did sing! Some Italian opera I think but bright loud and very high pitched. I stopped and laughed.
“No one has ever actually sung before that’s great!”
“Did I tell you to st
op? Keep on playing with my cunt it feels great. The hubby just give it a lick and a
promise I love being eaten!”
“Most women do.” I continued where I had left off but just for fun I stuck a finger in her ass with my free hand and wow did it ever get her off again. She handed me a couple of dildos while she was singing softly. I put one up her ass and the other up her cunt and sucked hard on her clit. I was working both dildos in and out when she almost exploded. She came very hard. Her voice went up a couple of octaves and she pushed so hard with her hips that both dildos came popping out. I continued to suck hard on her clit until she screamed for me to stop.
Her big belly and ass were shaking like a ton and a half of jelly. She was sucking on one of her nipples and finally she stopped. She was covered in sweat and grinning like a kid in a candy store.
“Damn I needed that! I need to rest! Come here you animal.”
She lifted me up like I was a toy and kissed me on the lips.
“Is that what I taste like?”
“Either that or your tasting the burger I had for lunch!” She laughed and then started to suck on my cock.
“I love it but a BJ gets me off very fast!”
She stopped and said, “That’s ok with me I love the taste of hot cum.”
It didn’t take long for me to cum and she kept on sucking until my little cock was limp.
“Now lets have a beer and then you can fuck me.” She got up and brought back a couple of beers from the refrigerator, I sipped mine she poured hers down like it was water.
I grinned and started to finger her pussy and play with her rather large clit.
“Keep that up young man and you’ll have to fuck me.”
“I think that is a great idea but until my cock gets hard I’ll just play with you. Do you have any condoms?”
She laughed and opened up a drawer next to the bed that was full of all different type of condoms. “Take your pick I like the ribbed ones with the spiked things on them in Blue.”
I put on one of the blue ones and Rose handed me a huge dildo that was supposedly an exact replica of some porn stars cock.
“Stick that up my fat ass and then fuck me hard and fast that’s the way I like it. While your fucking me call me a big fat fucking pig I get turned on by that.” She bent over the edge of the bed and I gently pushed the huge cock in her ass and she loved it. She grabbed it was working it in and out as I was fucking her pussy and calling her a big fat pig. I was pulling on her long hair as I was pumping. She came several times in a row. When I came I kept on pumping until I went limp.
“You know Rose I hate calling you names. I think your one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen.”
“It turns me on dear. Next time we get together I’ll have you tie me to the cross I have in the closet and titty fuck me. If you don’t get all upset about that sort of thing. Maybe I’ll give you a blow job while your driving this thing. Everyone can see that is also a turn on. I love sex in public places.”
We made arrangements to meet the following week for some kinky fun.
I see her about once a month in the summer and early fall after that they drive to their condo in North Carolina for the winter. They are leaving next week. I will be a long winter with out her.

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